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Shani 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lord Vishnu says when you don’t know what the motive of your life is; lose your loved one and fall in the wrong company then you automatically lose sight of right and wrong. This is what happened with Shani. He lost his mother and thus lost his mission. Then he got Rahu on his side. Who knows it better than you? What is done intentionally is crime but what is done unintentionally is a mistake. You give a chance to mistake. You don’t punish then. Mahadev clams down and pulls his trident back. Shani folds his hands in reverence and stands up. Don’t stop Mahadev. Kill me. I dint commit a mistake. I committed that what’s sin in your eyes. I rebelled against fate. I have become a danger for both Gods and Asuras. Since mother left, I neither have any identity nor any meaning of life.

You were my mother’s Aaradhya. How can I lift a weapon against the one before whom my mother used to bow her head and pray? Finish me! But I do want to know why you let my mother die. If everyone gets results of their karma’s then tell me what wrong my mother did that she was allowed to die even after getting the boon of life from you. Nandi and Veerbhadra got attacked today which made you angry. Why did you keep quiet when my mother went through a similar phase? Answer my questions if you can so I can calm down before dying.

Mahadev says I have answers to your questions but your conscience isn’t that active yet to know them. You will first have to know the reason of your creation. It is important to free your conscience from negativity for the same reason. He magically cleanses Shani using his powers. What do you feel Shani? Shani remembers the moments spent with his mother; Kakol’s mother and losing both of them. Shani replies that he is feeling fear, defeat, sadness and pain. I am feeling as if everyone is trying to snatch everything from me and want to harm me. Mahadev explains that this is associated to this circle. It isn’t really you who is feeling it. He free Shani free his fears. What do you feel now? Shani says I feel as if I don’t belong to anyone here. The only thing that I remember is the moment when my mother sang the lullaby to Yami that was made for me. I feel dejected. Mahadev frees him from that as well.

He again asks what he is feeling right now. Shani says I feel helpless. I couldn’t protect my mother. I feel so very helpless. Mahadev says it isn’t you who is experiencing it. He frees Shani from his feeling of helplessness. Shani says I feel my identity was for no reason. I remember the time when I saw my mother with Yam, Yami and Surya Dev for the first time. Mahadev liberates him from that chakra next. Shani adds that he feels no one in the world is to be trusted. I even distrust myself now. Mahadev speaks of the Vishudhi Chakra (of mistrust) and frees Shani. Shani says I have no control over anything; neither on myself nor on my feelings. I don’t see anything clearly. I don’t understand the meaning of what anyone says. Mahadev says you will be now free from this darkness and come in light. Remember that it isn’t you who is living it. Shani says now I feel I have no motive in life. There is no peace inside my heart. There is no meaning of my identity since my mother left. Mahadev relieves him from this negative feeling too. Open your eyes and clear away all the clouds of dissatisfaction from your life. Liberate yourself. There is still one thing left to do. See your life journey by separating yourself from it. He shows it to him. Everyone else looks on keenly.

Shani opens his eyes. Mahadev says I had to intervene in Dev-Asura war when it crossed all its limits. Energy was created which could do justice with people based on their karma’s. This is why I created you and I wanted you to be born from Surya Dev. A slow-walker (as you need to walk slow to analyse everything). You were created then to give people the fruits of their deeds. It is time to answer your questions now. Your first question was – why I let your mother die / killed her. I dint kill your mother. She disappeared on her will. It was important for you to be unbiased and devoid of any feeling to become Karamfaldata. She had realised that she was the biggest obstacle of your path. You loved your mother the most which is why she sacrificed herself. Yes, this Shiv was quiet during his devotee Chhaya’s death as that is how you respect a sacrifice. Now your second question – why your mother was punished. She chose prize. You are the shadow of her sacrifices and ideals. Body has to bear the heat of sun to give birth to shadow! Shani realises his mother’s words (telling him to make his own identity and become a big man; parents have to leave their kids one day which is why I want you to live for yourself). Tears roll down Shani’s cheeks. He folds his hands. I want to apologize to my mother. I understood her every word without her saying it but I couldn’t understand her sacrifice. I apologize to you for not trusting you. I apologize for every pain that I gave to all of you unknowingly. Mahadev says I pardon you but now you have to tell. Are you ready to pay the price of your mother’s sacrifice; to become your mother’s shadow and provide shade to the world; to become Karamfaldata? Shani wipes his tears.

Shani says yes to Mahadev. Mahadev tells Shani his weapon will remain Akshund from today onwards. Energies spread out in sky from Shani’s weapon. Mahadev tells him to fulfil this motive with full dedication. Never let go of your patience and conscience. Do you have any doubt? Shani kneels down and folds his hands. I don’t have a doubt but a question. You said I have to give everyone the fruits of their labour but how will I analyse them? How will I know what’s right or wrong? How will I know whom to punish or whom to give prize to? Mahadev is impressed by his question. One who has such power must have this question in his heart otherwise the power will also be waste. You need Divya-Drishti for the same. No one but Tridev’s have it. I give you the boon of Vakra-Drishti. You will get to know everything (right, wrong and every thought) of someone whosoever you will look at. You can even bring them on the right path if you want! Look at my trident. Mahadev transfers his powers to his trident and they automatically reach Shani. Now you have Vakra-Drishti. It will help you in doing your duty.

Lord Vishnu says Mahadev gave Shani Vakra-Drishti. Now he himself will have to fall into this chakra. Narad Muni asks him what’s in his mind. Lord Vishnu says it is about an incident which is going to give a new lesson to the world. Have some patience. You and Shani will find out soon.

Shani asks Mahadev how this will be useful for him. You only will have to teach me this. Can I use this Vakra-Drishti on you once? Smile disappears from Mahadev’s lips.

Precap: Lord Vishnu says you allowed Shani to cast Vakra-Drishti on you. Mahadev says what harm Shani can do to me. Lord Vishnu says he is your creation. How will you avoid his Vakra-Drishti?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Please put some stories of shanidev or polls without them Saturday and Sunday is bored day

    1. Vajra-SG29

      Shani day Saturday. but, Shanivaar hi shani nahi aatha COIORS par.???…
      9pm slot par Sunday telecast hona mushkil hai.but, Saturday ko toh hona chahiye tha…..

      1. It is not neccessary to telecast in 9pm slot on SAT-SUN. It can be telecasted in different time, can’t it? Such as 6pm. But they would not telecast it because of weekend show such as NAAGIN2 , Rising star 🙁

  2. please put some stories of shanidev and polls without them saturday and sundya is a boring day

  3. correction sunday

  4. Awesome…. It’s so emotional episode and all past memories was shown. And finally we got our Shani in Blue-Black Attire. From today’s episode we got knowledge and motive about our life. Now Shani has found his motive.
    Bt one thing is why Mahadev provided him Bakra Dristi as blessing???? when it was cursed by his wife. I found many stories that Shani was Vairagi and he spends most of his time in meditation. He got married in Surya’s order. But he always spend time in meditation and didn’t care of his wife. His wife got one day She cursed him to have Bakra Dristi that he couldn’t see others eye. If he would she something will happen bad to others.
    But here Mahadev is giving blessing. What is it?? Is it imagination of Production Team??? And the other thing is we lost our hope. Chhaya wouldn’t back as now Shani is free of all bondage of life 🙁 .
    Waiting for tomorrow 9:15pm

    1. Vajra-SG29

      not Bakra??? it’s “VAKRA…..?

      1. It’s ok.Bakra-Vakra sounds same.
        But tell me why they are showing like this? Do u have some clue? What is cooking in Production Team’s mind? Now If he has that kind of Vakra Drishti in Childhood then what will happen next? How will his childhood? Oh no, if they are planning to leap in story? We were damanding Chhaya to back but now there is no hope 🙁
        Do u have upcoming weekly episode sypnosis? plz share it.

  5. The Story I found is here:
    Shyam Sundar Lal Vats, p 103-

    When Shani came to see and bless Shiv’s son Ganesh and
    kept his eyes low, Paarvatee Jee asked him why did he keep
    his eyes low and was not looking at the child. Shani said –
    “Devee, All Jeev (living beings) enjoy or suffer according to
    their Karm, because whatever good or bad Karm has
    happened, it is never destroyed, not even in millions of Kalp.
    A Jeev takes birth in Brahmaa, Indra or Soorya’s house
    according to his Karm, or as an animal or bird etc species.
    His Karm take him to Narak or Swarg or even Vaikunth. He is
    born rich or poor; or as a king or a beggar according t his
    Karm only. In short everything happens according to a Jeev’s
    Hey Priyaa of Shankar Jee, I tell you one past even, although
    it is shameful and is not to be told in front of mother, still I
    say it to you. I was a devotee of Krishn from my childhood. I
    always thought about Him. I was always busy in doing
    Tapasyaa for Him. My father married me to the daughter of
    Chitrarath. She was a very Satee woman, and also used to be
    busy in Tapasyaa. One day she came to me after taking bath.
    I was busy in meditating on my Prabhu, so I did not know
    what was happening outside. My wife thought that her period
    was going waste, so she cursed me – “From now on to
    whoever you will look, he will be destroyed.” She went away
    after cursing me. Later when I woke up from my meditation I
    pleased her, but now she was unable to free me from her
    curse, so she started repenting. Hey Maa, For the same
    reason, since then I don’t look at anything and look below
    only fearing lest somebody dies.”
    Hearing this Paarvatee Jee and other dancers started
    laughing at him. Remembering Shree Hari Paarvatee Jee said
    to him – “The whole world is under the control of Hari, so he
    should not worry about this and he can look at the child.”
    and insisted Shani to look at her child. Shani thought and
    thought whether to look at the child or not, because “if I will
    look at the child, I am sure something bad will happen to the
    child, an if I don’t Jagat Jananee Paarvatee will be angry
    with me.” So he took the name of Dharm and decided to look
    at the child. With great difficulty he looked at the child only
    with the corner of his left eye. As he saw him, his head got
    separated from his body. His blood shedding body remained
    in Paarvatee Jee’s lap and his head got absorbed in Krishn in
    Go-Lok. Paarvatee Jee started crying clinging the headless
    body with her bosom. Then she fainted. Everybody got
    surprised to see all this.

    1. Vajra-SG29

      already shared news…….
      but,thanks for sharing … phir se yaad dilane ke liye…

      1. chaaya shani ki maa

        i have shared it

  6. Hey can u please provide the mantra to get rid of from bad fellings from where it be taken ? That Shiva has chanted in this

  7. I have one good news for all…
    According to SETUP BOX TRP , Shani is placed in No. 1 with 8.1 trp rate which is highest trp of month. Well done Production Team. Actors Actress and Kartikeya specially.
    You guys rocked it Shanay Shanay……. keep it up (y)
    And show us way of :
    अस्तोमा सदगमय
    तमसोमा ज्योतिर्गमय
    मृत्युमा अमृताम्गमय
    ॐ शान्ति शान्ति ॐ

    1. Vajra-SG29

      wow really good news….
      thanks for sharing….
      confusion cable setup box ya dish setup box…..!!!????… main toh dish setuo box user hoo….

      1. Vajra-SG29


      2. It was not mentioned, may be both of Setup Box. And I think it’s just for India, isn’t it?

    2. Vajra-SG29

      ?And I think it’s just for India, isn’t it?
      ➡ sssss….
      it’s only for india.others country ki TRP count nahi hoga…

      1. ohh…It means My view doesn’t count as TRP. It’s ok It has to be top 1 serial forever besides than Naagin or daily Saas-Bahu serials

  8. Vajra-SG29

    Transliteration of Shani Mantra

    “Om Nilaanjana Samaabhasam, Ravi Putram Yamagrajam.

    Cahaya Martanda Samhubhutam, Tama Namami Shanescharam”

    English Meaning of Shani Mantra

    Most Mantras in the Hindu tradition start with the primordial sound of ‘Om’ that denotes Supreme Godhead.

    Nilaanjana Samabhasam: The one who is resplendent (glowing) like a blue mountain [Nilanjana – Blue mountain, Sama – equal to that of, bhasam – glowing].

    Ravi Putram: The son of Sun god (Ravi is one of the names of Sun god)

    Yamagrajam: The elder brother (agraja) of Yama or the god of death

    Chaya Martanda Sambhutam: One who is born (Sambhutam) to Chaya (shadow) and Martanda (One another name of Sun god)

    Tam Namami Shanescharam (I bow down to the slow moving one)

    1. One point to be noted, In Shani Mahamantra It is said YAMAGRAJAM ( Elder brother of Yama) but in serial Shani is youngest brother of Yama.
      As well In Mahadev Puran , Lord Ganesh is mentioned as Elder brother of Lord Kartikeya but in Mahadev serial Kartikeya is elder brother of Ganesh. Why?

      1. Vajra-SG29

        sssss… u r rite…???
        i am also confused

  9. Who are missing Chhaya and her sweet LULLABY LORI ?????

    1. Vajra-SG29

      aur SHANI LOK bhi bahuth miss kar raha hooo….??

      1. Vajra… Shani Lok???????????? You mean his Jungle home? if yes I’m also missing.

    2. Sugar


    3. Vajra-SG29

      call me SANTHOSH

  10. ChandaMaya

    There are some variations in various Puranic to es, however I feel that for the sake of staging some the stories have been altered. I totally agree, why? Because that is a huge shift and for this who are not familiar with some of the traditional stories are misguided.

  11. Today’s episode was superb. Vakradrishti Planets go into retrograde. . . Appears to orbit in reverse. Mercury (Budha) for instance when it retrograde electrical, mechanical things run afowl. When Shani’s effect is present, every aspect of life is affected. Therefore, the effects are great.

  12. Can’t they telecast it from Monday -Saturday…..?…

  13. The most entertaining mythological serial ever!!!????

  14. daandnayak (black) into karamfal daata (blue)

  15. who hates rahu

    1. and saturday should be shani serial

      1. but can’t ,only mon to fri and and mon to fri ONLY!!

    2. I hate not only Rahu bt Sangya Indra and Yam too..


  17. What does Akshund means ?

    1. Vajra-SG29

      Akshun (Akshun) meaning in English (इंग्लिश मे मीनिंग) is UNABATED (Akshun ka matlab english me UNABATED hai). Get meaning and translation of Akshun in English language with grammar, synonyms and antonyms. Know the answer of question : what is meaning of Akshun in English dictionary? Akshun (Akshun) ka matalab Angrezi me kya hai ( Akshun का अंग्रेजी में मतलब, इंग्लिश में अर्थ जाने)

      Tags: English meaning of Akshun , Akshun meaning in english, Akshun translation and definition in English.
      English meaning of Akshun , Akshun meaning in english, Akshun translation and definition in English language. Akshun का मतलब (मीनिंग) अंग्रेजी (इंग्लिश) में जाने

      1. Thanks 🙂


    Episode Synopsis
    Episode – 82
    09:08 PM – 09:37 PM, 28 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Mahadev asks Lord Vishnu about the harm that Shani can do to him and dismisses the strength of Shani. Lord Vishnu says that it would be difficult for Mahadev to avoid the ‘Vakra Drishti’ of Shani.

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