Shani 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani’s enemies decide to overpower him!

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|| Karmas are very important for humans.

Devraj assures Yam he would get his answer soon. No one, not even Shani, can escape his wrath. Lohitang Mangal steps forward.

Chhaya looks at Surya Dev who still hasn’t returned to his human form. I have counted so many sunsets in these past years but we are nowhere near its end. Guru Brihaspati tells her the wait is over. Yagya was successful. Surya Dev will return to his human form soon. Shani completed the yagya on time by giving that last Aahuti. She gives him credit for that instead. Thank you! He blesses her and leaves. His words echo in her head though and a smile spreads on her face. Their past moments flash before her eyes. She wipes her tears recalling how Shani had killed Bhadra. One Aahuti is also enough to ruin everything!


and Kakol are quietly following Shani. Shani stops in his tracks upon noticing a girl praying to that rock that he had kept for Kakol 10 years ago. He walks up to her. He is standing against the sun so his face is not visible to her. She tells him not to cast a hindrance in her puja. I have to please Shani Dev. Shani reasons that only good karmas are enough to please Shani. No puja can please any God. Plus, he is no God. She tells him to leave. I have to complete my puja fast or I will be caught by the soldiers. Don’t you know that there is a ban on taking Shani Dev’s name here? He advises her not to even do the puja then. He moves away and she chases him recognizing him finally and offers oil in his feet. He asks her what she is doing. She relates that she has heard a story from Kakol wherein he told that Shani Dev gets happy when he is offered this oil. Shani turns. I am no Dev so there is no point pleasing me. She insists he is a God for her. I need your help. Please help me. My father isn’t capable of walking. We don’t have a house or food. We are very poor. My father has never taken help from anyone. I might be his daughter but I am no less than his mother in real life. Shani melts down and looks at her. She asks him if he will help her. He tells her to wait for him with her father. She is thrilled. You will help me then? He adds that when parents decide to help their parents then no one can stop them. You will get everything – help, food and a home. She happily leaves from there.

Yami says you helped that girl. Will you help another girl as well?

Brahma Dev and Narayan greet Mahadev. We are very pleased to see you in Kailash again. You don’t know what happened in your absence. Mahadev asks him to speak clearly. Brahma Dev says I thought the anger and hatred in Shani’s heart would have decreased over the past years but it did not happen. He destroyed your palace the moment he came to Kailash. He committed such a big sin against his own Aradhya! Dint you get angry seeing him do it? Mahadev denies. Shani did it for my good. Ravan wanted to ask me in Dakshina from Parvati. Shani knew about it so he cast his Vakra Drishti on me forcing Ravan to ask for the palace instead. Shani knows more about Kailash’s piousness than Devi Parvati. Her expectations and wishes are like humans as she was born as a human. She wanted a grand home. Shani is our creation. He knows that I am Vairagi even though I am married. This is why he cast his Dristhi on the palace the moment he stepped foot in Kailash. Like you, everyone thinks that Shani cast his Drishti as he is upset with me. Truth is he protected me even after all that happened. This is where his greatness lies. Narayan agrees. The world needs him. Brahma Dev wonders why they still need him. The world was running fine without him. Mahadev replies that this is the demand of time. Problems are surfacing yet again and we need Shani Dev for that. This time there is a Shivansh also who is a big problem!

Yam tells Devraj they need some powerful God to give a fitting reply to Shani. Lohitang Mangal challenges him for a fight if he thinks he is too powerful. Devraj says you are mistaken. Yam would have surely fought with you but he isn’t well right now. He is wounded. Yam refuses. This fight will happen now. Devraj smirks. Shani might have foiled my plan to kill Chhaya today but now Mangal will help me in killing Surya family.

Shani is making a hut. Yami and Kakol are also there. She is sure their family will reunite. She tells Shani he must come back to Surya Loka. Why did you return when you had no attachment? You only say there is nothing like coincidence. Your return is also no coincidence. He agrees. I came back as it was time for me to come back. She points out that it is impossible. You helped me. Yam considers Mata Chhaya his mother. Entire family is together today. It is because of you. Kakol seconds her. Shani says a lot has changed over the years. Now our lives are like the opposite shores of a river. They can run together but never meet. He walks away. Kakol suggests Yami to return to Surya Loka. It is as difficult to stop him as much it is to bring him back. Yami is adamant that Shani will have to return to Surya Loka. No one can separate him from us!

Lohitang Mangal and Yam fight. Rahu is doubtful if Lohitang Mangal will be able to kill Shani. He is incapable of warding off wounded Yam. How will he tackle Shani then? Devraj advises him to wait. He is Shivansh and has lots of power. Rahu says he is losing out to Yam at the moment. Yam beats Lohitang Mangal. This is your (Devraj) solution? You think he will kill Shani? I can kill him without using a weapon! He ties Lohitang Mangal. Devraj signals Lohitang Mangal who begins to hit Yam on his weak nerve with his words. Seems like it is your anger which is finally coming out. Is it because of the same guy who beat you in front of everyone in your own home? I am sure you must be feeling embarrassed and angry. Yam’s temperature begins to rise which puzzles Yam and Rahu.

Mahadev says Lohitang Mangal was born because of my anger so he can use it against anyone and make him weak.

Lohitang Mangal is freed. This time, he charges onto Yam and beats him badly. Devraj helps Yam stand. Do you believe me now? Yam says you are right. He is the perfect solution to Shani.

The girl tells her father they heard all the wrong things about Shani Dev till now. He was just opposite to whatever we have heard about him. He has agreed to help us. Shani smiles hearing their conversation. He gives food to them. The girl’s father avoids looking Shani in his eyes. Shani shares that he has made a house for them nearby. The guy smiles. Shani notices it and gets angry. The girl asks him why he seems so angry all of a sudden. Did I do anything wrong? Shani leaves from there with the girl chasing her. Why are you so angry? He tells her it is because of her father. He is a liar. He lied to you. Truth is his leg is fine and he can walk. The girl’s father runs away from there. Shani tells the girl that her father used her to get food and home. Now you wont get anything. She is sure her father did not lie to her. She begs him to stop but Shani breaks the house. Yami and Kakol are stunned to witness it. The girl breaks down.

Yami asks Shani why he had to do this. What will happen to that girl? Shani says his work isn’t over yet. That girl’s father still needs to be punished for lying. Yami blocks his path. I agree that you are right but why did you tell that girl that her father lied to her. Shani reasons that kids must know the truth. Parents feel it is right to hide truth from their kids but it isn’t so.

Chhaya looks emotionally at Surya Dev. Yam comes there. Don’t hide your tears from me. I can understand how lonely you would have felt while we were away in Gurukul. Rest assured, I wont let you manage everything on your own now that I am here. I would like to shoulder some of your responsibilities though. I have found a match for Yami.

The girl’s father runs in fear. Shani comes from the other side instead and blocks his path. The guy begs for mercy. Shani demands to know why he lied. He holds Shani’s feet begging for forgiveness. I dint have any other option to get food for my daughter. How else could I have helped her? Every father is an ideal father for his daughter and I also tried doing it but I was a complete failure yet she never made me feel that ways. She never made me feel I was a failure. I am a father though. I knew the truth and it proved me a zero in my eyes. I know how much faith my daughter has in you so I thought of this plan. I thought to arrange food and a home for her. Please forgive me Dev. Shani says you forgot that kids not just follow the words of their parents but they also follow the footsteps of their parents. The guy promises not to lie to his daughter ever again. Shani says you wont be able to say it as I wont really leave you fit enough to walk. He stomps on that guy’s feet. The girl reaches there just then. She requests him not to do so but Shani continues hurting her father.

Kakol asks Shani why Shani is turning crueller in front of the girl. The girl finally holds Shani’s feet so as to stop him. There was pain in my father’s leg already and you just increased it. You are indeed no Dev. No Dev can give so much pain to his devotee. I cannot believe that I have ever prayed to you. Kakol begins to say something but Shani stops him. It was your wish to pray to me. I only came to make you realise the truth. He turns to go but she warns him that he is mistaken if he feels he can leave just like that after inflicting pain on her father. What mistake did he commit by keeping faith in you? I dint trust anything that people said about till date but I saw it with my own eyes today. People are right. You can only give pain to everyone. The one, who can kill his sister and give pain to his mother, he cannot make anyone happy. You deserve this hatred only which you have received in return of your karmas. I hate you! Go away! Shani leaves.

The girl’s father holds his hands at Kakol. Kakol understands Shani’s plan. He returned that man his life by breaking his leg!

Narayan says we can snatch the position from Karamfaldata but not his dharma. His way of giving Karamfal in strange manner still reflects in his actions. Shani broke that guy’s leg as his Karamfal. He gave him the good result of his penitence by making himself look like a villain before the girl. He made him an ideal in his daughter’s eyes as well.

Kakol says whenever I look at Shani, I feel everything will fall in place one day.

Chhaya is curious to know about the guy whom Yam has chosen for Yami. Yam assures her there wont be a better guy for Yami than him. She meets Lohitang Mangal and Devraj. Lohitang Mangal gives her his introduction. I am Shivansh Lohitang Mangal.

Yami and Kakol shout after Shani to stop but he keeps walking. He crosses by village where everyone greets him with folded hands as he passes from there. Yami and Kakol also come there. Kakol tells Yami that people here think that Shani’s Drishti is very auspicious for them. It protects them from anything wrong. This is the reason why the doors in this village are never closed. Nothing wrong has happened here since Shani started living here. Yami is impressed. People think him to be inauspicious for no reason. He notices her looking in a particular direction where no one has gone since Shani has started living here. Do you really want to go there? Yami nods.

Lohitang Mangal praises Chhaya for handling Surya Loka in Surya Dev’s absence. You have done an amazing job. It is said that a daughter is the reflection of her mother. I would be really lucky to be married to a girl like Yami. Devraj insists that they have different characteristics. They will complete each other in every way. Yam agrees with him. After meeting Mangal, I have realised there cannot be a better option for Yami than Mangal. Chhaya expresses her wish to ask Yami first. Devraj says Yami will not go against her order. Chhaya points out that this is why it becomes all the more important to ask her. It is important to ask the opinion of those who do not go against your orders. It is important to give respect to them.

Lohitang Mangal asks Devraj what this is all about. You said we have to only convince Devi Chhaya. Devraj tells Yam to make Chhaya understand. Our plan is dependent on this marriage. Yam goes to speak to Chhaya. Lohitang Mangal warns Devraj not to think him to be a fool like Yam. I realise it when someone plays a game with me. Devraj says I have already explained to you that I only want to kill that Shani. Lohitang Mangal holds him from behind. My strength is enough for that. Why do we need to do this then? Speak truth or you will have to bear my wrath before Shani. Devraj agrees to tell him his real plan.

Ravan thinks Shani thinks he trapped me in his words and can separate me from my Aradhya! No one can come in between me and my Aradhya! I am Ravan, Mahadev’s biggest devotee! You may be an Ansh of Tridev, Surya putra or Karamfaldata but you are a planet in the end who we can cast an eclipse on!

Precap: Shani has returned to Surya Loka and a new chapter of Shani’s life has begun!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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