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Shani 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Sometimes many obstacles come in our path. Wherein we cannot prove that our intention is right. Shani teaches that one must keep trying. It brings good result eventually. ||

Chhaya and Hanuman keep looking at the sky. Devraj tells Sanghya she was right this time too. Hanuman came back alone which means that the ball is in our court. Sanghya adds that Hanuman will be their puppet now. They approach Hanuman and ask about Shani. Hanuman tells them he doesn’t know. Sanghya tells Devraj not to add salt to his wounds. It is clearly visible that Shani couldn’t help him. I feel bad. Shani kept a condition for no reason. Surya Dev was ready to teach you but because of Shani’s condition, you cannot gain any wisdom from him now. He dint do the right thing. Hanuman looks at the setting sun.


and Kakol are on the way to some place. Kakol asks him about it. It is about sunset time. Shani replies that they are going to bring proof to validate that a kid like Hanuman also deserves to be taught / guided.

Sanghya tells Hanuman that he must have understood who is on his side now. Chhaya tells her that Shani dint leave Hanuman alone. He never backstabs. Devraj asks about Shani. She replies that she doesn’t know but she knows that he will return with a living proof. Devraj hopes that that happens. Hanuman doesn’t deserve to be cheated. We know what Surya Dev’s decision will be in case Shani returns empty handed. They leave. Hanuman sadly begins to head home too when Chhaya reminds him of his faith. Keep faith on your faith. Come with me.

Chhaya brings Hanuman to temple. She prays to Mahadev. If you have returned Hanuman his life after breaking the rules then there must be some reason behind it. I am unaware of it but I am sure the reason will be big enough and that you will help Shani and Hanuman.

Shani tells Kakol they have found what they have been looking for.

Chhaya does Hanuman’s tilak. Hanuman says Ma does the same. What does it mean? Chhaya explains that it is the symbol of her love, respect and dedication. My power / strength makes a connection with whosoever I put it on. Hanuman gets thinking.

Hanuman, Sanghya, Chhaya, Devraj and Surya Dev are in the Sabha. Surya Dev suggests starting the Sabha but Devraj wants to wait for Shani. Surya Dev repeats that he kept a deadline of sunset time. It is about time. There is no proof before me till now. Hanuman thinks of Chhaya’s words and closes his eyes. Surya Dev adds that if no proof is presented then Hanuman does not deserve to be my disciple. Shani walks in saying that he has proof. Sanghya and Devraj are taken aback whereas Chhaya and Hanuman get happy.

Shani remarks that there is indeed proof. There is a kid who was naughty but is taking care of everyone now. It proves that Hanuman too deserves to gain knowledge. Surya Dev asks him to present the proof. Shani welcomes Ganesha in Sabha. Hanuman excitedly signals him to come in and smiles. Shani adds that Devi Parvati gave her everything to her son. A disciple is no less than a son to a Guru. Like I promised, the proof is before you before the deadline. A kid can be taught first and then become responsible. I can experience that some people here must be wondering how I brought proof in such short span of time. I had to travel for the same reason. He relates everything to them. The answer was right before me when the questions got linked to each other – Kailash! I went to Kailash with Kakol at the same moment.

Flashback shows Shani approaching Ganesha. Ganesha tells him he cannot leave without seeking permission from his parents. I have learnt this from you only. Shani thinks upon Mahadev. Hanuman needs Surya Dev’s guidance but he first wants a proof if a kid can be taught Ashta-siddhi (8 yogic accomplishments) or not. I wish to seek your permission to take Ganesha with me. Mahadev allows him. Someone with a great motive can only gain these Ashta-siddhi’s. You must promise me that no one else should gain them in this process. Shani promises him. Mahadev blesses them and disappears. Flashback ends.

Shani relates that he brought Ganesha as the living proof with Mahadev’s blessings. He is a proof that a kid can be taught Ashta-siddhi’s even in a young age. Ganesha gives credit to Shani for gaining that knowledge. I agree that I inherited them from my mother but I understood their importance only when Shani cleaned away all my impurities. Shani asks Surya Dev if he still has any question. Surya Dev nods. He asks Shani if an ordinary monkey will be able to control these powers. Hanuman wants these powers but only for himself. Hanuman stops him mid sentence. I do want to gain knowledge from you and become knowledgeable but I don’t want it for any personal gain. He looks at the plate of vermilion kept before Shivlinga and disappears in a split second. Everyone is shocked to see him enter in Sabha room (he has dipped himself in vermilion). This is my love, dedication towards the one who I will sacrifice my life to. I know I was born for him; to help him only. I promise to dedicate the knowledge to the Prabhu to whom my life is dedicated!

Narayan says Hanuman has never met him yet he has so much dedication and love towards him. Mahadev points out that devotion doesn’t need any logic which is why Hanuman has dedicated his life to him already. Narayan says the moment will be unforgettable when Hanuman will meet my avatar on earth.

Precap: Shani tells Hanuman to seek his Guru’s blessings first. Hanuman requests Surya Dev to first teach Ashta-Siddhi’s to Shani first. I will start my training then only. Shani’s eyes widen in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow pooja di again your speed is unbelievable.

    1. Pooja

      Thank you Kartik 😀

  2. Kamalanayani

    OMG.. Makers…

    Hanumanji does vermilion only after 14 years of exile ends and then, Lord Ram and Mata Sita become the king and queen of Ayodhya… I remember that pearl beads and the devotion story… But Hanumanji did it for now for what..

    Kindly, don’t change the story…

    I liked the entry of Lord Ganesha as a proof… And I love the precap… Shani’s eyes widen in shock…. Superb acting by Kartikey Malviya… Keep going dear…

  3. Kamalanayani

    I forgot to mention… Superb update Pooja didi

    1. Pooja

      Thanks a lot dear 🙂

  4. What are they going to show now shani has promised to mahadev no one else hanuman will learn ashtsidhis and now hanuman is saying he would learn only after shani…..
    Will shani dev have to break his promise

    1. Kamalanayani

      Who knows..???? Makers do these kind of things for TRP…

  5. Now a days all the historical shows are showing kalpanik stories.just to gain trp’s.

    We all know the correct stories so we feel weird when they show something wrong.
    But what about the people who doesn’t know history of sanatan Vedic dharma.they will surely think this is truth.

    And when we oppose them and make them understand the reality.

    They just laugh and name it myth.

    And question us if what we are saying is truth then why the TV and movies showing are showing wrong.

    It make them think our history as mythology.

    I’m frustrated.

  6. Oh makers, pls don’t change stories. Pls show the correct ones. Nice update Pooja.

  7. Kamalanayani

    Have they changed the time to 9:15pm ???

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