Shani 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mangal influences Dhamini against Shani

Shani 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani’s Teaching:

“The promise made due to the power and position, becomes the reason of shame and repentance after losing the power. Shani teaches us, the person shall surely assume of the consequences before giving the promise and shall fulfill the promise made in any circumstances”.

Shani goes towards Devraj Indra and asks where is Mangal? Devraj Inder says you can’t kill me, I know this surely and that’s why I will never tell you about Mangal. Shani asks again. Devraj says you can end me. Shani says you know what I can do. He looks at him through his red eyes and some rays fall on him. Devraj says no and says Mangal is in Talatal. Shani looks on angry.

Mangal says you have deep connected with this place and recalls Shani’s childhood.

He says you have so many memories related to it and I know best how to use it. Mahadev says once Shani reaches Tatatal, he will recall all the past related to Bhadra, and it will be easy for mangal to misguide Shani. Tridev says the chakra which shani made for Dhamini’s protected, won’t be there for long. Mangal looks at the magical rays. Dhamini looks at shaking mirror and is shocked. Lord Vishnu tells that all evil powers gets violent in Talatal. He says now Shani and Dhamini have to stand by each other to defeat Mangal and they have to fight this war by themselves. Mangal looks at the havan fire.

Dhamini reaches Mangal has broken the suraksha chakra made by Shani. She thinks she has to do something to stop Mangal from controlling Shani being his wife. She thinks of Shani’s words and says now I understood what I shall do. She says we both will fight together with Mangal. Mangal puts something in the havan and says in sometime, Dhamini will lose her mental balance. Shani comes there and recalls killing his sister. He recalls Devi Chhaya calling him as a murderer. All the mirror break at Dhamini’s place and she faints taking Shani’s name. Mangal says now I can easily control your mind and in next part, I will end your fully. He puts something in havan fire, but just then Shani comes there and pushes him.

Mangal falls down and thinks I will snatch all your powers today by making you angry. He asks if he found it difficult to come here, and then says I forgot that you have spent much time here. Shani asks him to stop harming Dhamini. Mangal says now we shall talk about Bhadra. Shani gets angry. He says it needs courage to kill your own sister while walking on virakht way. He says I heard that even Mahadev wanted her end, if her end is the reason of your karmaphal. Shani gets angry. Mangal thinks I got all Shani’s powers, time has come to attack him. Shani stops him as he attacks him. Mangal says if you wants to fight with me then its ok, but nobody can save Dhamini today from my influence. Shani says you are forgetting that Dhamini is my wife, and I have more trust on our karma and we will defeat you. Mangal asks did your wife know your connection with this place. Shani asks what do you mean? Mangal asks him to have patience and says you will understand soon. You might be missing her, so lets call her.

Dhamini is coming there. Mangal says when I can influence Dhamini to curse you, then I can make her so angry that I can kill you using her. He says karma and karma phal can’t save you both from me, as this is not Suryalok, but Talatal. Shani says you can’t stop me from doing my karma and you will get your karmaphal.

Tridevi tells that Shani came under Mangal’s influence now and is losing his patience. He says if Dhamini also gets under his influence then how Shani will handle. Lord Vishnu tells Mahadev that Shani and Dhamini presence infront of Mangal, increases Dhamini’s Mangal Dosh and it can be dangerous for them. Mahadev says Dhamini came there for some special purpose, now it have to be seen how Shani and Dhamini save themselves from Mangal.

Shani sees Dhamini coming there and says you are not safe here. Dhamini says how can I be not safe in my husband’s presence. Shani recalls Mangal’s words. He reminds her of their conversation during grah pravesh. Dhamini nods and enters there. She tells Mangal that you kept Mangal dosh on me and made me cursed Shani and thought you will get successful to separate us. She says this is impossible Mangal and says no power can separate them. Mangal laughs and says you didn’t know what mangal dosh can do. He goes near havan and says I will prove. He throws something in havan. Dhamini closes her eyes and the moments related to Shani flashes infront of her eyes. Mangal smirks and thinks Shani harmed Tridev who gave him sight. Dhamini is shocked to see the incidents since his birth. Mangal says your husband is a murderer and that’s why Devi Chhaya hates him for killing her daughter. He says even you have become his enemy by cursing him, Shani will take your life now. Dhamini gets angry on Shani.

Dhamini tells Shani that she is ashamed after knowing his truth and says this mangal dosh is the result of marrying a sinner. She says now I know why Mata hates you, you are a black spot on her womb. Shani attacks her. She falls down unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I seriously can’t wait for Monday. It is obvious that all this is shani and damini’s plan to escape mangal dosh bcuz we all know neither damini is gonna get mad nor will shani kill her. so obviously it is a plan. Great now let’s see Mangal getting what he deserves.

  2. It is unnecessary to pull this plot. Really disappointed with this episode

  3. I like the entire serial because it teaches us how to deal with any problems. Now, we know that what does Mangal dosha means, Mangalik means and now we can know how to rectify from this dosha. It will help us to improvize our daily life. Here, one thing we have to learn that for any couple, their understanding between each other can able to win with any difficult situation.

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