Shani 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mahadev comes out of his Samadhi!

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|| Pain and happiness are not constant in life. One should strike a balance in both the kinds of situations. Shani teaches that every pain is an indication of the happiness that is about to come in our lives. ||

Ravan is doing havan. Shani comes there and looks at the golden palace. Narayan and Devi Parvati come there as well. Ravan shares that the havan is complete now. Shani and Ravan look at each other. Ravan walks up to him without flinching his eyes even for a second. I heard you too are my Aradhya’s devotee. Shani says no one is Mahadev’s devotee in his eyes. I am his disciple who respects his Guru but you feel as if Mahadev is your personal property. How are you his devote if devotion turns into supremacy? Ravan angrily keeps his sword around his neck. You are insulting my devotion. Don’t

mistake me for an ordinary Brahmin. I can attack better than I can read the verses.

Devraj says there is someone else in this world whose powers are at par with Shani. He is capable of facing him. Yam says you said that that person took birth in this cave from Mahadev’s help. How was he born? Devraj says it was born from the deadly combination of Agni and destruction. It was when Mahadev was in his Raudra avatar. He was doing tandava in anger. It felt as if the world is about to end. Mahadev’s anger was out of control. Something extraordinary happened then. A new energy took birth from his anger. A boy was born from that energy. While you were completing your training, that kid became very powerful. Shani isn’t aware of his existence or his powers. They all look at the cave.

Ravan suggests Shani not to think of him to be less powerful. Narayan tells him to calm down but Ravan refuses to accept anyone doubting his devotion towards Mahadev. He turns to Shani. I know how to use weapons as well. Don’t challenge this Brahmin if you want to live! Shani moves his sword aside. Are you 100% sure you are a Brahmin? Ravan smiles. Either you are naive or foolish. I am Ravan. I know all the scriptures. Shani points out that he has Rakshasa Gotra and is Brahmin by dharma. I consider people Brahmin by their dharmas. Brahmin don’t follow the path of maya; who isn’t arrogant. Before attacking me, decide how you can justify calling yourself a Brahmin in true sense. Ravan says I would have attacked you right away if it we were not in Kailash right now. Who are you to lecture me? Shani begins to give his introduction as Chhaya-putra but stops recalling his mother’s words. I am Shani. Ravan addresses him as Chhaya-putra Shani. Yami and Chhaya also reach Kailash.

Ravan Ravan walks up to Chhaya. I feel pity for you. It is no less than a bad dream to be cheated by your own son. You have been through so much because of your son. You lost your daughter as well as your husband. I don’t even wish to talk about Devi Sanghya. I feel pity for you. Ravan turns to Shani again calling him Karamfaldata but then corrects himself. You are ex-Karamfaldata. You were lecturing me some time ago about who a Brahmin is. Give your introduction now. What kind of path did you choose even after being Karamfaldata? You are an Ansh of Tridev yet what all have you done! You gave pain to my Aradhya, attacked Ganesha! You even forced my Aradhya to take Samadhi. What do you have to say about that? Shani asks him if he really wants to know who he is. Rava nods. Shani agrees to answer his questions through his karmas.

Yami requests Shani to stop. Don’t stop for yourself or us but for your sister. Shani thinks of Bhadra. The brother, who was ready to do anything for his sister, is dead. The one standing before you right now is just Shani. He walks towards the golden palace. Devi Parvati gets tensed. Shani casts his Vakra Drishti on the palace and it catches fire. Devi Parvati is stunned. Mahadev opens his eyes.

Shani says you (Ravan) would have understood my karma well by now. I bring people on the right path. I wont try to kill you then. Instead, I would destroy all the money gathered by you. I would especially finish what you want the most. I will finish your greed! What is your wish? Do you wish to lose it for forever? Ravan shakes his head thinking about Mahadev. Shani says you learnt one lesson today.

Devi Parvati loses her cool. Yami requests Chhaya to stop Shani before something goes wrong. Devi Parvati uses her powers to save the palace. She vows to punish Shani for his deed. I would first bid adieu to the Brahmin Dev who has come here. She asks Ravan to ask his Dakshina. Ravan remembers Shani’s words well and is in a fix. What if Shani snatches Mahadev from me? I cannot lose him! He tells Devi Parvati to give Mahadev to him in Dakshina.

Devi Parvati gets angry. You are knowledgeable then why are you making such a demand? Mahadev is Kailash’s Sthandevta. Why would he leave his abode? Ravan is irked. It means you wont give a Brahmin his Dakshina. She explains that she is only trying to stop a devotee from making a wrong wish. I want you to ask anything else instead. Ravan asks for the golden palace instead. Devi Parvati goes quiet. He reminds her that she said he can ask for anything. I need this golden palace. With a heavy heart, Devi Parvati grants his wish. Ravan looks at the palace mesmerised. He takes it with him and leaves.

Shani remarks that his work is over. I am leaving now. Devi Parvati shouts at him to wait. You cannot leave from here like this. Shani tells her he does not need her permission to either come to or leave from Kailash. She repeats what she had said to him earlier. You will have to face my wrath if you try to do anything inauspicious on Kailash today! She shouts for Nandi and Veerbhadra. They appear there. She orders them to force Shani to return to Kailash.

Nandi stops Shani. Mata wants you in Kailash. Shani says you are bound by her order but it does not mean I am bound to follow it too. Nandi points out that he will do his best in his attempt to fulfil Mata’s order. Shani reminds him of the last time when he had defeated him. Nandi nods recalling that fight. You also know that its fear wont stop me from doing my dharma. Veerbhadra joins Nandi. Nandi isn’t alone in this. Shani gets ready for a fight. Shani manages to beat them. He begins to go when Mata Parvati appears there. Her anger is on its peak. Narayan requests her to calm down pointing out the consequences. She refuses. My son lost his head because of Shani’s Vakra Drishti. I forgave him then but I wont forgive him today. She aims her trident at Shani.

Mahadev appears at that very moment. He tells his wife to calm down but she tells him not to stop her today. Shani wont escape it this time. Mahadev says I know whatever happened here and how much you have been hurt by his deed. You are a Devi. Please calm down. She returns to her normal avatar.

Shani asks Mahadev if he has come to kill him this time. You finished all my powers the last time we met. He walks away without waiting for an answer. Mahadev looks at him emotionally. Shani stops in his tracks sensing his presence right behind him. You did my purification last time. Have you come here to free me this time? Mahadev replies that a guy who is detached from everyone and everything should not indicate any attachment towards me by having such thoughts in his mind. Shani looks at him. I am attached to anger and vice versa. Mahadev reasons that it is the hand that gets hurt when it hits the dagger or when the dagger hits the hand. You were away from this world for so many years and now you are back. Shani says I wasn’t really that far from the world. Mahadev agrees. There is some difference though. I have come back to do my duties. Shani says my duties / responsibilities were snatched from me at that time. Mahadev asks him what he will do now. Shani says I feel I have become so famous. People talk about me everywhere. People feel I have committed many misdeeds. They believe it so much that I too have turned cruel. I can even make use of it. I am back and have been overseeing everything. I destroyed your golden palace just now. Aren’t you angry with me? Mahadev declines. We both know what your motive behind doing that was. Shani says you said you came to do your duties. It would be better if you focus on yours and I will focus on mine. He leaves.

Shani’s words keep echoing in Ravan’s mind. Narad Muni greets him.

Narayan tells Shani he knows as to why he cast his Drishti on golden palace.

Ravan rebukes Narad Muni and asks him to leave! Narad Muni says I couldn’t stop myself when I realise how influenced you are with Shani in your first meeting itself. Ravan disagrees. Narad Muni wonders what prompted him to ask for the same palace in Dakshina for which he went to Kailash.

Narayan says you knew Ravan will ask for the palace only so you cast your Drishti on it. You know it couldn’t be solved with a fight so you used your Drishti instead to protect Mahadev. It was about the invited Brahmin. This is why you solved it with your Vakra Drishti.

Ravan says I wanted to bring my Aradhya here but I got this palace in return instead. I wonder why I asked for it in the first place.

Narayan says you cast your Drishti on it intentionally thereby influencing Ravan to ask for it. It was just a sham to cast your Drishti on the palace. In reality, you cast a Drishti on Ravan’s mind.

Narad Muni remarks that he (Ravan) is either influenced or someone has cast his Drishti on him. Ravan says if there is some hidden meaning behind it then Shani must be ready to bear the punishment.

Narayan wants to know why Shani dint tell the truth to Devi Parvati. Why dint you tell her you went there to protect Mahadev from his devotee’s attachment? Shani reasons it wasn’t important to tell this to Devi Parvati. We all want to become great by our actions and deeds but if the path is right and we have the right intentions in our heart then it is no less than greatness.

Kakol says then Shani Dev asks people to come on the right path or he will do so. People are glued by his words. Kakol relates some past incidents to them. He caresses the rock thinking of Shani’s words. This is our Karamfaldata Shani! Few soldiers catch hold of him for taking Shani’s name. Kakol says you can go ahead and arrest me but I wont stop taking his name. They hit him. Yami asks him if he is fine. Kakol nods. She tells them they cannot make Kakol their captive. Soldiers point out that it is Devi Chhaya’s order. She reminds them who she is. They back down. She asks Kakol to make her meet Shani. Kakol says he comes wherever his devotees are. We don’t have to go anywhere. She wants to unite the entire family again.

Devraj wants to tackle Shani. It wont be good for us otherwise. I have a solution too. Yam asks him why he feels he (that energy) would be fit enough to manage Shani. Devraj assures him he would get his answer soon. No one, not even Shani, can escape his wrath.

Precap: Two enemies are ready to attack Shani. Ravan wants to tackle Shani. You may be an Ansh of Tridev, Surya putra or Karamfaldata but you are a planet in the end whose planetary positions can be meddled with!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. To Kamalanayani: to reply to your yesterday’s further query, yes. He is the same as in Mahadev serial.. If you remember, in the serial it was shown that lohitang was born after Mahadev performed tandav and his mother was Devi Pruthvi.. Later he went against Mahadev due to influence of Andhak.. After he realised his mistake, Mahadev made him Mangal grah (planet mars).. In today’s episode, Devraj tells how Mangal was born after Mahadev performs Tandav.. However, there is slight discrepancy in this show.. because in episode 105, on 31st march, Shani had formed the Navgrah committee including Mangal Dev. If so, this rohitansh is someone else maybe, because Devraj says he was born AFTER Shani left..

    1. But if they are showing him as planet mars, then he, Shani, Rahu, Suryadev are all soon going to be captive of Raavan along with Chandradev, Budh, DevGuru Bruhaspati and Shukracharya. Only Hanuman will save them..

  2. To Kamalanayani, to answer your yesterday’s further query, yes. He was shown in Mahadev serial as the one born after Mahadev performed tandav. He then went against Mahadev due to the influence of Andhak. But when he realized his mistake, Mahadev forgives him and makes him Mangal grah.. And in today’s episode too Devraj tells about Rohitansh being born after Mahadev performed tandav. However, if this serial is referring to planet mars (as Rohitash mentioned yesterday), then I don’t understand why Devraj said that he was born after Shani left.. Because in episode 105, 31st March, Shani forms the Navgrah committee including Mangal. So maybe this Rohitash is not planet mars, but someone else.. But if they are showing him as planet mars, then he, Shani, Rahu, Suryadev are all soon going to be captive of Raavan along with Chandradev, Budh, DevGuru Bruhaspati and Shukracharya. Only Hanuman will save them..

  3. Shani Sri Lankan Fan Club

    Its great happy to see our former king His Majesty Rawana on our most favorite drama.
    Jay Rawan …!!!

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