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|| Knowledge is important to be successful in life. Shani teaches that one needs to concentrate and be patient to gain knowledge. ||

Hanuman stops Shani’s way. How can you leave like this? Shani replies that he isn’t leaving. I was saying that to stop you. Hanuman says this is the exact reason why I want to defeat you using my brain. Shani smiles. I will be happy the day you will defeat me.

Sanghya is sure Shani will lose at any cost. We have such limited time left and they are nowhere to be seen. Devraj does not wish to be so sure beforehand as Shani has changed games in the last second. Sanghya is positive it wont happen this time. He wont be able to prove that Hanuman can manage his powers. We will fill it in Hanuman’s mind that Shani never wanted him to gain knowledge from Surya

Dev. Hanuman will be left with no other option then.

Shani syas we must find out the solution asap. What can be the proof that will convince Surya Dev that Hanuman will not misuse his powers? Hanuman too says the same. I can show him the proof by pulling out Dev Loka in one go? Shani points out that this is his problem. You have a frivolous heart. Having powers doesn’t mean you will misuse them like this. Hanuman says everyone thinks of me to be naughty. If anyone goes before Surya Dev and speaks in my favour then it will work. I will ask Matang Rishi to praise me before Surya Dev. I will help him in return. It will please Surya Dev. Kakol likes the idea but Shani stops Hanuman. Have you thought about the outcome of your idea? Hanuman tells him not to worry. I wont let anything go wrong this time.

Matang Rishi refuses to speak in Hanuman’s favour before Surya Dev. Hanuman addresses him as Gurudev which irks Matang Rishi. He tells Hanuman to leave as it is time for his solitary meditation. Hanuman shakes his head which angers Hanuman. A disciple tells Matang Rishi that they are about to serve food. We only need some fruits. Hanuman offers to do it but the disciple tells him against it. Hanuman recalls how he tugged at his pony last time. You too feel I will snatch your pony and hurt you or mess everything? I am not that Hanuman anymore. I will bring them the right way and show you that I have indeed changed. Will you then praise me before Surya Dev? Matang Rishi nods.

Hanuman flies up and brings loads of fruits for them. Shani and Kakol watch him from far. Shani gets tensed seeing the sun. I have to explain to Hanuman that one needs to be patient to have a siddhi like Ashta-siddhi. One needs to have experience and right age to gain it. Hanuman lacks both of them at the moment. He feels that he will be considered responsible by doing only one task.

Hanuman joins Shani and Kakol. Kakol asks him if Matang Rishi agreed to help him. Hanuman replies that he was only helping them (with a sad face). Flashback shows the disciples offering fruits to Hanuman. He gives them each a fruit and sits down to eat the rest. Matang Rishi angrily shouts his name which puzzles Hanuman for a moment. He then realises his folly and runs out from there. Flashback ends. Hanuman relates that he ran away from there then.

Shani says this is what I was worried about. You showed your talent but you couldn’t hold back your playfulness. Shani advises him to be patient to gain knowledge. Listen to me now. I told Surya Dev that you can become responsible only after gaining knowledge but I made a mistake. We have to prove it to him that you can be taught even after being so playful. You will become responsible afterwards. Hanuman sits down with a sad face. Shani tells him to understand what he implies by a presenting a live proof before Surya Dev. If we present someone to Surya Dev who first gained knowledge and then realised how to be responsible then only will we be able to convince him. Kakol suggests finding out that person asap. Hanuman points out that he can go anywhere in any second. I will find him in a go. Who can that be? Shani can tell us about it as he is smart. Shani knows his Nana Shree’s library holds answer to every possible question in the world. We will find our answer there only!

Shani, Kakol and Hanuman reach Dev Vishwakarma’s library. Hanuman says there is very limited time left. Shani says time might be less but he only will have to make efforts. I will just guide you. You will have to do the rest. Just hold onto your faith. Kakol asks Dev Vishwakarma how they will scan all these books in such a short time. Dev Vishwakarma tells him to ask Shani instead. Shani uses his Drishti to locate the particular book. Some shelves are highlighted. They all sit down to read them. It is only Surya Dev and Tridev’s who are the apt examples for them but they do not find any other solution in any of the books. Kakol asks Dev Vishwakarma if he has no such medicine with which Surya Dev will forget this condition altogether. Hanuman and Shani look at each other. Kakol comes up with an idea but Hanuman tells him he will forget his promise of not hurting him if he wont sit quietly.

Chhaya brings food for them. I too wish to help Hanuman. Hanuman is hungry but Shani tells her there is no time. We have to find a solution before sunset. She tells him to have faith. You will find a way. Hanuman says this is what I have been telling him. We will find a way. We should focus on what is before us at the moment. He finishes every bit of food on the plate. He apologizes to her for the trouble calling her Mata Chhaya. She replies that it is no pain to do something for mothers to do anything for her kids. It rings a bell in Shani’s mind.

Kakol points out that Hanuman could easily differentiate between Mata Chhaya and Devi Sanghya even though he has met her only once. Hanuman says it isn’t something big. I realise it all from my heart. Shani finds his answer. He asks Kakol to come. Hanuman holds his hand. We don’t have much time left. Shani nods. This is why we have to go. Trust me. Everything will be fine. Chhaya looks on. A messenger brings a letter for Dev Vishwakarma. Surya Dev has called for a meeting before sunset where everyone must be present.

Chhaya and Hanuman walk towards the Sabha room together. Sanghya and Devraj peek at them from distance. Devraj tells Sanghya she has been right this time too. Hanuman came back alone which means that the game is in our favour. Sanghya adds that Hanuman will become their puppet now.

Shani and Kakol are on the way to some place. Kakol asks him about it. It is about sunset time.

Precap: Surya Dev asks Shani if an ordinary monkey will be able to control these powers. Hanuman wants these powers but only for himself. Hanuman hits on earth. I promise to dedicate the knowledge to the Prabhu to whom my life is dedicated! (Sindoori Hanuman’s episode will be shown)

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Shani Sri Lankan Fan Club

    Eight Primary Divine Powers
    In Buddhism, Sarva-darśana-saṃgraha
    In Hinduism, Ashta Siddhi

    1.Aṇimā: reducing one’s body even to the size of an atom
    2.Mahima: expanding one’s body to an infinitely large size
    3.Garima: becoming infinitely heavy
    4.Laghima: becoming almost weightless
    5.Prāpti: having unrestricted access to all places
    6.Prākāmya: realizing whatever one desires
    7.Iṣṭva: possessing absolute lordship
    8.Vaśtva: the power to subjugate all

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