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|| Just like medicine is important to cure a disease, Shani comes to punish the culprits for all the misdeeds they have committed. Shani always inspires us to follow the path of truth and righteousness. ||

Epi begins with Shani beating all the fake Gods (lookalikes). Rahu cannot understand how their maya went against their plan. Devraj says it isn’t my maya. Shani removes the mask and reveals himself. Everyone looks at him curiously while Shani’s eyes are glued on Chhaya. Lie does not exist even after existing while truth is always present around us. He begins to go but Yami asks him who he is. Shani thinks of their past and how she did not support him in his Karamfal.

Rahu wonders who this is and what is he doing here. Devraj says whoever he might be but he wont get out from here

alive today! He creates soldiers around Shani. Shani beats them all easily. Devraj says a kid cannot ruin my plans of past 10 years!

Brahma Dev says we were waiting for Shani to return to Surya Loka since all these years and finally he has come. I hope Mahadev comes out of his meditation soon. Narayan agrees. World has reached a stage where there is no one who can put an end to injustice. Mahadev has to return soon as Dev Vishwakarma is creating a Swarna Mahal for him upon Devi Parvati’s askance. Brahma Dev nods.

Rahu says it seems your plan to kill Devi Chhaya is about to fail. Devraj refuses. I am Devraj Indra. I don’t lack either power or plans. Shani continues killing all those soldiers singlehandedly. Fake Devraj attacks him. Shani hits him hard. Devraj walks up to Yam. How dare this guy come here and create a hindrance in your family yagya at this time? I don’t like it. Yam stops him from intervening. You took care of Surya Loka in my absence but I am here now. Devraj agrees and allows him to show everyone who is the powerful guy here. Yam picks his mace and walks up to Shani. Devraj is eager to see what happens next.

Yam says it seems you are new here. Shani says I was born in Surya Loka but I was always considered an outsider here. Yam decides to show the same to him once again. No outsider can rule Surya Loka. Neither Shani could do so and nor will you be able to do so! He challenges Shani for a fight. Shani politely tells him he does not want a fight. Go back. Yam says only cowards speak of stepping back. If your mother dint teach you that then come fight with me! Shani wards off all his attacks using his fists. He even manages to snatch his mace from him. Yami looks on in shock. Shani continuously hits Yam. Kakol holds Shani’s hand telling him to stop but Shani pushes him aside. Yami asks someone to stop them. Yam holds Shani by his throat. Rahu suggests Devraj to intervene in the matter as it is turning worse but Devraj declines. It is going in our favour only. Surya Dev’s entire family will also be finished in this fight. Shani lifts Yam by his throat but then spares him. Chhaya looks on.

Yami rushes to Yam’s side. Chhaya too gets up from the yagya and comes downstairs. Past moments flash before Shani’s eyes. Shani lowers his gaze as she questions him as to who he is. He asks her if she is really keen to know the answer. She replies that she must know about the guy who hurt her son; because of whom she had to leave the yagya in between. Tell me who you are. Shani says I am invisible, infinite, cursed. I am responsible for the destruction of the world. I was blamed even when I was innocent. I am Shani! Chhaya gets emotional. Their past moments flash before her eyes. She also recalls how she had banished him.

Everyone has mixed emotions on their face as they absorb the truth. Chhaya, Yami and Kakol are moved to tears. Yami gets happy but then Yam looks at her pointedly. Chhaya also composes herself. Shani walks past her (without greeting her or saying anything to her). Devraj is irked as Shani has ruined his plan to kill Chhaya! Shani gives aahuti in the yagya shocking Chhaya. He begins to leave when Chhaya tells him to stop. She asks Yami to give one more aahuti in the yagya on Bhadra’s behalf. She was my daughter, the member of this family, who would have been alive today if someone hadn’t killed her. Yam should give aahuti on Devi Sanghya’s behalf. She would have been also alive if it wasn’t for this guy. This yagya wouldn’t have been necessary today if this person hadn’t come in Surya Loka ever! Your father would have been alive today. You gave your family lots of pain when you left. You are again only giving pain to your family now when you are back. Why did you come here? Shani says I came here to just check on everyone. Chhaya asks him if he has seen everything. Is anything left to ask now? He replies that he might have grown up but he still does not ask or think of the questions that she does not wish to answer. She thinks of the past. Who allowed you to give aahuti in the yagya?

Guru Brihaspati announces that the yagya is complete now. Aahuti of one member of Surya Dev’s family was left and it is complete now. Shani greets his mother calling her Surya Loka Swamini and walks out from there. Chhaya looks shaken by the entire episode.

Kakol falls down while chasing Shani. He is overwhelmed to finally see his friend Shani. Shani asks him if he is fine. Kakol nods. Shani turns to go but Kakol requests him to talk to him. You came here to protect me, right? Shani denies. I came here as it is the right time for me to return. Kakol says it is a coincidence then. Shani says coincidences don’t happen. It was my time to come so I came here. Kakol again says he thought he came here to protect his devotee and addresses him as Shani Dev. Shani sternly tells him to choose his words wisely. It isn’t right to address me as Dev. We share a personal bond. It isn’t a bond of devotion or devotee. Kakol nods. Shani leaves. Kakol thinks how to stop him. He hears Dev Vishwakarma calling out for Shani and greets him. He offers to take him to Shani.

Shani stops hearing Dev Vishwakarma’s voice and greets him. Dev Vishwakarma hugs him. I came running here from Kailash the moment I came to know you are here. Devi Parvati has created a gold palace for Mahadev in Kailash. Shani takes his leave but Kakol again addresses him as Shani Dev. What are you going to do now? Shani shares that he is going to Kailash to meet his creator. Something really interesting is going to happen. I wish to witness it with my own eyes.

Mata Parvati loves the golden palace that Dev Vishwakarma has created. I am sure this palace will make Mahadev leave his Samadhi. I hope Grah Pravesh happens nicely. Narayan asks her which Purohit she will choose for puja. Devi Parvati says I had to call someone special as this special palace is for Mahadev. That guy knows all the scriptures better than anyone else in the world. Someone looks at the golden palace from far while Mata Parvati continues to praise the guy before Narayan. Mahadev’s biggest devotee, Ravan, will do this puja.

Ravan enters just then. Devi Parvati heartily welcomes him. He goes quiet noticing Narayan there.

Dev Vishwakarma invites everyone in the yagya. Chhaya apologizes on Yam’s behalf. He needs treatment. Dev Vishwakarma agrees. You and Yami should come on Surya Dev’s behalf. Shani has already left for Kailash. Chhaya gets alert. He is already there? Dev Vishwakarma assures her it is an auspicious occasion. She says this is what I fear. I am not sure what he will do there after seeing all that he did in Surya Loka today. Yami tells her not to worry. I am sure he wont do anything wrong. Yam asks her if she saw what Shani did to him. You are still assuring everyone on Shani’s behalf? Chhaya stops them from arguing. We must leave for Kailash right away.

Ravan feels some darkness is headed towards Kailash. Devi Parvati panics. Is something about to go wrong? Narayan denies. It is a sign of Shani’s arrival. Devi Parvati refuses to let him come in Kailash today. My son lost his head the last time Shani came here. It is Shani only who is responsible for Mahadev’s absence in Kailash today. He cannot enter here today. Ravan offers to take care of it but Devi Parvati refuses to let any fight happen in Kailash today. I will try to stop him myself. In the meantime, you should start the yagya. If anything goes wrong because of Shani today then he will have to bear my wrath!

Shani stops in his tracks the moment he is about to step in Kailash. He thinks of the last time when he had come there yet walks ahead. Devi Parvati asks him to stop. Shani continues walking but she again tells him to leave. It is an auspicious day today. I don’t want anything wrong to happen today. He shares that Mahadev taught him the path of detachment. I have lost everything because of that. Today Mahadev is going to live in his new golden palace. I want to see it with my own eyes. She refuses to allow him inside. No one can enter here without my permission. Shani reminds her he is a part of Tridev. No one can stop me from entering in Kailash. Narayan asks him how he is. Shani apologizes to him. I haven’t come here to exchange pleasantries. He tells Devi Parvati that Narayan will help him enter in Kailash if she will stop him. She is shocked as to how he could even think of it. Shani points out that it was Narayan only who wanted him to know about this. He will surely help me then. Can I? Narayan smiles and Devi Parvati looks on angrily.

Devraj says it means Shani has already left for Kailash. Yam agrees. Don’t know what will happen there in his presence. I know for sure I wont forgive him! Tell me the next plan. Is there no option left? Devraj says there is an option by which we will be able to hit doubly at Shani. We will prove it to the world that Shani came there to actually kill Devi Chhaya. Yam reasons it wont end their main problem. Who will handle Shani? Devraj speaks of Rohitash Mangal. It is even more dangerous than Shani. He is as strong as Mahadev and his part only. He will manage Shani.

Ravan is doing havan. Shani comes there. They both stare at each other.

Precap: Shani says you feel as if Mahadev is your personal property. Ravan keeps his sword on his throat. Who are you to lecture me? Shani agrees to give him the answer to this question through his karmas. The gold palace is on fire. Devi Parvati vows to punish Shani for his deed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Who is that Rohitash Mangal ?

    1. Mangal grah – planet mars.. His mother is earth..

      1. Mars (Mangala) is also called:

        Angāraka (अङ्गारक) – one who is red in colour also called
        Raktavarna (रक्तवर्ण) – whose color is like blood.
        Bhauma (भौम) – son of Bhumi.
        Lohitānga (लोहिताङ्ग) – red bodied (Loha also means Iron, so could also mean Iron Bodied).
        Kuja (कुज) – he who is born from Earth.
        Bha (भ) – shining

      2. Kamalanayani

        But is he same as Lohitang who came in Mahadev serial…

    2. Yes, the same..

  2. Juhu

    where are ashivini kumars ? They to should give ahuthi right

    1. anay bangalore

      director gave ahuti on their behaf

      1. ahhaha:)))))

  3. So from Anagha’s comment I now think it will be Mangal dev.

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