Shani 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karmas are always in control of people and Karamfal in Shani’s control.

Surya Dev suggests Chhaya to talk to Shani. We can start afresh and stay together as a family. We can live like a family. He holds her hand startling her. You will explain to him, right? Shani sees him thus. Amazing Surya Dev! I wondered what prompted you to come here suddenly but I have my answer now. It is the effect of Devi Sanghya’s company. Surya Dev says I came here as I care about your mother Shani points out that that mother isn’t his wife. It is Devi Sanghya who he is concerned for. You came to free her from her pain. Chhaya asks Shani if anyone speaks to his father like that. Shani denies. But I am talking to Devi Sanghya’s husband who has come here for her. Surya Dev turns to Chhaya. I spoke to you as Shani

does not wish to understand anything. Chhaya suggests let Surya Dev speak. Try to understand what he is saying. Shani says I would have if he would have come here as your husband. He wouldn’t have let you be banished from Surya Loka if he really considered you his wife. He wouldn’t have let you be insulted time and again. I want to clarify that I wont back down from my path of duty. Devi Sanghya will be punished for her every misdeed! Surya Dev says you feel you know everything about karma and dharma but in reality, you don’t even know the difference between Karamfaldata Shani and Dandnayak Shani. You don’t know how much you are hurting your mother because of your karmas. You will realise it soon Dandnayak Shani! He leaves.

Sanghya creates a Shakti Kavach for herself in her room. It is safe now. Shani cannot come in the room at any cost now! She senses something and turns. She looks behind the curtains and finds Yam there. You again? He says mothers scold sometimes but it doesn’t mean that her kids will leave her side. I wont leave you today. I will stay with you. She hugs him. You don’t need to worry son. Shani wont be able to harm me. She shows him the Shakti-Kavach. This is our home. No one can even enter inside without our permission, be it Karamfaldata or Dandnayak Shani.

Shani thinks of Surya Dev’s words. He thinks of Mahadev. I am in a dilemma. Please help me. Mahadev appears there. Shani kneels down before him. Mahadev tells him to get up. I know what problem you are into. Come, I will help you. He points at the tree. Fruits grow depending on the strength of the branch. Branch has to be strong so world can have fruits. It isn’t important just to punish the culprit but it is to set an example in front of everyone so as to make the culprit realise he must not repeat it. It is a long lasting memory. You have to set a similar example before the world. Shani thanks him for guiding him. Mahadev blesses him and disappears. Shani thinks it is the second step of punishment. Dandnayak Shani is coming to punish you for your misdeeds.

Devi Sanghya sits up startled. Yam is fast asleep next to her. She is sure Shani will never be able to break this invisible shield. She is shocked to see Shani enter inside the room just then. She tells him to leave. Yam gets up and looks angrily at Shani. You don’t have the permission to come here. I wont. Shani pushes him and walks ahead. Yam gets stuck in the shield which puzzles Sanghya. Shani looks at her.

Mahadev remarks that no door or Kavach can stop Dandnayak Shani from coming in. Narayan agrees with him. Surely nothing can stop him. Shani will set an example for entire world.

Shani says important is the reason for which I have come here. Bad thoughts give birth to crime which leads to punishment. Your 4 misdeeds entitle you for punishment. Get ready to bear them. One, for not doing your duty as a mother and leaving your kids alone. Two, for attacking / hurting your father. Three, for cheating your husband and not following your Patni-Dharma. Fourth, for hurting Mata Chhaya. You will be punished for all of them. Get ready. You left your little kids alone for your own selfish reason. It is an unpardonable crime. Your punishment is decided now. You will now realise how Yam and Yami would have felt when their mother left them alone. Your family will also leave you alone tomorrow. Sanghya refuses to let him succeed. I have stopped you in the past too and will do so now also. You wont be able to harm me. Shani challenges her to stop Dandnayak Shani if possible. You have one whole day. My Drishti is on you. She is sure her family wont leave her side. You will have to look down and lose by the end! He says tomorrow’s sunset will decide it. You played games till now but it is time for me to give punishment. Till now it was Karamfaldata Shani. Now I am Dandnayak Shani! He leaves.

Yam rushes to his mother. I was Dharmaraj in ZSabha that day. I am your son today. Shani can do anything but your son is always with you. She says Shani’s biggest weakness is Chhaya. Shani wont even move from her side if she is in pain. Shani will lose tomorrow. He wont be able to punish me.

Chhaya asks Shani how he will punish Devi Sanghya. Shani says I am nothing without you. I need your help in this. Will you help me? She agrees. He shares that her next punishment will be the same that she did to her husband and her kids. Similarly, her family will leave her alone. Brain is responsible for a person losing the right path. Now her brain will become her biggest enemy.

Sanghya wakes up thinking of Shani’s words. She is tightly clad in a piece of cloth in a small pram. She tries speaking or moving but in vain. Shani looks down at her. See how helpless infants are. They cannot tell their problems to anyone. Mothers are the only one who can understand their pain. You left your kids when they were of the same age. Think how they would have felt when you left them alone. Think what would have happened if it wasn’t for Mata Chhaya. Pray to God that someone hears you and comes to take care of you. Experience the fear, the silence which those kids feel when their mothers leave them. This is just the beginning. You cannot imagine the scary end ever.

Precap: Surya Dev asks Shani why he came here after what he said yesterday. Shani suggests him to allow him and his mother in Surya Loka. Accept her as your wife and then you wont mind it. Sanghya refuses (mentally) to let them come in her home!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    When shani jeyanthi is coming ??

    1. Kamalanayani , it’s tomorrow 25th May 😉

    2. In my view we should called it shani janmutsav because jayanti means the one who took birth and died but shani is immortal so we should called it as shani janmutsav and its on amavasya means from tomorrow 6:37 to day after tomorrow 2:44

    3. Kamalanayani

      Thank you
      And I agree with you it can be called shani janmotsav…
      Do you know what prasada to be prepared today ??

      1. I dont know much but my mom n granny gives chapathi,ghee with gud(vellam) and someblack til to kaag(crow)

      2. Nandhini

        Any sweet prepared with black grams or black sesame [email protected]

      3. Kamalanayani

        What do you think about urad dhal rice and til seed chutney…

  2. Today’s episode is power-packed.. Sanga is getting punishment what she deserves.

    1. Nandhini

      Welcome back Kritika ji!?

    2. Kamalanayani

      Hi Kritika
      You have come back after a Long time..
      Welcome back…


    Wonderful episode. Good for devi sanghya. Tomorrow is shani jayanti Kamalanayani.

    1. Kamalanayani

      I hope your exams are over madhu….


        Yes dear my exams r over now .


        Favourite foods of Gods connected with Navgrah (9 stars/planets

        Som, Mangal, Budh, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shani, Ravi, Rahu, Ketu- all these are Gods related to the Navgraha. Their dasha, mahadasha, antardasha, pratyantar dasha remain influencing our life till we breathe our lat. If these Gods are pleased, one can become king and when they curve their eyebrows, it doesn’t take a moment for a king to become a beggar. By offering their favourite food items, you can please them for their blessings:-
        Som: Som i.e. chandrama (moon) likes white items very much. Donate white items on Mondays. Bad omen will be warded off. Good omen will be showered on you.
        Favourite food items: Rice, milk, curd, ghee, salt, sujji, white sweetmeats, sugar, cashew nuts, radishes, and white clothes etc.
        Benefits: One becomes at peace with himself at last after offering the items favourite to Chandra. Cough relating diseases get cured of.

        Mangal: The God of Mangal is Hanuman Ji. He is very short tempered. Therefore, donate red items this day. The ill shadows of Mangalic dasha will end.
        Favourite food items : Red masoor daal (red lentil pulses), Gur (jaggery), pomegranates and all other red fruits etc. Wearing red clothes and feeding gur chana to cows makes Hanumat veera pleased in this day.
        benefits: Headache and blood related complications are warded off. Peace ascends in the family life.

        Budh: This the day of Budha God. He likes green items. Green items are donated to ward off the evil effects of Budh.
        Favourite food items: Green moong (split green gram), torai, ghia, parwal (pointed gourd), pumpkin, green fruits, green sweetmeats.
        Bnefits: Mental disorders are cured off from donating green items to God Budha.

        Brihaspati: Brihaspati i.e. the day of Guruvar is the day of Brihaspati. Brihaspati God likes yellow food items. Therefore yellow items are donated to him on this day.
        Favourite food items: Yellow laddu, chana daal, Gur, , yellow fruits and sweets, yellow dresses.
        : By donating yellow items, kidney, bile etc remain in tact and disease free. Conjugal life turns happy.

        Shukra: Shukravar is supposed to be the day of the God of ghouls and ogre Shukracharya whose favourite food items are white coloured.
        Favourite food items: Rice, sugar, sujji, white sweet meats, white fruits, white dressetc.
        Benefits: Shukra is the God who bestows happiness. Life becomes full of comforts by pleasing him. Conjugal life remains happy.

        Shani: Shanivar is the day of Sahni God. His favourite items are black items. His blessing could be had by donating black items.
        Favourite items: Black urad, mustard oil, gur, black til, black flowers, black fruits, black sweetmeats, black chana, satnaza, black clothes etc.
        Benefits: Shani God has the power of making a beggar a king and a king a beggar. If he will be pleased, your enemies would automatically be destroyed. He cures all physical ailments.

        Ravi: This is the day of Sun God. Gud Sun is the symbol of fire. He likes red items very much.
        His favourite items: Gur, red pulses, kesar (saffron), chandan, wheat, red fruits, red sweetmeats, red clothes etc.
        Benefits: Longevity increases by keeping the sun God happy and in good humour. The blessings of father are always showering. Head related complications are removed.

        Rahu-Ketu: Amongst all the Navgrahas, Rahu and Ketu are both supposed to be the shadow- grahas, meaning thereby, where one goes the other also follows. They both move together. They like black items.
        Favourite items: Black urad, black til, black soap, black sweets, black clothesand satnaza.
        Benefits: Keep Rahu-Ketu pleased and remain healthy and wealthy for good.

  4. Devi sangya deserves these punishments

  5. Superb episode. I liked that.

  6. What bullshit. They just make a joke out of the show. First, Yama clearly allows Shani to cast his drishti on Sanghya. Suddenly, it’s like he forgot. Moments after EVERYONE witnessed and accepted that sanghya should be punished, surya and yama start giving shani disgusting stares in yesterday’s episode, and again today. Like what the hell? The value of this show has been destroyed by such stupidity. Looks like the show makers forgot how to make a show properly and at least make it make common sense. I mean, if you’re going to show yama red with anger, why the shitty hell was he mad at his so called mother in the sabha the other day? it’s like someone as split personality here or something. this show has been moved to 10:30 rightfully so, because things that are made rubbishly don’t need to be seen.

    1. Kamalanayani

      He himself said right…
      The decision was taken by Dharm-raj Yam and now he is Sangya-putra Yam..
      There has to be some difference right ???

    2. Kamalanayani

      What is there a change in timing of this serial ???

  7. Nandhini

    Happy Shani Jenmotsav everyone. May Lord Shani dev bless us all.?

    1. Kamalanayani

      Wishing all the same….
      Let us visit any temple having shani dev’s sannithi on this day and get blessed by him…
      I also heard that a special pooja is happening at Thirunallar Shani dev temple on this auspicious day….
      Jai Shani dev….

  8. Kamalanayani

    Are they really changing the timing of this serial ????

    1. Kamalanayani

      Please dont change the timing of the serial….
      We have shifted our dinner time for this serial to 9 pm….
      We want the serial in this 9 – 9.30 pm slot only…. Please…

    2. Nandhini

      Urad dal rice and til seed chutney is good choice!??? you can also offer anything iron items or black clothes, black umbrella, etc, to needy people after worshipping shani dev…dont forget to offer the prashad to crows first?
      I havent heard about the time changing slot of shani series…i hope it wont move to 10:30 slot becoz its already in top 10 TRP ratings…

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