Shani 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhamini protects Shani from Shukracharya

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|| One must not lie in order to solve any problem as it only makes our soul weak. We also have to bear the brunt of the same in the long run. Shani teaches that one must follow the path of honesty to come out from any problem. ||

Devraj complains that we are waiting like fools here for the one who is not even present here. What do you have to say now Surya Dev? Yami says before father reacts, I would like to ask him something. If it was me in Dhamini’s place and I came to know that my parents became all alone after my wedding and I went to meet them immediately. Will you expect me to follow my husband, the rules of my in-laws house or would you meet me? Surya Dev agrees with her. We can organize this Sabha again once Dhamini is back. It would make things easier for her this way. Devi Chhaya nods.

Yami thanks everyone for coming here. You must have gotten your answers. Devraj leaves from there upset.

Shani is heading back home when he meets the same Gandharvas. They tell him that they will be forever indebted for saving their life. They notice that he is not looking at them. We came to thank you yet you are not even looking at us. Did we make a mistake? Shani recalls how his Drishti killed the Asuras yesterday. Shukracharya confronts Shani. How dare you do so? Shani greets him. Shukracharya demands to know why he killed the Asuras. I know you aren’t a killer. You could have easily saved Gandharvas without killing Asuras. Shani agrees he has no right to kill anyone. I can sadly not change my karmas. Please pardon me. Shukracharya is unable to believe he is apologizing to him today for his deed. Look at me and answer me. I will be able to forgive you then only! Shani still does not look his way.

Devraj says if it wasn’t for Yami then everyone would have known what Shani and Dhamini are trying to hide. Mangal says you are unable to see the obvious. Shani and Dhamini are trying to lessen the effect of Mangal Dosha by deciding to stay apart. Devraj says I knew it already which is why I went to meet Shukracharya. Mangal wonders what if it will not work. Rahu adds that it has already begun to show its effect. Either all Asuras will hate him now or they will fear him or probably they will destroy him! Devraj succeeded in his plan. Devraj calls it the first step towards his bigger plan.

Shukracharya demands to know what forced Shani to kill Asuras. He aims his weapon at Shani, ready to attack. Dhamini stops him. No one can hurt my husband till I am alive. Shani smiles. Dhamini apologizes to him on Shani’s behalf. He is unable to look at you because of his guilt. You can punish me if you still feel he is at fault. I am Shani’s wife and a Gandharva. I wont let my husband be punished in our own home! Shukracharya withdraws his weapon. Dhamini thanks him. Shukracharya tells Shani that his wife saved him today but no one, not even Dhamini, will be able to save you from my wrath next time. He leaves. Dhamini says we got saved today somehow but! Shukracharya stops in his tracks. There is surely something wrong. I have never seen Shani behaving this way. He did such unusual karmas and is avoiding my eye. What could be the reason!

Dhamini wants to find a solution to this curse asap. Shani does not mind it but she refuses to let Mangal and Devraj be victorious. I will surely find a solution!

Narayan says problems have surrounded Shani from all the sides. Devraj wont sit quietly till he leaves Shani helpless. Mahadev adds that no planet works alone. Mangal is at his peak in Dhamini’s kundli and it in turn affects other planets too. Mangal Dosha will grow slowly in her kundli. Anger, fight, arguments are the chief elements of Mangal Dosha. Such people keep encountering their past and all that is calm turns into a volcano.

Devraj and Rahu speak of Ravan.

Ravan shouts remembering how Shani tricked him so Mahadev did not have to come to Lanka with him. Mahadev has become biased towards his devotees. He ignored my devotion. Now I will show you what all powerful Ravan can do!

Brahma Dev says Ravan is going on the wrong path. It does not mean good for the world. Mahadev points out that one who becomes too arrogant cannot be saved. There are more people in the world who are worse than him.

Mangal says I experienced Ravan’s anger. He has come out of his sadhna. Devraj vows to make Shani his prey. No one can save you from Dhamini’s Mangal Dosha and Ravan’s revenge! I have waited for this moment since all these years. My revenge will be complete to see your doom!

Dhamini closes her eyes in pain recalling the yester night’s incident.

Narayan says there is nothing painful than a woman being oppressed by someone. Mahadev says that it become unpardonable when the culprit is on a higher position than you. She could have destroyed Indra Dev if she wanted to. Brahma Dev says he finally succeeded in his plan. Mahadev denies. Karma and karamfal are required to maintain the balance. He will surely be punished for his misdeed at the right time.

Dhamini opens her eyes and finds Shani standing there. She wipes her tears. I thought you left from Gandharva Loka. He nods. I felt as if it is more important that I stay back here. Are you fine? She is touched that he came back to check on her. I am really blessed that you are so concerned about me. I would not be able to explain to you what I am experiencing every second. He understands that she is speaking of Indra Dev’s karma. You are right. I wont be able to feel your pain being a man. I would like to assure you of one thing though. You are not alone in this. I am with you. Dhamini says I am also angry thinking how someone can stomp over someone’s dignity for his own good. How can someone abuse someone like this? Shani says I would have punished him right away but it would have been an easier death as there was no insult there. Don’t worry. He will get his karamfal real soon. She shakes her head. I forgave Indra Dev lot many times in the past too but not this time. You can sit quietly this time but I wont. Hey Mahadev, you knew that the guy standing before me in the room wasn’t my husband but Indra Dev in disguise yet you kept quiet? A woman’s satitva was at stake yet Tridev were quiet? Why? Mahadev closes his eyes in pain.

Dhamini invokes Tridev’s presence. Tridev appear there. Dhamini says I know you cannot free Shani from this curse. I accept it but you are saviours of fate. Why did you keep quiet when a woman’s satitva was put at stake? You must punish Indra Dev right away!

Precap: Shani says it is time to give Indra Dev his karamfal. Mahadev summons Indra Dev. You have misused your position as Devraj. We punish you that even after being Devraj, you would still not be treated as a God!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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