Shani 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani returns to Surya Loka after 10 years!

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|| Gods gives us hard times and difficult situations so we become strong. Shani teaches that every change, including the one which is for your betterment, comes only when we cross all the hurdles that come along. ||

Shani says now there is no Karamfaldata or Dandnayak. Now it is only Shani and only Shani will remain.

Narayan asks Mahadev if Shani will return. Mahadev replies that only Shani can answer that question. Maybe this world does not deserve Shani. World never recognized his importance. Now the world will lose its balance in his absence. It will become zero when he will be gone. It will be complete only when Shani will return.

Shani tells Mahadev he has chosen to renounce from the position of Karamfaldata. It is ok if the world loses its balance or gets destroyed. What’s

the point of living in a world anyway where truth has to testify again and again; where hatred and jealousy perspire; where good loses out to evil. Is this why you created me and gave me all these powers? Or so they can be snatched from me one day? Answer me now. You were quiet before everyone so I came here to seek my answer. Is this what I deserve? Mahadev says change is the only answer that I can give to you. Shani refuses to risk his life for the world anymore. I did it every time for the world but I got my mother’s hatred in return. My sister sacrificed her life for the betterment of the world but the world thinks her to be wrong. It is enough now. Free me from this duty. You can handle the duty of Karamfaldata on your own. I don’t need it anymore. I am thankful to you for your guidance till date. Mahadev is teary eyed. Shani walks away upset leaving Tridev near tears.

Shani stops in his tracks. I told you to stay away. Kakol looks at him with pleading eyes. Shani says everyone is in tears because of me, just like you are now. Kakol requests him to stay back if he doesn’t want him to cry. Shani tells him he has no reason to stay. I am above all the bonds now. I am Karamfaldata. I have to rise beyond relations and do my karmas. Kakol points out that there is still one relation which isn’t broken – theirs. I wont be able to live without you. Shani calls it the biggest mistake. We begin to feel we wont be able to live without a particular person, we will lose our identity but in truth it never happens. You will also understand it with time. Kakol insists upon coming along. He tries stopping him many times but stops seeing Shani’s anger. Shani picks a big rock places it near Kakol. Once mother said you can think the stone to be either a stone or her hand. He looks at it.

Guru Brihaspati seeks Chhaya’s permission to take Yam and Yami with him for their training. Yam refuses to leave Surya Loka. I want to do my duties by staying here. Devraj promises to look after Surya Loka in his absence. Chhaya reminds him she is still alive. Mahadev said Surya Dev will come back to life again. Till the time it happens, I will protect Surya Loka. Devraj agrees reluctantly. She next tells Yam and Yami to go to Gurukul for higher studies. It was your father’s wish. She turns to Guru Brihaspati. I am leaving my kids in your hands. Teach them in such a manner that they never leave the path of dharma. Hope they don’t make mistakes like (Shani). She stops mid sentence and requests all the Gods to leave.

Shani leaves Kakol’s side even when he repeatedly pleads him not to. On the other hand, teary eyed Mahadev sits down to meditate. Brahma Dev asks Narayan what they will do now. Narayan says I too am in pain but I cannot go anywhere leaving this Loka. I am the caretaker of the world in Mahadev’s absence. I will continue doing so till he is back; till my beloved God Shani is back. No one is greater than time! I have no option but to wait now.

10 years later:

Grown up Shani is in deep meditation.

Yam and Yami return to Surya Loka after completing their training. They kneel down before Chhaya with folded hands. She blesses them. A celebration is in progress.

Narayan tells Brahma Dev that the time for Shani to return is near. Mahadev is also going to return soon. Brahma Dev remarks that the balance of the world is also going to be restored now.

Chhaya suggests doing Uttarayan yagya now that the kids are home. Your aahuti is very important in this yagya as it will only benefit our family. Surya Dev will also return once the yagya is complete. Yami hints at Shani as it is to be done by family but Chhaya refuses to speak about him. She leaves. Devraj enters just then and welcomes them happily. Surya Loka got its grandeur back with both of you coming back to your home. He asks Yam to come with him. I have to speak to you about something important. Yam goes with him.

Devraj asks Yam if he got his letters and messages. Yam nods. Your guidance helped me a lot while I was in Gurukul. I am ready to take over new responsibilities now. Rahu greets Yam. I hope you will be able to take charge of your duties now. Yam agrees. I have come to realise you aren’t wrong but the way I and everyone looked at you was wrong. Tell me what is to be done. Devraj tells him they will soon rule over all the three Loka’s. I will rule Swarg, Rahu will rule the second Loka while you will get Surya Loka. No one cares about Shani anymore. His name is maligned. Yam thanks them both for staying in touch with him over all the years. I must leave before Yami gets upset. He goes.

Rahu tells Devraj he would not have been able to continue this sham for another minute. It is good he left. As far as I know you, the plan isn’t what you were telling him but it is something else altogether. Devraj nods. I don’t mind Devi Chhaya managing Surya Loka but I dint like her plan of returning Surya Dev his powers. I want to be the most powerful God at any cost. I don’t want Surya challenging me again. For that I want a guy who will follow my orders – Yam! Devi Chhaya must die for this reason!

Shani opens his eyes with a start.

Yami takes Shani’s name. I will continue taking his name. How did we forget to even take his name? Chhaya reminds her she was in Gurukul at that time. You don’t even know what all Shani has done in these years. Yami reasons that no one knows where he is. How can you be so sure that he is indeed the one who has done all those misdeeds? I don’t think he can do something like this. Chhaya tells her it is enough. It is a very big day today. My kids have returned from Gurukul and my husband will turn into human form again. I don’t want to take that guy’s name today and create any hindrance.

Everyone gathers for Uttarayan ceremony. Devraj remarks that today’s sunrise will bring your end. I have spread negativity against Shani in all these years. It is time for me to make my last move. Chhaya tells Yam not to wait for Shani. Surya Dev’s entire family is present here already. We don’t need anyone else in this yagya.

Rahu asks Devraj what his plan is. How will you kill Devi Chhaya? Devraj says I will use maya. It will give birth to the illusion which will end Devi Chhaya in this palace itself, that too before everyone’s eyes!

Yami folds her hands and pours holy water in Devi Chhaya’s palms. She takes aahuti. I vow that till the time Surya Dev gets his form again, I wont let this havan’s agni be doused. Guru Brihaspati speaks of starting the yagya with Ganpati’s aarti. We will do it with the motive of helping Surya Dev gain his original form again. Devraj addresses everyone else downstairs. He fills everyone’s ears against Shani. It wouldn’t have been required if it wasn’t for Shani.

Shani returns to the place where he had placed that rock 10 years ago.

On the other hand, Devraj continues adding fuel to the fire. Shani has brought nothing but problems for us. He not just killed his own sister and Devi Sanghya but has put the entire world in problem. He had almost killed our Surya Dev. He dint calm down after doing all this. He has created many problems in the past 10 years. I warded them off with Yam’s help. This is a chance when we can get out of these problems once and for all and celebrate. He freezes the scene and creates illusions of himself, Yam, and fake Shani’s covered in masks. Everyone engages in a fight. Rahu and Devraj enjoy it from a distance.

Rahu asks Devraj how he will kill Devi Chhaya this way. Devraj explains his plan has 2 motives. One, finish Devi Chhaya without getting my name maligned. Second, wipe out / malign Shani’s name here in Surya Loka for forever. This sham will force people to believe Shani is wrong. When no maya Shani will survive afterwards, I will announce that maya Yam and maya Indra are out of my control; that someone’s evil eyes have fallen on them. When they both will cheer for Shani and attack Devi Chhaya, everyone will think it to be Shani’s plan. Yam will realise that Shani only is responsible for Devi Chhaya’s death. The yagya will fail. Surya Dev will not be able to come at all. I will gain control over Surya Loka after that. Get ready to die Devi Chhaya!

Devraj looks at everyone fighting. Finally, after 10 long years, I have got everyone against Shani! Kakol pushes a God and helps fake Shani. Gods demand to punish him. They all catch him. Kakol shouts at them not to malign Shani’s name. I am a proof that Shani hasn’t returned to Surya Loka in past 10 years. Chhaya asks Yam to see what the commotion is all about. Kakol again shouts at the Gods not to fall in someone else’s trap. Use your brain. Sometimes what you see or hear is also a lie. Yam asks him who he is. Kakol gives his introduction. I am Kakol. Yami smiles and rushes to meet him.

Kakol frees himself and meets Yami. Devraj signals the Gods once again and they catch hold of him yet again. Kakol shouts that this is just a trap laid for Shani. Devraj orders him to be killed. Gods begin to beat him. Yami asks him to stop them. Devraj says in Shani’s words, this is what Kakol chose for himself. He came here on his own. I dint call him here. A man (Shani) comes and picks one of the masks that have fallen during the fight. He puts it on and walks towards where everyone else is gathered.

Devraj tells Rahu to just wait and watch. Now the attack will happen on Devi Chhaya. Get ready to die Devi Chhaya. Neither Surya Dev nor Mahadev nor your son Shani will come to save you now.

Shani reaches there. Chhaya senses something and opens her eyes. She begins to look around. Guru Brihaspati advises her to focus on the yagya. It will complete only when you will concentrate there fully.

Devraj says bad Shani will die with this yagya and we succeed. Lie will be destroyed and truth will always survive.

Gods are beating Kakol mercilessly. Fake Devraj lifts his sword and is about to attack Kakol when Kakol takes Shani’s name loudly. Shani keeps his hand right under the sword thereby breaking it to pieces. Kakol stands up. Everyone looks at Shani in awe. Devraj wonders who he is. Shani begins to beat all the fake Gods (lookalikes). Yami smiles. Rahu too cannot understand how their maya went against their plan. Devraj says it isn’t my maya. Shani removes the mask and reveals himself

Precap: Shani has returned after 10 long years. Shani and Yam fight. Shani has an upper hand and lifts him by his throat. Chhaya looks on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. little shani kartikey should have played as adult shani.

  2. How can little shani act as an adult shani, I think the new guy is doing a great job kudos on his first day on the show nice acting.

  3. True Vivian… Little shank was also awsm n adult one will do d same magic hopefully

  4. Kamalanayani

    Superb update Pooja didi…

    Miss you dear Kartikey Malviya… Wish this serial should not loose TRP and viewers just as it happened in Chakravartin Ashok Samrat after the leap…

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