Shani 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani brings Dhamini to Gandharva Loka

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|| Mind is stronger than strength. The one who loses his patience and mind does wrong deeds. Shani teaches that one must always keep them intact. ||

Shani explains to Dhamini that Mangal Dosha is present in her kundli in wedding house. That person is called Manglik. Such person can cause problems for his or her life partner. It can even put the spouse’s life at risk. Mangal is sitting in wedding house in your kundli which is affecting me directly. You are not at fault here. Mangal and I have lot many differences. He made you a medium to reach me. She asks him what he means. Shani shares that after our wedding, you cursed me. Whoever I will look at will be destroyed! She denies in disbelief. How can I do so? I cursed my own husband! Shani says this is the truth. You were under Mangal’s influence.

You dint know anything because of the same. Dhamini cries. Mahadev knows I had no intention of cursing my husband. I take my words back. Please free my husband from this curse. I cannot become the reason of my husband’s doom! I take my curse back. She falls on the floor while crying. He is about to hold her but then stops himself and looks away. She notices this. This is an insult to my satitva. You have to protect Shani. Free him from this pain.

Mahadev says if it was in our hands then we would have stopped it from happening altogether. We are helpless and bound by the rules of fate. I am sure you will very soon get out of your pain and find a solution for your husband.

Dhamini asks Tridev why they cannot undo the curse when she was not even in her senses at that point of time. Shani feels bad to see her cry. It is impossible to change what has happened. We will have to accept that you are affected by Mangal Dosha. It will affect my karamfal all my life. She looks at her kundli and wipes her tears. No! Why would you suffer when the problem is in me? I wont become the reason my husband’s doom who I love a lot. I will finish myself before my curse will destroy you! He shouts against it. She says who else can know the definition of karam and karamfal better than you. I too should get the karamfal of the curse which I gave to my husband. What if I cannot take it back? I can die and free you from that curse! Look at me. Cast your Drishti on me. She cries while requesting him to look at her once.

Devraj show Shukracharya the effect of Shani’s Drishti (ashes of Asuras). Shukracharya says I am well aware of the hatred that you have against Shani since he was a kid. I will not believe you so easily when you will speak against Shani. Do you have any proof? Devraj says I knew you would not believe me. You would believe your Guru. I swear on your Guru Mahadev. Shani’s Drishti was responsible for the death of your Asuras. If I am lying then Mahadev can kill me!

Brahma Dev says if Indra Dev will continue sowing seeds of hatred amongst everyone then Shani will be left all alone. Mahadev cannot prove Indra Dev a liar this time as he is not lying for a chance.

Devraj tells Shukracharya he isn’t lying. You got proof. Mahadev would have appeared otherwise. Shukracharya gets thinking. Devraj is sure Shukracharya and all Asuras would also go against him very soon. How will you face us all then?

Shani tells Dhamini she should not be in any guilt. You were not even aware of what you were doing. She asks him how to get him out of this then. He says we are the solution. A husband and wife should stay together; support each other in the face of every problem. Trust me. We are the solution of this problem. I will still abide by all my vows. She asks him when he found out she was under Mangal Dosha. He walks away a little. She realises it that he knew it even before the wedding but he still chose to marry her. Why? He replies that like he said earlier, he dint pity her by marrying her. The base of our relation is my respect towards you. It will always be there. She vows to find a solution. I will show it to the world that if a wife’s curse can her become the reason of her husband’s doom then her satitva and love is equally capable to get her husband out of any problem! Shani nods emotionally. I am happy that you chose the path of your karma. Problem can be big but we will get out of it soon.

Dhamini looks at the sky. Sun is about to rise. We will have to go there as newlywed couple. I handled mother but what will we say to Surya Dev?

It is morning. Surya Dev greets Indra Dev and the Gods of 5 main elements of the world. I invited you here for a special reason. Devi Chhaya requests them to bless her DIL. Devraj points out that they need to be present here for that purpose. Surya Dev also demands to know where Shani and Dhamini are. Devi Chhaya thinks of last night. No one knows anything about Shani or Dhamini since he went out of the palace last night. Devraj finds Dhamini’s behaviour inappropriate. Devi Chhaya requests him not to be angry. They do respect everyone present here. Give them some time. They will come soon. Yami enters. She informs them that Shani and Dhamini wont be able to join them today. Devraj calls it an insult but Surya Dev says I will do something if they wont turn up. Devi Chhaya asks Yami about Shani. Yami shares that he isn’t here right now. Devi Chhaya asks her where he is then. Flashback shows Shani asking Yami to tell everyone that Dhamini went to meet her father. Yami agrees. Flashback ends. Yami says the same to everyone.

Dhamini says the effect of Mangal Dosha will lessen on you when you will stay away from me. He reminds her that she has come to meet her father here. Chitrarath is puzzled to see them there. Shani avoids looking him in the eye. Chitrarath asks her why Shani isn’t looking at him. Shani replies that he has come here for the first time after wedding. Your Drishti should be above mine. Chitrarath smiles.

Devraj continues speaking ill against Dhamini and Shani. We are standing here like fools waiting for the person who is not even present here!

Dhamini tells her father there is nothing to worry. I only came to spend some days with you. Chitrarath points out that she dint do right by coming here the second day after her wedding. You should have followed traditions. Shani reasons that the traditions which brings love and positivity in our life are what we should follow. A girl leaves behind her father’s home and accepts her husband’s home as her own but is it right to expect her to not come back to meet her family after wedding! From now onwards, after every wedding, a wife will be brought to her home where she will spend some time with her family.

Mahadev says even after being under the curse, Shani infused a new ritual in the world. It will be known as pag-phera. Relation between husband and wife will become deeper after this ritual.

Precap: Mangal says Ravan has come out of his sadhna. Devraj vows to make Shani his prey. No one can save you from Dhamini’s Mangal Dosha and Ravan’s revenge!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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