Shani 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi Anjana stops Hanuman from hitting Shani

Shani 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| It is wrong to divert your attention from duties because of emotions. Shani teaches that it is ok to sacrifice your love for duties. The one who follows the path of righteousness succeeds in life. ||

Hanuman extends his tail to tie Shani. He holds Shani by his neck. Mangal tells Ketu that the fight is turning dangerous. If we don’t do anything now then Shani will die. I don’t want Shani to die this easily. I also wisht o seek revenge from Dhamini. Go and ask Indra Dev to tell Hanuman to stop this fight or we will lose our only chance to befriend Ravan. Ketu leaves.

Devi Chhaya tells Kakol to hurry up.

Indra Dev refuses to back down now. I wanted to take revenge from Shani since so long. Now that the moment is here, you want me to stop Hanuman? I wont do it ever! Once

Shani is out of our way, you and Rahu will be free. Let this fight go on till Shani dies! Ketu agrees. This would be apt.

Devi Chhaya apologizes to Devi Anjana for breaking her meditation. It is only you who save him now. Hanuman does not remember anything. He has fallen in Indra Dev’s trap. Only you can stop this from happening. Remind Hanuman who Shani is. Devi Anjana apologizes that she wont be able to help her in this matter. Devi Chhaya asks for the reason. Devi Anjana shares that before the curse, Narayan told her if we try to return Hanuman his memories then it wont be right for him. Hanuamn will remember everything the day he meets his Aradhya. Devi Chhaya points out that she only wants her to remind Hanuman who Shani is; remind him of their friendship or Hanuman will live with the burden of Shani’s death. Shani called you mother and did so much for you. Will you not do your duty as a mother?

Mahadev says pass the test son. Narayan says the one who has to do justice, has to go through the storm. Shani has an amazing strength!

Hanuman keeps hitting Shani. Surya Dev asks Hanuman to stop but he refuses. I will kill this arrogant Shani today! He hits Shani repeatedly using his entire strength. Devi Chhaya asks him to stop. Don’t do this! Hanuman refuses to leave Shani. He disrespected my Guru. Devi Chhaya says I am your Guru Mata. Look at me and try to remember. I am your mother as well. He says you are like my mother. Please stay away from this matter. He hits Shani again. Shani’s family is stunned. Hanuman lifts his mace. Devi Chhaya and Surya Dev tell Hanuman against it but he runs towards Shani. Devi Anjana’s finally cry stops Hanuman in his tracks. Hanuman is surprised to see her there. Devi Anjana tells him to stop. This is my only motive of coming here. You need to know one truth before fighting with Shani. It is that you and Shani are childhood! Shani stops her from speaking further. I don’t wish to end this war like this. No one here will tell Hanuman anything. This is the demand of fate. He asks Hanuman to attack him. I wont stop you today. Devi Anjana requests him against it but Shani stays put. Let him kill me if this is what destiny wants! I am ready!

Narayan says both the mothers wish to protect their kids but neither Shani nor Hanuman is ready to step back from the fight. Mahadev remarks that their relation was like this always. Hanuman was clean like mirror which is clear. It gets dirty because of dirt. Pure heart is like this only. World’s negativity gets inside such pure souls real soon. Whenever such negativity takes birth in Hanuman’s life, Shani comes and clears it away. He will do something similar this time too. This is Shani’s role in Hanuman’s life.

Shani asks Hanuman to attack him. Devi Chhaya requests him to stop Hanuman. Tell him what he is not aware of. I cannot lose my son after gaining him after so long. I cannot even describe what a mother goes through! Shani assures her everything will be fine. He tells Hanuman to listen to the voice inside him. It will guide you to the right path. If it encourages you to kill me then go ahead. If that voice will stop you then you will realise why everyone is trying to stop you! Hanuman holds his mace tightly. Shani recalls the same action that he had done in the past. Hanuman runs towards Shani. Both the mothers tell him against it. Hanuman suddenly sees young Shani in him. He simply smiles at Hanuman. Hanuman hits his mace on the ground instead. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief except Chandra Dev.

Hanuman looks at Shani. Something is indeed wrong. Who is he who I see again and again? Why can’t I attack?

Dhamini thinks problems have surfaced in Shani’s life since she entered in his life. First that curse and now Ravan’s insult! He will only force / compel Shani to take the wrong path. Shani will forget everything and will be forced to accept all his wrong conditions. I cannot let it happen! I must do something. There is only one way. I must sacrifice my life. This is the only option left! Pardon me Shani. She looks at the hot water spring in front of her and walks towards the edge of it. Ice bubble covers her before she can take any step further. Ravan smiles.

Hanuman asks his mother what illusion this is. Who was that kid who I saw there? Devi Anjana replies that it was Shani only. Hanuman is surprised. I never met him before though. How is it possible then? Tell me please. I want to know the truth. Shani offers to tell him instead. Now that you saw a flash of childhood then I will tell you the rest. Mata Anjana fears that Shani might tell him more than required. Hanuman might remember everything including the curse! No, I must stop Shani.

Brahma Dev says as per fate, Shani is not the right person to tell Hanuman anything. How can it happen then? Mahadev says Shani follows both his karma and dharma diligently. His justice is related to both of them. Right now he has to fulfil the dharma of his friendship. I am sure he will do it this time too like always without saying that they were childhood friends.

Hanuman refuses to hear anything from Shani. Shani asks for a chance to let him explain. Mata Anjana nods at Hanuman. Hanuman allows Shani. Shani says there are many incidents in life which happen but are beyond our comprehension. We do not question them though as the motive of life is to do our dharma diligently. The attraction, relation that you felt towards me, I feel the same towards you! You stopped your last attack yourself. Should you not stop and think why you did that? Listen to your heart and tell me if I am doing something wrong. Or you can follow Devraj’s words and kill me!

Precap: Ravan tells Shani he will stomp him under his feet just like he stomped Shivlinga in the soil! You will become my servant and stay with me forever! He pushes Shani.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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