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Shani 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the world. Shani teaches that everyone has a moral right to gain knowledge and it is dharma to encourage every person to do so. ||

Shani tells Surya Dev he isn’t amused. Years ago, you renounced me for the very same reason. Flashback is shown. I am surprised thinking that even after 12 years you still think so low! Maybe you couldn’t understand till date that not one’s appearance but his karmas are his real identity. Surya Dev tries getting up but feels dizzy. He sits back on his throne. Shani and Yam rush to his side. They help him stand but he is in deep pain. Shani says we have to help him regain his energy. The solution is right here. He renounced two parts of his energy to free Devi Sanghya from her curse. Ashwani Kumars are right here. They

only can help you. Look at them emotionally once and try to connect with them. You will gain your energy back. Father gives birth and kids help them in future when father is in need. He asks Ashwani Kumars to step forward. Recognize your power and step forward. Ashwani Kumars walks up to where Surya Dev is. They use their powers to cure Surya Dev.

Shani and Yam let go of Surya Dev as he becomes stronger once again. Ashwani Kumars smile as well. Everyone else is also relieved except Sanghya. Surya Dev accepts that Shani was right. I accept this and my mistake. One’s karmas are their identity. Ashwani Kumars will be known as Surya-putra’s from this very moment. Ashwani Kumars thank Shani. It was made possible because of you only. You not just introduced us to the world but you also gave us our identity. Thank you, Karamfaldata.

Strong wind begins to blow. Mahadev appears there. Eveyrone greets him. Shani points out that his presence right now is making everyone happy. Surya Dev realised his mistake and Ashwani Kumars got their identity. Bless them. Mahadev points out that they will be addressed as Dev Ashwani Kumars from now onwards. They will be called the Guru’s of medicine. There wont be any illness in the world which they wont be able to cure. Dev Ashwani Kumars are turned into humans by Mahadev. He disappears. Chhaya welcomes them in Surya Loka with open arms. Dev Ashwani Kumars run to envelop her in a hug. Dev Vishwakarma tells her there is one responsibility in Mahadev’s boon. They have the power to cure the world but they need guidance. They will have to come with me.

Hanuman steps forward. Now my training will also start right? I found a cure for your problem. I brought Ashwnani Kumars and you are well now. Please start my training now. Surya Dev tells him of another problem. I am on my chariot in day time and I rest in the evening. I wont be able to find time to teach you.

Sanghya remarks that they are back to square one. Surya Dev refused to train Hanuman! Devraj insists that he will have to agree. Sanghya says how it would be possible. We both tried but nothing worked. Devraj decides to use Shani (even if unknowingly) to make Surya Dev agree to train Hanuman.

Shani is in the corridor. Hanuman peeks at him. This is a question of self-respect but training is necessary. I will have to talk to him once. He begins to quietly follow Shani. Shani senses him following him and smiles. Hanuman hides as Shani stops in his tracks. Shani smiles knowing it well who has been following him. Hanuman decides to bend down a little so as to become knowledgeable. He goes out once again but does not find Shani. Where did he go? Shani calls out to him. Who are you looking for? Hanuman honestly tells him he doesn’t like him; is cheater but knowledgeable too. You said you never break your promise so live up to it. I need to learn from Surya Dev. Shani asks him (while beginning to walk towards him thereby making Hanuman retreat in his steps) if he is asking for help. He repeats his question as Hanuman does not accept it so easily. Help me Karamfaldata. I too want to gain knowledge. He advises him to accompany Surya Dev on his rounds just like he is walking right now. Sanghya and Devraj smirk witnessing it. Devraj boasts that he was well aware Shani will help him. Karamfaldata is inviting his end himself!

Hanuman meets Surya Dev. I thought a lot and then decided to accompany you while you are on your chariot (while running around backwards). You can keep walking and I will chase you.

Kakol is amused. I saw a monkey getting trained for the first time and now this. Amazing! Shani says I showed him a way. I am sure he will be able to convince Surya Dev.

Surya Dev seems irked with Hanuman’s idea.

Kakol is sure Surya Dev wont be able to say no to Hanuman this time. Shani says I hope the same. I hope the training has begun by the time we reach Sabha.

Hanuman asks Surya Dev if everything is fine now. You can train me right? Surya Dev tells him to stop. You cannot learn anything or train anyone like this! You are disrespecting my knowledge. Hanuman reasons that he was just telling a solution. Surya Dev tells him this is no solution. Understand it that I cannot be your Guru. He dismisses him upset. Hanuman begins to walks out with a heavy heart. He turns to look at him when Surya Dev warns him not to refer him as Gurudev once again. I am just Surya Dev!

Hanuman meets Kakol and Shani. Shani asks him if Surya Dev agreed. Hanuman shakes his head. Sanghya and Devraj are upset that even Shani failed to help them. They decide to do something.

Kakol tells Hanuman not to be sad. Shani will surely find a way out. Devraj tells him it isn’t needed. I brought him here. I promised his mother of his training. Now I will make sure my promise is fulfilled. Sanghya also suggests to talk to Surya Dev. Hanuman has a big hand in freeing him from his pain. It is also my duty to help Hanuman. She notices Shani staring at her. This is no plan but a way to thank Hanuman; a way to return his favour.S he leaves with Devraj.

Kakol is puzzled. They both are together and are talking about doing it together. Shani nods. I am also curious but I will hav eto support them for Hanuman’s training. He notices Hanuman leaving quietly from there. He suggests Kakol to keep an eye on Hanuman. Hope he wont deviate from the right path. If he refused to train Hanuman then there must be a very big reason behind it. I must know the reason!

Precap: Surya Dev says he is too naughty. This is in his blood. I cannot train such a kid! Hanuman vows to create havoc in Surya Loka so that Surya Dev is forced to answer his mother himself.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Thank you Pooja didi
    I actually missed today’s episode…
    Waiting for the havoc and Mahakali

  2. Kamalanayani

    I thank the admin of Tellyupdates for accepting me request and changing the montage pic that I sent…

  3. I didn’t find mahakali written update?
    Did anyone found.

    1. sandya ji did you know about narsimhani devi? If you know then please tell me.


        Narasimha (Sanskrit: IAST: Narasiṃha, lit. man-lion), is one of many legendary avatars of the Hindu god Vishnu, one who incarnates in the form of part lion and part man to destroy an evil, end religious persecution and calamity on earth, thereby restoring Dharma.

        God of Protection

        Narasimha killing an evil tyrant
        Devanagari नृसिंह
        Sanskrit transliteration Narasiṃha
        Affiliation Lion headed man, fourth Avatar of Vishnu
        Abode Vaikuntha
        Weapon Chakra, mace, Nails and Jaws
        Festivals Narasimha Jayanti
        Consort Lakshmi
        Narasimha iconography shows him with a human torso and lower body, with a lion face and claws, typically with a demon Hiranyakashyap in his lap whom he is in the process of killing. The demon is powerful brother of evil Hiranyaksha who had been previously killed by Vishnu, who hated Vishnu for killing his brother.Hiranyakashyap gains special powers by which he could not be killed during the day or night, inside or outside, by god, demon, man or animal.Coronated with his new powers, Hiranyakashyap creates chaos, persecutes all devotees of Vishnu including his own son.Vishnu understands the demon’s power, then creatively adapts into a mixed avatar that is neither man nor animal and kills the demon at the junction of day and night, inside and outside. Narasimha is known primarily as the ‘Great Protector’ who specifically defends and protects his devotees from evil.The most popular Narasimha mythology is the legend that protects his devotee Prahlada, and creatively destroys Prahlada’s demonic father and tyrant Hiranyakashipu.

        Narasimha legends are revered in Vaishnavism, but he is a popular deity beyond the Vaishnava tradition such as in Shaivism.He is celebrated in many regional Hindu temples, texts, performance arts and festivals such as Holika prior to the Hindu spring festival of colors called Holi.The oldest known artwork of Narasimha has been found in Mathura, and dated between 2nd and 3rd-century CE.

      2. Sorry I didn’t saw this comment.
        But thanks to kamalnayani she explained well.
        10 avatars of god Vishnu
        Parshuram-rama with axe to destroy Kshatriya(evil Kshatriya).
        Ram-tretayug avatar(maryada purushotam).
        Buddha-kaliyuga(shanti priya).
        And kalki-gor Kaliyuga (coming soon).

        Hayagriva-horse headed god of knowledge and wisdom.

        And may be im missing one or two.
        But I never heard of fox incarnation of Vishnu.

    2. I know about lord Vishnu avatar narsimha dev but I want to ask you about narsimhani devi a goddess who showed in mahakali ant hi aarambh hai serial. Please tell me about her. If you know. And thanks for your reply and the story of Lord narsimha.

      1. Kamalanayani

        She is called Goddess Nrsimhi or narasimhi… She is one of the ashta-matrikas…
        She is not to be confused with Mata Pratyangira… (Sharabeshwar shakti)…

    3. OK sandya ji. You tell pramukh avatar of Lord Vishnu ji. I know about his 25 avatar and also hidden avatar of Lord Vishnu ji. Please tell the story of goddess narsimhi devi. Kamalanayani di tell me that narsimhi devi is not pratyangira devi but I read it on internet and saw the picture,the picture is totally same narsimhi devi. I am confused please solve my confusion.

      1. Sorry not hidden avatar. Sorry my mistake. They are already hidden then how could I know about them. Sorry again for my mistake. Sorry sandya ji. Please forgive me Lord shani dev.

    4. sandya ji I find mahakali serial written update. http://www.teleshowupdate//colors //mahakali. I don’t know how to send link but there is update of the serial. You can search mahakali serial written update and you will find it.

  4. Sis did you know about lord Vishnu fox avatar.

    1. Kamalanayani di I want her story. May you please tell me about her.

      1. Kamalanayani

        Will do it…

      2. Thank you Di

  5. Kamalanayani

    Hello readers….
    As Pooja didi is unavailable I have to do the Monday’s written update…
    Kindly bear with me.. I will try as soon as possible to do it…

    1. We will wait for it. Thank you very much.

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