Shani 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani and Hanuman get into a fight

Shani 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Revenge kills our patience. Shani teaches that the one who keeps revenge in his mind is doomed. One should never hold such a feeling in their minds ever. ||

Chandra Dev kneels down before Shani against his wish. Hanuman sees it. Shani has caught hold of one more planet. I must do something quickly.

Bramha Dev says Hanuman feels Shani is misusing his powers to captivate all the planets. This will take them on a dangerous direction. Narayan nods. Hanuman will stop Shani who will not stop from following his path. Mahadev points out that Ravan’s given time limit is really less now. Their war will be the worst one ever in history!

Hanuman thinks of Devraj Indra’s words. Surya Dev recognizes him and calls out to him. Hanuman greets him. Father gives birth to son and Guru gives life

to his disciple. He frees his mind which is why disciple has to come to help him whenever he falls in trouble. Devraj Indra has told me the entire truth. He told me how Shani caught hold of you even after being your son. He is forcing all the planets to succumb to his wish. He has challenged me by attacking my Guru. Surya Dev says sometimes what is before our eyes is not truth. Hanuman says truth is simple. Did Shani not attack you? Are you not here as his captive? Is this not truth? Surya Dev accepts it all to be true. Hanuman refuses to let anyone disrespect his Guru before his eyes. Shani just attacked Chandra Dev in front of my eyes. I must give him a fitting reply. Chandra Dev nods. Shani has forced us all to surrender. See what he has done to us when we refused to comply to his demands! Shani warns him to be careful. Remember about the curse before playing any game! Chandra Dev remembers it and is panicked. Hanuman tells Shani it is cowardice to scare the one who is already scared. Fight with me if you are indeed powerful. Chandra Dev smirks. He stands with all the planets. Hanuman tells Shani he wont
Shani tells him to step out of this matter. Don’t come in my path. I have no interest in fighting with you. let me do my work. Think about your mother who is meditating right now. She will be angry when she will come out of her meditation! Hanuman shouts at him to stop. How dare you take my mother’s name? Think about what your mother must be feeling before reminding me about my mother. Any son’s such bad deeds are enough to bow a mother’s head.

Devi Chhaya is shocked to know about the war between Hanuman and Shani. Yami suggests stopping them from doing so. Kakol is sure Shani wont attack Hanuman at all. Hope he wont stand quietly like always. Devi Chhaya and Yami agree with him. Let’s go.

A servant brings food for Dhamini but she refuses to eat anything in this sinful city. The servant is ordered to leave this plate here even if Dhamini says no. She leaves. Wind blows away the cloth covering the plate. Dhamini notices mustard oil in the bowl. It might be Mandodari’s message. Seems like Shani and Hanuman had a face off already. Save Shani, Lord.

Shani agrees with Hanuman. As a karamfal, I hope you will realise the truth afterwards. I hope you will be able to see the truth which you cannot see! Hanuman mocks him for not even looking him in his eye. You are afraid to do so! Shani tells him he cannot look at him. Hope it wont affect some past relations. My Drishti is no ordinary Drishti but Maarak Drishti. Hanuman demands to see how much it will hurt him. Shani refuses to use his powers on him. This isn’t possible!

Mahadev is pained that Shani is still abiding by the boon I gave to Hanuman (of him being Chiranjeevi). This is why he isn’t looking at him.

Shani tells everyone to stay where they are. No one will intervene in this war. It is between me and Hanuman. Hanuman adds that if anyone tries to do so, he will die! He tells Shani he wont be able to win in this war! Hanuman casts a soundproof shield around them. Surya Dev tries to stop Hanuman but in vain.

Shani and Hanuman look at each other.

Yami and Devi Chhaya are off with Kakol. Devi Chhaya asks Kakol to go in a different direction instead of going where Shani and Hanuman are fighting.

Mahadev says Shani is fighting Hanuman so he can revive some of his memories. Like always, he will even risk his life for the same. Brahma Dev justifies his decision of choosing Shani as Karamfaldata.

Hanuman hits Shani who falls fall on the ground. He sees blurred images of his fight with Shani in childhood. It isn’t clear though. He hits Shani again and experiences similar images. Why am I feeling this? Shani says I was bound by my promise to not hurt you last time. This time I will have to attack this time or Dashanan and Devraj will succeed in this plan. He attacks Hanuman this time.

Devi Anjana experiences something strange but does not get up from her meditation.

Shani thinks of his past memories. Hanuman tells him he will surely take revenge for his Guru’s insult. Shani firmly tells him that he will achieve his goal at any cost. They resume their fight. Hanuman sees more blurry images whenever he hits Shani. Shani is my enemy. I shouldn’t get emotional while fighting with my enemy! Why am I feeling pity for him again and again? Shani stands up. Hanuman will soon understand he isn’t doing the right thing. A new chapter will begin then. Hanuman wards off Shani’s attacks. Surya Dev is worried seeing the war turning ugly. I must intervene. He uses his powers and tries breaking the shield but in vain. Hanuman throws Shani once again. Chandra Dev and Mangal smirk.

Shani gets up. I will do my duty come what may. I will save Dhamini for sure.

Dhamini is feeling restless. Hey Mahadev, I hope everything is fine. Please save Shani. She is able to see their fight suddenly. Ravan tells her even Mahadev cannot protect Shani now. One Shivansh will now kill other Shivansh. He appears magically there. Are you pained? This pain is nothing. You will see Shani breathing his last before you if you will not accept my condition! Do your patni-dharma. Agree to be my mother’s son! See how much pain he is in! His time is almost up. His death is certain if he fails to complete the given task in time. If I was in your place, I would have accepted every condition! Rest is up to you. He disappears. Dhamini wonders what she should do. Please help me. I cannot understand what I should do!

Shani stands up yet again. Hanuman hits him hard on his chest and makes him fall on the ground. He extends his tail to tie Shani. He holds Shani by his neck.

Precap: Surya Dev asks Hanuman to stop but he refuses to stop. I will kill this arrogant Shani today! He hits Shani repeatedly using his entire strength. Devi Chhaya and Yami are still on their way. Dhamini paces worriedly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I guess that Mata Anjana will stop Hanumanji… but anyway he will regain memories only when Jambavanji narrates them all to him…
    Waiting for Lord Narayan to take Ram avatar…

    1. As per my understanding, Hanumanji will regain memories about his power & strength when Jambavanji narrates them…. as before he was aware that Surya dev was his guru & as per the Guru Dakshina, he have to help Sugreev.

  2. I really wish hanuman teaches indra a lesson when he learns truth. That will serve him right for playing this dirty trick again.

  3. Yes, I too want that after learning the truth
    Hanuman teaches Devraj Indra a good lesson

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