Shani 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chhaya breaks ties with Shani!

Shani 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanghya shouts in pain. She ultimately dies.

Surya Dev is in deep agony. Chhaya, Yami and Yam rush to him. Chhaya asks him if he is fine. What’s happening to you? Dev Vishwakarma shares that he is in deep pain. Chhaya tells Shani to make Surya Dev well. Shani tells her he isn’t capable of doing that. He got his Karamfal. Tridev appear there. Narayan asks Shani what he did. Shani says a brother fulfilled the promise that he had given to his sister. I have removed injustice from the world (hinting at Sanghya). Sanghya got her Karamfal. This is my dharma. I will do this all my life.

Chhaya slaps Shani shocking him and everyone present there. You attacked your father and went against me. She begs Mahadev to do something. You cannot give so much pain to Surya Dev for your dharma. Tridev

bless Surya Dev. He turns into a ball of fire. Chhaya asks Mahadev about him. Where is his body? Mahadev tells her that he will remain amidst us this way for a long time. His body will remain in this form for a very long time. Chhaya cries. Devraj asks Mahadev if Surya Dev will be able to do his dharma this way. Mahadev affirms. He will be able to fulfil all his responsibilities in this form. Yami says I agree that Devi Sanghya wasn’t a good mother but she is our mother after all. I have faith that she wasn’t this bad before Shani and Mata Chhaya entered in our lives. I don’t agree with Shani’s Karamfal. Please give Devi Sanghya another life. Mahadev calls it impossible. Her bad deeds were unpardonable yet I can make her the Goddess of clouds.

Chhaya turns to Shani. First you killed my daughter and now you snatched my husband from me! Is this how you will pay back a mother? I gave you birth and even fought with the entire world for you. but you snatched my world from me! For which karmas are you giving me this Karamfal? Shani replies that he only did his dharma. Surya Dev, Sanghya and Bhadra only got their Karamfal. She tells him she is least interested in his logics. I want my daughter and husband back whom you have snatched from me. Shani points out to her that she has lost her path. Kaal will tell you the truth. She tells him Kaal only taught her one lesson. I am only a shadow which must never lay a fruit. Sanghya had told me this long ago. This Kaalchakra has taught me how right she was. My one kid, Bhadra, was snatched from me by Kaal. My second kid, my son, is dead to me now. Shani is stunned by her words. Their lullaby plays in the background. Chhaya adds that there is no mother, no son here. I don’t even have faith on the fact that our relations depend on some karma. You aren’t Karamfaldata for me. You are just a murderer! I refuse to accept you as my son! You won’t be called Chhaya-putra after today! I take back my name from you! Yam and Devraj are pleased with her decision.

Devraj thinks it to be the best time to get rid of Shani. He turns to Mahadev. A mother cannot be wrong. Shani is no more Karamfaldata but a murderer. He is stubborn. He too must get his Karamfal. Mahadev remarks that I would like someone else to decide if whatever happened in Surya Loka was right or not. Tell me what do you think about it Devi Chhaya. Does Karamfaldata Shani deserve forgiveness or punishment? Chhaya chooses punishment for Shani.

Devraj suggests death penalty for him. Chhaya says death is the easiest punishment for anyone. Now it is my wish to see him in pain. He has snatched all that I loved. Now I will snatch the one from him whom he is most attached to. Shani accepts her decision. Chhaya says this is Karamfaldata Shani’s punishment. He should be removed from his position as Karamfaldata! Eexcept Devraj and Yam everyone present there feels bad for Shani. Mahadev asks Shani if he accepts her decision or if he has something to say against it. Shani willingly accepts her decision. Be it love or punishment, I will accept whatever she will give me. He returns his weapon to Mahadev. We generally destroy the weapon when someone is removed from his position but I would like to return it to you. Mahadev accepts it.

Chhaya points out that everything is over. This isn’t your home anymore. You can leave and must never return here! You must leave from here exactly the way you bid adieu to my daughter. You would then realise how painful it is to live without your dear ones or your position. You are not my son anymore! Lullaby plays in the background. Shani says I don’t regret doing whatever I did today. It was my dharma but in a way, I have been benefitted by this punishment. I am free from attachment because of you today. I learnt everything (attachment) from you since childhood. I remember that I learnt to make relations from you when I dint want to come to Surya Loka. Today, I am learning to break relations from you only. Shani wont keep any relations with anyone anymore! Dev Vishwakarma closes his eyes sadly. Kakol and Yami are taken aback as well. Shani wipes his tears decisively. There will be no relation or responsibility anymore! He looks at his mother but she turns her face in another direction. Shani leaves from there.

Yami asks Shani to stop. Don’t go anywhere. Injustice was done to you. You aren’t at fault here. Kakol also tells Shani he wont let him go anywhere. Surya Loka is your home. No one can throw you out of here. Shani replies that mother can throw him out. I cannot go against her words. Dev Vishwakarma asks him where he will go to. Come in my Loka. Shani denies. It is my journey. I must undertake it alone. There will be no attachment, no Karamfaldata or Dandnayak now. It will be only Shani! He walks away.

Precap: Shani has become detached yet again. Will detached Shani return on the path of Karamfal once again? (Leap happens)

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Chhaya is so dumb. Why would you save sanghya as she tried to murder everyone and uses bhadra at her own advantage and chhaya knows that. She should have faith in Shani she is upset with him that he had killed bhadra when it is the other way around she doesn’t
    want bhadra to die the whole world was dying because of her selfishness she is too attached and only thing about
    her one child bhadra . She had viewed the incident behind she should have asked shani what had taken place instead of lashing out on him. And for suryadev why picking up for his evil ex wife when he knows what she what she has done, in the past she has tried everything thing to snatch his title from him and his love ones for her jealousy for Shani and his mother. Shani does not snatch suryadev from chhaya, he choose the decision to go in the way and save sangyha . He and yam are alike, they both are so dumb and stupid.

    1. So glad I’m not alone in thinking this. I thought I was taking crazy pills or something.

    2. Kamalanayani

      Devi Sangya will not actually die in real… May be it is an illusion caused by this serial… She is immortal… And not this bad…

  2. Kamalanayani

    Saying good bye to you is very hard – little Shani dev aka Kartikey Malviya…
    Whomsoever it may be elder shani dev, you will always remain as Shani dev in our hearts…

    And this serial is showing so bad about Devi Sangya… She cannot die, then how do we do Sandya-vadhan every morning… we never do these auspicious activities in the name of dead person…. I never thought of such a bad and sorrowful ending in the childhood of shani dev…

    Definitely he should become Karmphal daata anyway… in the flow of the serial they will show how…

    But we all miss you Kartikey…

    1. Shani Sri Lankan Fan Club

      Are you mad for worship that evil Sangya in morning ?
      She is 1000 times more evil than an Asura.
      She is Surely now in hell.

      1. Kamalanayani

        It is not true… The makers are depicting so bad…
        If you want to know the true story of Devi Sangya then read one of the work by my dear friend in Tellyupdates and wattpad… “Saranyu” – it is posted in wattpad and TU.

        This serial has created a very bad impression about Devi Sangya…

  3. Will chaya know the truth ???
    Wish makers would make it interesting

  4. Khushi Kaushik

    I have been reading these updates since an year now. but don’t know if I can comment or no. these updates are really nice. whenever I miss the epi, I read them and everything is clear.
    thank you so much for these updates.

    1. Kamalanayani

      You always welcome to comment here… And for the updates do thank Pooja didi… she takes so much care in posting these updates..

  5. Mother Sangya can not be killed . she is immortal.she is worshipped in hinduism .this is shown wrong

  6. Oh so sad but now I said that the makers showed wrong devi sangya and devi bhadra can not be killed. I can’t understand why makers showing wrong.

  7. Oh so sad but now I said that the makers showed wrong devi sangya and devi bhadra can not be killed. I can’t understand why makers showing wrong.

    1. Kamalanayani

      Just for TRP

  8. how can devi bhadra and devi sangya killed?

  9. I have never commented on this serial..but now ..i wish to know why the gods r always conspiring against each other. Also why don’t tridev know what sanghya and indra do..they r omnipresent even vishwakarma

    1. Kamalanayani

      Not all true gods do that… Tridev know all happening but the reason why they do not interfere is, they want to make every living being to take its own decision and understand its consequences… Every living being is free to do its karma which may be Dharma or Adharma… After they do, everything is analyzed and then they are provided with appropriate karmphal…

      Tridev are actually teachers but listening and taking notes is your choice… They will never force anyone…

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