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Surya Dev says I wont stop myself today Shani. You will be punished for crossing your limits. I will see if you can bear my heat today or not. Shani says I am ready. Surya Dev gathers his energies. Everyone is blinded by the light that emanates from him. Shani raises his weapon to ward off the light / heat. Their powers collide. Surya Dev shouts in pain. Sanghya shouts his name in concern. Shani notices Chhaya and gets conscious. Sanghya notices it too. Shani remembers Sanghya telling him that his mother is in her feet. He withdraws his weapon but only after extracting Surya Dev’s entire warmth. Dev Vishwakarma thinks upon Mahadev. This will destroy the world. Help us Mahadev.

Shani announces that Devraj lost. Make him our captive. Rahu captures Surya Dev in chains. He pulls Surya Dev thus making

him kneel down before Shani. Shani keeps his weapon on the ground and walks up to Surya Dev. He removes his crown. Surya Dev looks at him upset. Shani keeps the crown before Surya Dev. He notices Sanghya leaving from there in anger and Surya Dev staring at him pointedly.

Sanghya paces in her room. She recalls the pain and insult Surya Dev had to go through because of Shani. She hits things angrily. Dev Vishwakarma says thi is not just your problem anymore. It is the problem the entire world is facing now. Shani is Mahadev’s creation. He can solve it. Sanghya denies. Not Mahadev but I created this problem. I know how to tackle it. He asks her what she wants to do but she refuses to tell him. Leave me alone. He complies.

Surya Dev struggles with his chains and so does Yam and Indra Dev. Shani comes there. He aims his weapon at Yam who gets free from the chains but an invisible barrier blocks his path. He does same to Indra Dev and Surya Dev too. Rahu also comes there. Today was amazing. You defeated Surya Dev. Now we have to gain control over Surya Loka too. Shani agrees. But it wont happen because I have won it. it will be won as that is where my mother lost herself. I couldn’t get her her right. I can get her her revenge atleast!

Brahma Dev and Lord Vishnu ask Mahadev till when will they see Shani behaving like this. Dev Vishwakarma also asks Mahadev how he can let the Karamfaldata do wrong deeds. How can you let him sway from his path? He has to bring everyone to the right path instead! Stop him before he destroys everything. Mahadev says he is misguided as he does not know the motive of his life. It is time to make him aware of the same Narayan. He closes his eyes and says Nandi. Nandi appears there. Nandi greets Mahadev. Mahadev says there is no greater devotee of mine than Nandi. There is no order of mine which he cannot follow. There is no sad heart in world which Nandi cannot come. Bring Shani before me so I can tell him the meaning / motive of his life. Once he understands that, he will leave all this himself. Nandi nods.

A lady hides whenever people cross from there. It turns out to be Devi Sanghya. She drops the burqa and goes down stealthily. She hides seeing Kakol. Kakol tells someone that no one can attack on Kaak Loka now. There is no Dev or Asura anymore. Kakol turns feeling someone’s presence but does not see anyone. He goes from there.

Sanghya goes to where Surya Dev is. She tries reaching out to him but the invisible wall blocks her way. He extends his hand but the wall does not let them meet. Yam calls out to his mother. She encounters the same thing there. Both Sanghya and Yam are teary eyed. She laments over her family’s condition. The one you were thinking to explain made you meet this fate! Surya Dev says Mahadev made him Karamfaldata. Now he only will solve this situation. She denies. We cannot look up to Mahadev for everything. I will do whatever is to be done now. You are Surya Dev who can provide warmth to entire world. I have done tapasya to bear it. There is only one solution now. Our powers together can finish Shani. Surya Dev says we don’t have to kill him. It is important to bring him on the right path. She changes her words immediately. I also want to do the same. In your absence it is my duty to protect our home. I am your wife. Give me your warmth. Surya Dev gives her his warmth. Go and bring that Shani on the right path. Sanghya thinks Shani has given her and her family enough pain. Now I will finish you!

Precap: Nandi gives Mahadev’s message to Shani. He has asked you to meet him. Shani says he will have to come himself if he has to meet me!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Vajra-SG29


    Episode Synopsis

    Episode – 76
    09:00 AM – 09:30 AM, 21 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    In Surya Lok, Vishwakarma tells Sanghya that they must visit Mahadev for a solution. Rahu tells Shani that they need to capture Surya Lok.

    Episode – 77
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 21 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Yami tells Shani to leave Surya Lok and Sanghya. Sanghya appears in front of Shani as Chhaya and tries to manipulate him. But Rahu tries to help Shani who does not pay heed to him.

    Episode – 78
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 22 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Nandi requests Shani to meet Mahadev with him. Nandi warns Shani not to talk nonsensically about Mahadev. Shani says that Mahadev must meet him at a site chosen by Shani.

    Episode – 79
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 23 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Shukracharya visits Suryalok and tells Shani that he has insulted him and Mahadev. Mahadev feels that the time has come for him to punish Shani and summons Veerbhadra for this purpose.

    Episode – 80
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 24 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Shani captures Vishwakarma, Sanghya and Shukracharya. Kaakol urges Shani to apologise to Mahadev. Shani then captures Kaakol as well.

    Episode – 81
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 27 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    There is no synopsis available for this episode.

  2. Vajra-SG29

    hiiiiii friends…. what’s going on your mind about future story….. ❕❗❓❔

    1. Nandhini

      Hii santhosh! In promo they will just exaggerate things to get more TRPs…Mahadev will be angry at Shani dev and will punish him for his recent deeds and somehow Shani dev will get to know his life’s motive.

      1. Vajra-SG29

        i think, promo 100% correct…
        becoz,Mahadev open the third eye..
        jab bhi Mahadev 3ri aankhe koltha hai na tab jo bhi ho unka sarvanaash hotha hai

        Mahadev is TRIKAALA GNYANI…
        jo bhi bhi future mein hotha hai hun ko patha chaltha hai, i think, jo yam ke saath hua wahi hoga Shani ke saath bhi .(phele maaro phir zind a karo..)

  3. I feel that Rahu is more dangerous than Shani dev…..


    [] [] is good,have a look at it!
    this new promo shows that mahadev will kill shani. But I don’t think that this will happen.Still I hope that chaaya comes back and once again brings her son shani in right path.

  5. ChandaMaya

    Rahul is part of the nine planets, Navagrahas. Rahul is a rogue planet. Vedic astrology and astronomy describes the effects of Raju and also Ketu. Rahul occupies the northern area, or point rather. When the moon moves from the south to north (orbit) the point of intersection is called Rahu. There is an ascending point which represents Ketu and a descending point is Rahu which has a negative affect to life on earth . . . Meaning, adverse affect on the soul’s course and fate on earth.

  6. ChandaMaya

    Correction Rahu not Rahul.

  7. Rahu distracts people…making them directionless and aimless….
    Shani punishes people for their misdeeds in their life time itself…
    Being the mentor of shani only mahadev can calm him down!! I wonder wat will happen but shani is being misguided by Rahu…he thinks mahadev took back his boon n so his mother died…what he doesn’t know is that chhaya herself gave up her life…after knowing this I think he’ll calm down??

  8. Rahu is the asura who swallows the sun, called an eclipse, yes which has negative effects.

  9. Rahu is the planet Neptune.

  10. Shani brings justice on earth, judgement on wrong doings and evil while Yama does the same in the after life. They are brothers, and they both bind souls to the higher duty, Dharma. Shani Dev’s relationship with Shiva is that of a disciple. Shiva is Shani’s guru.

  11. chaaya shani ki maa

    When Shani came to see and bless Shiv’s son Ganesh and kept his eyes low, Paarvatee Jee asked him why did he keep his eyes low and was not looking at the child. Shani said – “Devee, All Jeev (living beings) enjoy or suffer according to their Karm, because whatever good or bad Karm has happened, it is never destroyed, not even in millions of Kalp. A Jeev takes birth in Brahmaa, Indra or Soorya’s house according to his Karm, or as an animal or bird etc species. His Karm take him to Narak or Swarg or even Vaikunth. He is born rich or poor; or as a king or a beggar according t his Karm only. In short everything happens according to a Jeev’s Karm.

    Hey Priyaa of Shankar Jee, I tell you one past even, although it is shameful and is not to be told in front of mother, still I say it to you. I was a devotee of Krishn from my childhood. I always thought about Him. I was always busy in doing Tapasyaa for Him. My father married me to the daughter of Chitrarath. She was a very Satee woman, and also used to be busy in Tapasyaa. One day she came to me after taking bath. I was busy in meditating on my Prabhu, so I did not know what was happening outside. My wife thought that her period was going waste, so she cursed me – “From now on to whoever you will look, he will be destroyed.” She went away after cursing me. Later when I woke up from my meditation I pleased her, but now she was unable to free me from her curse, so she started repenting. Hey Maa, For the same reason, since then I don’t look at anything and look below only fearing lest somebody dies.”

    Hearing this Paarvatee Jee and other dancers started laughing at him. Remembering Shree Hari Paarvatee Jee said to him – “The whole world is under the control of Hari, so he should not worry about this and he can look at the child.” and insisted Shani to look at her child. Shani thought and thought whether to look at the child or not, because “if I will look at the child, I am sure something bad will happen to the child, an if I don’t Jagat Jananee Paarvatee will be angry with me.” So he took the name of Dharm and decided to look at the child. With great difficulty he looked at the child only with the corner of his left eye. As he saw him, his head got separated from his body. His blood shedding body remained in Paarvatee Jee’s lap and his head got absorbed in Krishn in Go-Lok. Paarvatee Jee started crying clinging the headless body with her bosom. Then she fainted. Everybody got surprised to see all this.

    Seeing all this Hari rode on His Garud and went to the bank of Pushpbhadraa River in the North. There He saw an elephant who was sleeping near his wife and children, his head towards North. Shree Hari immediately cut his head from his neck and kept it on His Garud. At he same the she-elephant also woke up. She woke up her children too. She started crying for her husband and prayed Shree Hari. At this Shree Hari bestowed her with boon, and He fixed the head of another elephant to her husband’s body. He touched him with His foot and blessed him to live with his family up to one Kalp. Soon He arrived on Kailaash Parvat, took the child’s body from Paarvatee, clung it to His body and fixed the elephant’s head on the child’s body after making it beautiful. Thus Ganesh became alive again. He brought Paarvatee to her senses and kept the child in her lap. Then He gave her spiritual knowledge.

    Vishnu’s Preaching to Paarvatee

    Vishnu said – “Hey Gauree, You are the intellect of the world in person. You know very well that everybody, from Brahmaa to a tiny insect, enjoys and suffers according to his Karm. Every living being enjoys or suffers his Karm-earned Bhog (pleasure or pain whatever) in his every birth and Yoni (species in which he takes birth). Hey Paarvatee, Even Indra can take birth as an insect because of his Karm; and without the fruit of his Karm of his previous lives, even a lion is unable to kill even a fly. And a tiny insect can kill even an elephant on the basis of his Karm of his previous lives. One gets the Bhog of his Karm in this Lok and Par Lok (other world), but Karm can be earned only in Bhaarat. Only Shree Krishn assigns the fruit of every Karm. He is the destroyer of the destroyers; Vidhaataa of Brahmaa; Kaal of Kaal; and is the Master of masters. We three, Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh are only His parts.” Hearing this Paarvatee Jee got satisfied and prayed Vishnu.

    Then she started feeding the child. Vishnu also blessed the child and put His own Kaustubh Mani in the child’s neck; Brahmaa gave him his crown and Dharm gave him a jewel studded ornament. Then all other Devee and Devtaa etc gave the child appropriate gifts. Shiv and Paarvatee also donated many things to Braahman to celebrate the child’s rebirth. Himaalaya donated 100 elephants and 1,000 horses to Bandee. Vishnu completed the auspicious ceremonies of the child. But Shani was still sitting embarrassed. Seeing him sitting like this Paarvatee Jee got angry and she cursed him – “Go and become limbless.”

    Hearing this curse, Soorya, Yam and Kashyap Jee got angry and started to move from Shiv’s home. They wanted to curse Vishnu and Paarvatee in the witness of Dharm, but other Devtaa consoled Shiv, Paarvatee, Vshnu and Soorya etc Devtaa. Kashyap Jee said – “Shani has already been cursed by his wife, and he looked at the child only at the request of Paarvatee and that also with great care, then why Paarvatee Je should be angry with him?” Soorya said supporting Kashyap Jee – “Yes, He looked at the child only at the request of Paarvatee and that also with great care, still she cursed my son, her son will also be limbless. There is no doubt about it.” Yam said – “They ordered him to look at the child, still they cursed him; then if we curse them, what is A-Dharm in it?”

    Brahmaa Jee said – “That is all right that Paarvatee Jee has cursed him, but Saadhu are of forgiving nature, therefore you forgive her.” Then he addressed Paarvatee Jee “Hey Devee, You yourself asked him to look at the child, then why did you curse your innocent guest?” Then he asked her to free Shani from her curse. Paarvatee Jee said – “Hey Shani, By my Var, you will be the Lord of the planets, dear to Bhagavaan and long lived. My curse does not go waste, so you will be a little bit lame.” Shani greeted her and came back to Devtaa.

  12. ChandaMaya

    Chaaya is the shadow of twin of saranya who is called Sandhya in sanskrit. I am not familiar with Sanghya. Perhaps it is in vernacular. Once the rays of the sun hits earth, by looking at where the shadow is one can decipher the time of day, seasons, etc. I don’t know who h version the writer are using. In the contemporary version both women goes back to live with Suryadev and their children.

  13. ChandaMaya

    Shani will get his own abode. Shani is Saturn.

  14. I’ve learnt from somewhere in Google, Surya Dev has 4 wives. And with Sandhya he have 3 Children: Manu, Yam and her sister Yami/Yamuna. And 3 children from CHHAYA : Sarwani Manu, SHANI and her sister Vadra/TAPTI.
    As well, if you search for SURYA in google you will find the Statue of SURYA dev with SANDHYA & CHHAYA.
    Excited for next part. Bring back CHHAYA, not Sandhya in form of CHHAYA.

  15. Nandhini

    Mahadev said this is Shraapit yuga…everything will go bad…destruction only happens…as Rahu joined with Shani dev…

    1. Vajra-SG29

      watch again Nandhini
      “Maha Shivratri special episode..Shani calling Mahadev loudly, angry Mahadev opens third eye .. vo – Iss Shivratri Mahadev karenge Shani Ka samhar..”…????

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