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Chhaya takes leave from Dev Vishwakarma. Allow me to go to a place where no one can reach me. He asks her if she wants really to leave. She says Chhaya has no place. I will have to go today or tomorrow. I will have to go when Devi Sandhya returns. He tries to say something but she requests him not to stop her. He says I understand how painful it is for you. I am proud that you did duty of a Devi even though you are not one. You did all your duties and hid your pain. How can you leave without telling Surya Dev? Chhaya says I am leaving without informing him so he can follow his duty. He would want to know the truth otherwise. If this truth comes out before him then the promise that I made to Devi Sandhya will be broken. If Surya Dev stops me here then I wont be able to see his bowed down head daily. I wnt

be able to see him in dilemma daily. This is the reason why I should leave. It is for the best. When Devi Sandhya returns, manage situation by saying you found a solution to my wound. He laments wishing he could do something for her. She says you can. I want to see Shani once before I leave. I want to see how he is, where he is and what he is doing. Can you fulfil my wish please? She cries with folded hands.

Shani thinks to finish the competition asap and return to mother. Don’t know how she will be now. Devguru appears there. Yam also joins Shani. They greet Devguru. Yam and Shani stare at each other. Devguru asks the next question – who is the biggest Guru? Yam says I am the son of God and you are Guru of all Gods. Everyone bows down before you. You are the biggest Guru of the world. Devguru turns to Shani. Do you have another answer? Shani says Ma. Chhaya watches him and is touched (through Dev Vishwakarma’s created magic). Shani says Guru’s relation is with life. We get life from our mother. A new born baby learns to breather, walk and talk from his mother. The biggest Guru is the one who loves his disciple when it is needed and gets strict when required but the love remains same always. No one can match this feeling except a mother! Chhaya is in tears. Shani says this is why a mother is the biggest Guru. Dev Vishwakarma looks at Chhaya. She says I was upset with Mahadev till now for his injustice but I got all my answers after getting Shani as my son. Now I don’t fear my end. You made me immortal by giving me a son like Shani! Thank you so much for giving me a son like Shani, Mahadev!

Devguru likes Shani’s answer more. He is allowed to go in the next round but Yam will have to find another way now. Door opens for Shani. Yam glares at Shani.

Indra Dev asks Devguru about the status. How is everyone doing? Devguru says it is better than expected. We thought it will go on for months but it is at the last stage. Shani only has to answer one last question after which he will near his victory. I doubt he will have any problem in answering that question. Indra Dev gets happy. Best king is the one who thinks one step ahead than the enemy. I knew that Shani will easily cross these 3 stages without wasting time. This is the reason why I have designed the last and final stage myself! Kakol gets tensed. Indra Dev thinks once Shani steps in the next level then he will be caught in time for forever. He will never be able to get out of it! Neither his mind how power will help him get out of it! My revenge will surely happen!

Shani gets stuck with the storm. Where is Devguru? He had to show me the right way. If I lose time then it will be a problem. I have to go to meet mother asap.

Chhaya caresses Yami’s head while she is sleeping. She wipes her tears. It is time for me to leave.

Shani is still struggling with the storm. Kakol watches him too. You will have to come Shani. You will have to be back soon.

Chhaya notices the bad weather. Yami shivers in cold as the duvet gets off her. Chhaya covers her well. Forgive me daughter. I will have to go away for forever. maybe we were supposed to be together for this much time only.

Shani is near the edge. I have chosen the wrong path or was I intentionally sent on the wrong path?

Chhaya looks at the curtains and thinks of Shani’s words. Now there is only one way left. Only this curtain is stopping me from going away. This is the hope of Shani. Forgive me son. Kids should continue to trust mothers which is why I will have to break your hope. I must leave from here. I will have to go away from you for forever! Tears stream down her cheeks. She walks toward the curtains.

Shani is having a hard time keeping himself away from the chakra / storm.

Chhaya thinks you (Shani) wont find me now when you will come here now. I wont be able to see you ever. Goodbye son!

Shani falls down in the chakra and shouts Ma.

Devguru says your wish was heard. Shani fell in that chakra for forever. He will never come out now! Indra Dev laughs. Goodbye Shani! Kakol says I am fat and have a fat brain but I understand things. Nothing can bind Shani. it is Shani. He will certainly come! Not even Mahadev can stop him when it is about his mother. He will cross every limit and break every boundation. He will overcome every obstacle. He will have to come!

Chhaya removes the curtain and is surprised / shocked to see Shani walking toward her.

Precap: Shani says Surya Dev promised me he will treat you. why dint he fulfil his promise? Answer me, where were you going to? Does Surya Dev know this? Shani and everyone is gathered in the court. Shani says I left the competition in between as mother is still unwell. Surya Dev tells him that his mother’s treatment is impossible. I will have to give half of my warmth to save her. Shani says Surya Dev will have to give up half of his warmth then. Surya Dev outright refuses!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. shani hai wo lahut aaeyga…………….. wow again sixer dialogue by kakol 2 indrdev loved the bgm really touching

  2. oh my dear pooja keep on writting such a wonderful episods along with this write the updates of chandra nandini also.

    1. Pooja

      thanks, happy to hear that you like it 🙂 and i am sure the writer is doing great in updates for chandranandini! 🙂

  3. nice epi.and waiting for the next epi.thanks pooja di for update..phale ashoka ab shani..nice to see your again on shani.. Iam very happy.

    1. Pooja

      anytime 🙂 i am also happy to see you after a long time!

  4. chandranandni is very bakwas,romantic historyless serial,so iam not like this..pawan..par aapki pasand kyo he?

    1. Vanshika

      Yes u r absolutely right ? Chandra Nandini is bad show. Ashoka n shani r far better..

  5. Waiting eagerly for next epi… awesome epi..

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