Shani 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Chhaya gives her permission for Grah-yuddh!

Shani 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| It is natural for anyone to be scared of those who do justice. Shani teaches that someone who has wrong intentions gets scared in such situations easily but you don’t need to be scared if you have all the good intentions. ||

Chhaya asks Dev Vishwakarma why he is suggesting a war. He shares that this is the only way to stop Surya Dev from dying. Only a planet deserves to sit on the throne. Surya Dev is inactive. Out of other remaining planets, it is only Surya-putra Shani who deserves to sit on the throne. The other 7 planets will have to contest with Shani if they aren’t ok with this. There are only 2 motives of this war. One, to announce Surya Loka’s successor; and two, to save Surya Dev’s Shakti punj from dying! Whichever planet wins in this fight, will become the rightful owner

of Surya Dev’s throne. Devraj supports him Dev Vishwakarma says it doesn’t matter if you are in agreement with this idea or not. Mangal must accept this challenge if he wants this throne. Devraj nods at him. Mangal accepts the challenge.

Brahma Dev says with Shani’s decision, the most powerful war of the world has begun. Narayan adds that it will also be a test other planets. Everything will be at stake during this war (relations, truth, justice, everything). Shani has taken his first step in this direction already.

Shani asks them where the war will take place. Chhaya refuses to let any fight happen in Surya Loka. Surya Dev is Sthandevta of Surya Loka. In his absence, I am shouldering his responsibilities. I wont allow a fight here in my own Loka for that very position. Surya Loka’s Sthandevi wont let Surya Loka turn into a battlefield. She walks away.

Chhaya comes to her house temple. Till when will you keep quiet? Shani burnt your house down yet you kept quiet. After all these years, he has returned to ruin my husband’s position and home. Will you still keep quiet? How can something like this happen in your presence? There was a time when I begged Surya Dev so many times to accept Shani as his son. I was so hurt. Shani had everything back then but he dint really want anything! Today, he is detached but he wants everything even if that means raging a war here.

Shani insists upon having a fight. Yami demands to know why it is necessary.

Yam says let Shani be eager for the fight if he wants to hold one but I assure you, I wont let it happen. Devraj tells him against it. It is important.

Yami is sure there is some hidden motive behind Shani’s decision. I would still support you.

Yam disagrees with the idea but Devraj explains that this is why they brought Mangal here. Shani has given us an opportunity to put our plan in action. If Mangal defeats Shani in the fight then Shani will surely die. Don’t get emotional. Whatever is happening is right.

Shani says right and wrong depends on your thoughts. I wont leave Surya loka till I get what I want.

Yami comes to Chhaya’s room. Chhaya advises her to keep mum if she has come to speak in Shani’s favour. Chhaya notices Shani at the door. You can get inside Surya Loka but not in this room. Till I am alive, neither will your wish come true nor will any war happen here. Yam tells her this fight will certainly happen. You have to get inside the mud to clear it away. Only someone’s blood can clear away the negativity which has spread in Surya Loka. Think about Surya Dev. Once this fight is over, Mangal and I will be able to protect Surya Dev’s Shakti punj. We will fix everything together. No evil eye will fall on Surya Loka afterwards! As Dharmaraj and your son, I promise you that this fight will happen following all the right patterns and rules. Are you in agreement to this? Chhaya is in a fix. She notices young Shani entering in the room. She emotionally extends her hand towards him. He tells her to trust him. I will protect you.

Shani breaks her reverie saying come what may it will be only he who will get to sit on this throne. Chhaya goes quiet. Yam tells Chhaya not to worry. Your one son is still following the path of righteousness. Just give us permission for this. The one who has lost his path will either come on the right path or he will be out of the path forever! Have faith in us. Mangal and I will save father together. Devraj tells Chhaya they don’t have too much time. Please tell us what you have decided. Chhaya looks at Shani.

Chhaya comes in the Sabha room where Surya Dev’s Shakti punj is. Everyone else looks on as she walks up to the Shakti punj. She thinks of Devguru’s words (they only have 3 days time to revive Surya Dev or they might lose him for forever)! Devraj tells Yam they are in a difficult situation. We don’t have a plan to get Shani out of our way or time to think of another plan. Looking at Devi Chhaya, it seems like she will never say yes! Chhaya thinks of what everyone has been saying. She cries as she caresses the throne. Shani turns to go. Yami asks him where he is off to. He replies that he has to make preps as the time is really less. She points out that Mata hasn’t decided anything yet. Chhaya agrees to let this war happen in Surya Loka. It will start tomorrow morning. She sends out an invitation for the war.

All the planets receive the invitation.

Kakol wonders why this morning is so strange. The clouds bellow. Yami calls it bad morning but Shani calls it a good morning. Halahal came out before nectar during Amrit Manthan. This is the rule. Poison comes out before good can come out. A similar thing will happen in Surya Loka.

Dev Vishwakarma invokes Tridev’s presence in Surya Loka. Tridev appear there. Dev Vishwakarma greets them. Everyone has been invited for the fight. I am waiting for my next instruction. Narayan says Surya Dev guides everyone well and spreads his light equally in the world. He is well known for his knowledge and guidance. I invoke all the rest of the planet son his behalf. He first invokes Chandra Dev’s presence. Chandra Dev appears there. Next appears Shivansh (Mangal). He is the god of Siddhi and Swami followed by Chandra’s son Buddh Dev (known for knowledge). Devguru Brihaspati joins them (intellectual Guru). Asura Guru Shukracharya joins them next (known for his justice). Rahu and Ketu appear when their presence is invoked. Surya-putra Shani is the last one to come there. Narayan says all the 8 planets are ready for the fight. They are also aware of the motive behind this fight. It is time to start the Grah-yuddh (fight between the planets).

Precap: Mahasangram is going to happen. With Shani’s return in Surya Loka, a new chapter will begin.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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