Shani 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: No Telecast

Shani 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Oh no….
    Who asked for udaan’s extension…

  2. Kamalanayani

    Missing Kartikey after a long time…. Arrrrghhhhh

  3. Colors has crossed all limits, Even there will be no telecast tomorrow too!!! I fear????
    U shouldn’t have got the right to telecast such a magnum opus.. U have no rights to play with viewer’s interests
    Atleast stop all those nonsense daily soaps
    Which are nothing more than stupidity

    1. you are right….viacom plays with viewer’s interest. this is so much in tollarable.

  4. I hate Udaan because due to it Shani episode is always not telecasted

  5. True I really wanted to see this young shani episode and look what have they done. For one thing they show shani 1 hour episode only when some other serial ends and when ever other serial want 1 hour this is cancelled. Now we have to wait 3 more days to watch this episode

  6. Last time also the show telecast didn’t happen
    Because of those rubbish daily soaps

  7. after waiting a full day for this update we have to see no telecast today
    what the hell is this

  8. We should all complain to colours tv

  9. Today i need 1 hour episode of shani

    1. dude lol soo how was todays telecast haha. they made flipin jokes out of us.

  10. Kamalanayani

    Is it true that Shani serial won’t be telecasted today also….
    I’m gonna cry….

    Then it would be 3 more days…. Colors…. Maarg par aa jao… Telecast Shani serial today…

  11. Rubbish!!!!

  12. Lol keep it up colours .because of extension of such a good daily useless shops your trp will definitely reach soon 0.kepp it up. Dont know how channel became number 1 if it doesnt need to be even in top 100 .???

  13. Nobody is interested in udaan. So telecast what people are interested in… By telecasting udaan for one hour people aren’t going to watch it or generate interest in it….

  14. Colors is cheating viewers. There should be a limit for taking the viewers for a ride.Better not to watch this channel at all.

  15. I hate all about it , because you don’t know how many people are love shani dev series , but when you don’t upload shani episode except sat and sun , I don’t like all of you

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