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Dev Vishwakarma asks Sanghya to swear on both Yam and Shani’s name. Was Devraj involved in your kidnapping? Devi Sanghya is perplexed. Dev Vishwakarma reminds her to swear onYam too. You will lose your son if you lie thinking about Tridev. Devraj thinks Chhaya cannot accept it when he dint kidnap her in reality. Devi Sanghya speaks truth. I was kidnapped! Devraj is stunned. She blames Devraj for the same. Everyone looks relieved except Devraj. He refuses to accept it. Shani tells him to calm down. Mata swore keeping Tridev in her mind. You will have to accept your crime. You remember your promise, right? You will have to leave Swarg and your position till your thoughts turn good. Shukracharya and other Gods second Shani.

Devraj walks up to Devi Sanghya. You lied! Now I have no option left. He goes

to Surya Dev. It’s all wrong. I will tell you the truth. Surya Dev tells him to stop. Not another story! Devraj says you don’t know the story which is going on right in front of your eyes since years now! This isn’t Sanghya but Chhaya! Shani warns him to be careful. Don’t forget you are referring to Shani’s mother. Devraj says I know that already. He again tells Surya Dev that the lady standing here is surely Shani’s mother but not your wife. She is your wife’s shadow. She is Chhaya. She has been cheating you since years! Shani tells him to think twice before saying anything now. Devraj says it is the time to tell truth now. I will prove it. He calls out for Devi Sanghya. Come here and tell everyone truth. No one turns up which leaves Devraj shocked. Devi Sanghya tells him she is Sanghya only. I spoke truth. Devraj refuses to believe her. Where is chhaya if you are Sanghya? Surya Dev asks him what he is talking. Narad Muni says maybe he lost his mental balance with fear of losing his throne. Devraj summons his all powers. Present Sanghya or Chhaya here! He is again left empty handed. Devi Sanghya asks him if he believes it now. I am Sanghya and I am alone here.

Devraj asks Dev Vishwakarma to speak up. You know the truth. Dev Vishwakarma says there is only one identity of the two supposed people you are referring to. He turns to Devi Sanghya for help but she clearly tells him off. I dint lie swearing on my son’s name. She asks Surya Dev to burn her. I have been insulted enough. I am your wife, Yam and Yami’s mother. Indra Dev is insulting me. I wont be able to take it anymore. Surya Dev supports Narad Muni. Devraj has lost his mind. He should be removed from his position right away. Devraj shouts against it. I am Devraj Indra. I wont go anywhere. Narad Muni tells him to be quiet. We know truth now. As Tridev’s representative, I announce that Devraj is removed from his position right away. Surya Dev asks Devraj to give up his throne and crown. Shani says this position cannot be left empty. We will have to make someone else temporary Devraj. I don’t find anyone other than Surya Dev more suitable for this. Narad Muni agrees with him. Devraj calls it cheating. He runs up to the door to escape but in vain. Surya Dev points out that he wont be able to leave without giving his crown. He gestures Narad Muni to get it. Devraj tells him to stay away. I wont give my crown. I am Devraj. You cannot insult me. Narad Muni removes his crown and walks back to Surya Dev. Devraj looks at them angrily. Surya Dev makes it magically disappear. You are not Devraj anymore. You are banished from Dev Loka as your punishment.

Devraj walks up to Shani. I have been cheated. My position was snatched from me. It is not a surprised but I was surprised that Shani missed the truth. You caught my lies so many times but you refused my truth in first go itself! Shocking! You reached this far for truth but you couldn’t find out the truth about your mother’s identity. Devi Sanghya looks at him pointedly. He walks out of the Sabha. Shani gets thinking. Pebble falls down from his hand. He turns and looks at Devi Sanghya.

Devraj is heading out when he meets Devi Sanghya on his way. She says I dint come here to apologize or sympathise. I don’t want to be guilty so I came to tell you why I had to speak truth in Sabha. I couldn’t swear falsely on my son Yam. Chhaya finished herself. It was important for me to save my son and the trust that Surya Dev has in me. Devraj says I had to pay for it with my position. She reasons that she isn’t at fault in that case. You wanted a servant named Shani while I wanted to be free from Chhaya. She is out of my life. I will throw Shani out of my life my way now. Our pact is over now. He tells her to remember that what he couldn’t prove today in Sabha, he will prove it someday soon. I will tell Shani the truth at any cost!

Devi Sanghya is sleeping peacefully. Shani calls out to her. She sits up tensed. He holds her hand. I know Devraj’s blames pained you very much. She says it was a blame only and frees her hand. I could never imagine Indra stooping to this level even though he was a Devraj. Shani says I don’t care for what he said. I would even refuse to accept it if it was Tridev! I only want to know why you lied in Sabha initially. Are you hiding something from me? Epi ends on Sanghya’s worried face.

Precap: Shani says a son can be bad but today you proved that a mother can be wrong too. He hits Devi Sanghya on her stomach. She curses him. Shani ends up losing his leg.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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