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Shani comes to Dev Vishwakarma’s place. The weapon glows. His Nana tells him that this is the place where his mother grew up. Chhaya stands tensed. Dev Vishwakarma says this house is where she played, laughed and teased your Nana a lot. Kakol is amazed. Shani hears someone calling out his name and looks in a direction boggled. What is in that corner, Nana Shri? Dev Vishwakarma shares that his lab is there. Kakol gets excited. Your weapons / creations must be there. Please take us there. Dev Vishwakarma agrees to take them. But you must rest for some time first. He asks Chhaya to take Shani and Kakol to her room. Chhaya nods. She goes in a different direction when Dev Vishwakarma remarks that she seems to have gotten too involved in taking care of her family. You forgot your own room. It is on that side.

Shall we? She nods and goes in that direction. Shani and Kakol begin to follow him when Shani hears his name echoing once again. He looks in the direction of the lab curiously. Kakol calls out for Shani. Come. Mother and Nana ji are way ahead than us. The voice seems to be coming from the weapon which is glowing.

Mahadev says time has come. That weapon is calling its bearer. What was hidden till now will come before everyone. There are some people who don’t know nothing is hidden from us, neither their plans nor their plotting!

A man refuses to support Indra Dev in his plan. You are putting the life of a Dev Putra in risk. I wont allow you of this as a Dev Guru. Indra Dev says it is my duty to protect Gods and this throne as a Devraj. Do you want that power to go against us? Devguru denies. Indra Dev tells him to let him do this work then. Devguru says what if Shani is not what you are looking for. Indra Dev replies that Shukracharya will stop the storm then. Devguru is relieved to know that Shani will be safe in that case. Indra Dev says this is difference between me and Shukracharya. I don’t want that storm to stop even if Shani is not that power. His sacrifice will become the reason of nuisance for Asuras and their Guru. Surya Dev wont spare them. Today we will either know about that special power or Asuras will become extinct! Their basis will be only one – Surya putra, Shani!

Dev Vishwakarma shows Shani his mother’s room. Chhaya and Dev Vishwakarma exchange glances. Shani begins to look around. Dev Vishwakarma asks for Kakol. Shani offers to go look for him. He might create some problem for you. He leaves.

Indra Dev and Guru Shukracharya look down at Dev Vishwakarma’s place. Indra Dev says time has come. Guru Shukracharya reminds him of his words. Indra Dev acts to agree. Why would I want to sacrifice a Dev Putra unnecessarily?

Shani is looking for Kakol when he hears the same voice again and again. I must find Kakol first. Kakol says I knew you would come. You too want to see what’s here? I hid here as I know you were feeling something strange which is why I hid here. We have to find out what’s in the lab! Shani smiles.

Dev Vishwakarma remarks that Shani is different from other Dev-putra’s. Chhaya nods. He is special. Maybe Mahadev made him this way for some particular reason. Dev Vishwakarma says something unusual has an unusual reason too. He produces fire magically and holds it before her. I want you to touch this fire and swear that Shani is indeed your son. She looks at him in shock. Dev Vishwakarma asks Chhaya to follow her orders. She touches fire but nothing happens to her hand. I swear in Mahadev’s name that Shani is my son only. Plus! He douses the fire and looks at her pointedly. Dev Vishwakarma says body burns but not shadow. I repeat my question once again. I want to hear truth this time. Who are you?

Guru Shukracharya leaves his Asura / storm near Dev Vishwakarma’s place. Indra Dev thinks let’s start this game now. This will answer if Shani is that special power or not!

Shani and Kakol are inside the lab now. They are mesmerised by what they see. Shani hears that voice once again. He looks at the box kept in a corner. Some rays emit from it. Shani says what’s that.

Dev Vishwakarma asks Chhaya to honestly tell him who she is if she isn’t Sandhya. Chhaya says you were right. Body burns but not shadow. I am not Sandhya but Chhaya. Your daughter created me with her shadow so she can bear Surya Dev’s heat and go to do tapasya. Dev Vishwakarma remembers his last convo with Sandhya. He asks about Shani. Chhaya says he is indeed Surya Putra but my son! I am not a God like you and Devi Sandhya but I have done my duties honestly. Swear on Mahadev, there was nothing amiss in Yam and Yami’s upbringing from my end. Dev Vishwakarma says Sandhya made a mistake by leaving for tapasya alone without telling anyone. You did your duty while Sandhya wanted a solution. What’s Surya Dev’s mistake in this? Truth was hidden from him for 10 years. He does not know it isn’t his wife Sandhya but Chhaya who he has spent his last 10 years with! Now that I know this, I cannot hide this from him. I will have to tell Surya Dev about this. Chhaya requests him not to do this. no one should know of this. This was what your daughter wanted. He refuses to cheat Surya Dev. The sooner is knows this the better. I am leaving right away to tell him everything. She asks him to wait but in vain. She finally blocks his way. You are a God while I am just a shadow. You are a creator while I am not even a creation. I am just a shadow of your daughter. I am not your daughter or Surya Dev’s wife but not even Mahadev can change this fact that I am a mother. I gave birth to Shani. It is an insult to a mother when her identity isn’t told to her kid herself. Give me a chance to answer my son’s question once. I want to answer the question he has been asking me since years! Give me one chance. She cries. Dev Vishwakarma agrees to give her one chance.

Shani is attracted to that box and goes to where it is kept.

Chhaya is walking in the corridor. I will have to tell you the secret today which I had been hiding from you for years!

Precap: Chhaya shouts for Shani! Shani goes to where that special weapon is kept.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Vanshika

    Nice epi..i hope this Precap not gets postponed to Monday otherwise…
    Thanks alot sweet pooja di for the update..

    1. Pooja

      most welcome dear 🙂

  2. Vanshika

    @soups di if u r here plz reply hope u remember me?

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      Of course I do Vanshu! 🙂


    cmt kya karu poore hafte ki episode ek baar dikhdiya hai colors.baar baar wahi porane precap…???
    @ALISHA good question..???
    how it’s possible…❗❓
    (million dollars question )
    any one knows.. ❗❓❓❓❓❓❓❓


    real asura is INDRADEV…????

    1. Nandhini

      Lol!!??? yeah

    2. Nandhini

      Sometimes asuras and asur guru shukracharya are being honest in their actions but indradev is cheating most of the times to save his throne and his swarg lok…

  5. Nice episode.. Feeling bad for chaaya..egarly waiting for tmw episode..

  6. Sabrina

    Wow just wow brillant episode…. looking forward to tomorro

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