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Shani 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| People lose their own dignity when they insult someone falling prey to their own arrogance. Shani teaches that it is not always necessary to win ||

Epi begins with Sanghya saying I can guide you if you want to take revenge from Shani. Do you want justice? Neelima says not justice but revenge is what I want! I want to finish Shani!

Shani says I respect you but it doesn’t mean I will forget the controller and saviour of the world. Brahma Dev vows to show him who is bestest God of all. Shani steps forward. I am ready to bear the consequence of my mistake, if I have committed one. Chhaya prays for Shani’s well being. Mahadev and Narayan appear there just then. Brahma Dev taunts them for coming there to save their beloved Shani. Narayan points out that they came here to protect him instead.

It is true that world cannot exist without your creation. You are Param Pita. A father cannot force his kid to respect him. He gains respect from his karmas. Mahadev adds that his fifth head is the indicator of his arrogance. Please give it up. Arrogance cannot stay with the creator. Brahma Dev asks him if he is jealous of his fifth head. You act to be devoid of anyone or any sentiments but you want everyone to pray to you only. This is why you came here to protect Shani today. You kept mum when Shani punished my son Chandra and when he insulted me. You are quiet now so you can prove your greatness over me? It is all because of your arrogance. You are so insecure that you don’t want any other God to gain importance over you. You only want everyone to pray to you. You are selfish and hypocrite! Shani tells him to stop. This is what you think about the one who drank Halalal (poison) for the betterment of the world? I was quiet till now as you are part of Tridev but you broke my patience after insulting Mahadev. I will surely punish you for your misdeed! Brahma Dev insists that he is above the result of any karma. Shani tells him to stop. It is time to cast my Drishti on you! Dev Vishwakarma advises him against it followed by Surya Dev but Shani stays put. He dint leave any other option for me. Chhaya too tells her son against it but Shani casts his Vakra-Drishti on Brahma Dev. Now you will be punished for insulting Mahadev!

Brahma Dev calls him a fool. No harm will come to me even if you do that. I will see how powerful you are! He gets Brahma-astra. Mahadev angrily tells him to stop. You were warned repeatedly by me, Karamfaldata and by my Aradhya Narayan but you dint understand. Now it is time to make you understand that nothing is above karma, not even Tridev. My trident will be the medium of your punishment. It will finish your fifth head. Mahadev aims his trident at Brahma Dev’s fifth head but he disappears.

Shani and everyone reach jungle. Brahma Dev appears there and so do Mahadev and Narayan. Dev Vishwakarma forecasts of the impending doom. Tridev’s are not agreeing to things. Brahma Dev keeps disappearing to save himself from Mahadev.

Earth shakes. Devraj is confused about it. Sanghya remarks that it means her plan succeeded. They step out and notice Mahadev aiming his trident at Brahma Dev. Brahma Dev disappears yet again. Mahadev tells him it is futile. Your arrogance will be finished today. Sanghya suggests going after Mahadev. Rahu points out that they too might fall in trouble. Mahadev is upset. She wants to use the energy created by the disagreement between Tridev. We have to help Neelima this way so she can finish Shani.

Brahma Dev reaches Pataal Loka thinking Mahadev wont find him there but in vain. Brahma Dev travels to earth. He is about to disappear again when Narayan tells him even he cannot escape his destiny. Surrender. Mahadev wont stop following you. Mahadev shoots his trident. Brahma Dev shouts in pain as his fifth head is cut off. He looks at Shani teary eyed. You are responsible for this karma of Mahadev. Shani says I hope you would try to understand that it was important. Arrogance has been cut off from you now. You wanted me to consider you greatest which is impossible as all 3 of you are same energy. Brahma Dev accepts his mistake. Forgive me Mahadev. I forgot my duty under the influence of arrogance. Mahadev replies that not him but the arrogance inside him was at fault. It is finished now. Brahma Dev requests him to offer this fifth head in this river. Mahadev fulfils his request. Shani smiles. All is well that ends well.

Mahadev notices a blue trail travelling on the surface of river. This isn’t the end but beginning of another incident. The water travels from mountains and reaches a small stream. Rahu, Devraj and Sanghya are gathered there. Devraj gets hold of that negative energy using his powers. Sanghya remarks that this was created by the disagreement caused between Tridev. It will make Neelima much more powerful than Shani! Neelima joins them. Sanghya asks her if she is ready. Neelima nods. Sanghya uses her powers to infuse the negative energy of Tridev’s in Neelima. All three of them lend their energies to her as well making her all the more powerful. Sanghya remarks that Shani wont be able to stand before her now. Now you will finish Karamfaldata!

Precap: Sanghya says till the time Neelima will finish Shani, we will destroy everything. Someone tells Surya Dev that Sanghya has gotten hold of Neelima. Shani announces that it is time for war!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wah makers wah kya baat hai
    Brahma dev k panchve seesh ki katha hi badal di???

    1. Kamalanayani

      Yeah… Truly collapsed.. And taking that energy inside water and giving to Mata Neelima made us feel really bad about Devi Sangya character… They are always posing that character in the most worst manner…

      1. Love to be Indian

        Kamalanayani why are you denoting everywhere mata neelima seriously its doesn’t looks cool why we join everything with those culture and that we don’t know anything about . a person value doesn’t depend upon a taboo symbol of ‘ mata’in case of respect we didn’t need to show it just treat them like a normal person .Hinduism is logical and scientific religion. Its completely based on science then why we are still a taboo.still we are blindly following our taboo customs which we don’t know meaning of any.


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  3. Chaaya

    So disappointed with the storyline. Shani is still great, throughout these challenges. Hope Shani Dev viewers all well.


    Episode Synopsis
    Episode – 161
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 19 Jun Set Alert
    An angry Neelima says that she will destroy Shani. Brahma orders Shani to bow down to him. Shani responds by saying that he will put his ‘drishti’ on Brahma for insulting Mahadev.
    Episode – 162
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 20 Jun Set Alert
    When Neelima receives the anti-Trinity energy, Shani senses it and knows that Neelima is ready to fight an equal battle with him. Shani wants Mahadev to guide him.
    Episode – 163
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 21 Jun Set Alert
    As Shani searches for Neelima, Sanghya mocks him, saying that Neelima will arrive when it is Shani’s time to die. In Surya Lok, Chhaya and Yami worry about Shani and Surya,
    Episode – 164
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 22 Jun Set Alert
    After Neelima defeats Shani, she turns to Surya. She trounces him also but refrains from killing him because she feels that the world needs him.
    Episode – 165
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 23 Jun Set Alert
    Shani starts hallucinating under Neelima’s influence when everyone blames him for his actions. The holy trinity is worried because of this situation.

    No this can’t happen , like this the evil can not win, the good can not defeat, I can’t believe this how can it be?
    I can’t explain this time I am so scared to think what will happen to innocent shani dev. In this serial dev sanghya is pure devil and having a total destructive mind. This time she have crossed her every limits and she should be punished very sevearly.
    Oh my god I really hope from core of my heart that this time shani dev gets saved from the evil intentions of that evil dev raj , devi sangya , RAHU and neelima.????

    1. Raunak

      Hi @MADHUSHREE :

      From where to you get these updates…….Curious to know more updates….
      what happens in 166 episode

  5. Oh dear, the makers have their own world when they write scripts for the serial.

  6. The makers always write negatively about Sanghya and showing sanghya and co., giving negative energy is not good. It’ll sow bad thoughts about devi Sanghya in people’s mind. Feeling bad for Shani dev ????

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