Shani 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani sees Hanuman

Shani 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Shani teaches that good and truth finish what’s bad just like light kills darkness. ||

Hanuman thinks Shani should get ready to bear his Karamfal. You caught hold of my Guru. You will have to pay for it. Shani turns around startled and begins to look around yet again. Hanuman hides.

Ravan is looking for Dhamini. Dhamini and Mandodari reach the main gate of Lanka. Mandodari asks her what they should do. There were no guards here earlier. Maybe my husband asked them to stay here. Dhamini advises her to hide and goes to talk to the guards herself. The guards block Dhamini’s way. It is Dashanan’s order that you must not step out of Lanka. She diverts their attention to Mandodari. She is in trouble. It is your duty to protect her right. They begin to go when she hits them from behind.

They fall unconscious. Mandodari is surprised to see it. How could you do it? Dhamini replies that she is Gandharva. She knows dance as well as how to protect herself. Mandodari asks her to come. My husband would have known about our plan by now and he must be coming. Dhamini nods.

Shani requests Yami to trust her brother. I am sure we will get out of this situation very soon like we have got out of all the previous ones. Dhamini will be free soon. Hanuman looks on.

Mandodari brings Dhamini to the Pushpak Viman. Go away from Lanka now. Dhamini asks her to come along. A woman like you do not need to stay where her husband does not respect her. Mandodari denies. You must leave alone. I am Ravan’s wife. I cannot ignore my pati-dharma. My house is where my husband is. Please go. Dhamini says any woman is lucky to be married to a God or saint but you are still on your path even after being married to a guy like Ravan. I have started respecting you all the more now. You are my inspiration.

Surya Dev remarks that history is repeating itself. You have once again chosen your son instead of your husband! Yam seconds him. Why do you always support Shani, Mata? Why are you supporting him even when he has kidnapped Surya Dev? Please step aside Mata. Let’s free father and do your patni-dharma. Shani says that is what she has done till now. Has she not made sacrifices for Surya Dev? Think about it Surya Dev. You separated a son from a mother the moment he was born. It was because your happiness lied in that decision. Mata stayed with me in jungle and returned to Surya Loka daily when the sun rose. It was her husband’s wish. She tried to bring me to Surya Loka and asked me to bend down before you for your sake. She stayed away from Bhadra and bore everything that Devi Sanghya did just because of her pati-vrat. Tell me why a woman has to testify for her pati-dharma? Can you tell me about a time when you went through any problem while doing your pati-dharma? He turns to Yam. You don’t need to fight in your own house. You are needed outside Surya Loka. Come with me. Yam refuses to help him. Shani tells him he does not need his help but Surya Loka does. Surya Loka has been attacked. Surya Dev asks him who attacked on Surya Loka. Shani tells him to think himself who it could be.

Hanuman walks away. Wounded / hurt soldiers are lying on the floor. Yam and Shani notice this and wonder who it could be. Yam agrees to tackle the problem but clears to him that he would not support him in anything else. Who attacked Surya Loka? Shani is clueless. I can feel his presence but I am unable to see him. There is someone who is not letting me reach him. I can only sense that he is near Raj Sabha right now. Yam says whoever it is, he will have to come before Dharmaraj Yam!

Ravan notices the soldiers lying on the ground and gets upset. Mandodari tells Dhamini to hurry up. They take leave from each other. Dhamini steps on the Pushpak Viman and orders it to take her to Surya Loka but it stays put. She tries again but fails. Mandodari is also boggled. Ravan offers to tell them what happened. They are shocked to see him. Ravan tells Dhamini to forgive his innocent wife. He brought you to Pushpak Viman but she forgot that it only follows my commands. Dhamini begins to run but Ravan tells her it is pointless to try getting out of here. It is impossible to escape from Lanka without my permission. Dhamini stops. Ravan decides to put his ideas into practice real soon. Once Shani brings Nav-graha’s here, I will give him so much pain that you yourself will beg for his life and will also agree to become my son’s mother. That is when his life will be saved!

Hanuman is walking in the corridor. Yam tells him to be careful. I have come to punish you for attacking Surya Loka. Hanuman thinks it is Shani’s supporter. I should practice with him before taking care of Shani! Yam and Hanuman engage in a fight. Hanuman manages to defeat him easily. He shouts for Shani. I know you are somewhere around. Come in front of me and fight with me. Enough of hide-and-seek. It is time to punish you for your karma!

Dhamini feels Shani is in some problem. Have patience. I am sure everything will be fine soon.

Hanuman enters in Sabha and shouts for Shani. Where are you hiding? Someone utters Hanuman’s name. He looks around but cannot see anyone. You will have to pay for joking with me! He turns and finds mustard grains fallen on the floor. He touches them and all the past memories flash before his eyes. Was that some illusion or magic? He picks a few grains in his hands. Why do I feel as if someone has kept these grains before me earlier as well? I was told something but I don’t remember what it was! He was a known though. Shani steps out from behind the pillar and looks at Hanuman. His eyes are welled up. Shani thinks of their past moments. Tears stream down his cheeks. You are standing in front of me as my enemy after all these years and I cannot remind you of your past. I am bound by Kaal-chakra. Hanuman says everything seems familiar yet unfamiliar. It is as if some dust is lingering over my memory. What is it that is feeling so familiar? Why can I still not remember it completely? Who is this person in my memories? Shani recalls the promise he had made to Hanuman just before Hanuman lost his memory. Today I realized that it is time to fulfil the promise made to you years ago. He begins to walk towards Hanuman. Hanuman lets go of the grains.

Precap: Hanuman tells Surya Dev that Shani abducted him even after being his son and hurt you. I must give him a fitting reply. He hits Shani.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow !!
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