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|| Shani gives a warning before giving anyone their Karamfal. If they still don’t come on the right path then Shani punishes the culprit thereby setting an example before the entire world. No one can escape from the consequences after doing bad deeds. ||

Chhaya says I trusted you more than anyone else in the entire world. I always believed that come what may you will never kill Bhadra but you broke my faith and hope! Do you want to say anything? Shani says I had to say something but not anymore. You were right. What is present before our eyes doesn’t need proof. I really apologize to you. I apologize to the mother who gave birth to Bhadra; who trusted me with the responsibility to protect her daughter but I failed in living up to it. We don’t have Bhadra with us anymore. Chhaya

again blames him for it. One thing is still left to be done. Invoke your weapon! Shani does as told. Chhaya asks him to kill her using his weapon. I was the one who brought Bhadra in this world. If she was problem for the world then I am her mother. I am a bigger problem for the world then. Finish me! She pulls his weapon closer (just like Bhadra did) but he withdraws her hands. He hides his weapon recalling the similarity between both the incidents. She asks him why he isn’t killing her. Why are you not giving me my Karamfal? He says I know you are upset with me. I will accept whatever punishment you will give to me. Please have some mercy on me. She asks him if Bhadra wouldn’t have begged him in a similar manner to free her. You were stuck with your duty of Karamfaldata! You wouldn’t have seen any of it. You are a murderer! You must kill me the way you killed my daughter or you will remain in guilt for all your life. You will beg for forgiveness but you wont get it! Go Karamfaldata! Accept this pain. She stumbles in her steps. He says Mata in concern but she holds out her hand for him. You have killed a mother in order to save the world. I wont forgive you ever! Shani turns to go. Chhaya shouts at him to leave. I have no son anymore. He went away from me the moment he killed my daughter! The one standing before me is only Karamfaldata! My son Shani died with my daughter Bhadra! She cries.

Brahma Dev says after Bhara there is no one now who will look after Shani. Narayan adds that the consequence can be dangerous. Mahadev agrees. If we don’t find a solution to this problem soon then Karamfaldata will die! It will create imbalance in the world.

Shani reaches Kailash and greets Tridev. He questions Mahadev as to why this injustice is being done to him. I just lost my sister and now my mother has also turned her face away from me. Help me. I am Karamfaldata. I can manage the balance between karmas. I can give my life for it but I cannot stay away from mother. Mahadev says metal becomes gold only after being heated. Life is synonym of test. You must pass it. Be calm and keep your emotions in check. Everything will be fine with time. Shani says it means even you are not capable of helping me. Mahadev says this is your last fight so you must fight it all by yourself. The consequence will decide the balance of the entire world. Shani speaks of his duty as Karamfaldata. Sanghya’s sins need to be paid for. It is time. He turns to go but Mahadev warns him to again keep his emotions in check. Shani says I couldn’t fulfil the promise given to my mother but I will surely fulfil the promise I made to my sister.

Chhaya cannot stop thinking of Bhadra. Surya Dev asks about her health. She asks him how a mother, who just lost her daughter, and whose son only killed her daughter, would be. Surya Dev sits down beside her. I respect your feelings but it isn’t right to stay in the room. She isn’t keen to go out but he tells her he needs her support. It is my duty to nurture the world back to life after whatever happened. We will have a small celebration for that matter. She withdraws her hand from his. Should a mother celebrate her daughter’s death? He denies and tries to explain to her but in vain. Surya Dev reminds her her duty as a Devi. We will make preps for the celebration in this room only if you don’t wish to step outside your room. Indra Dev will help us in achieving this. The celebration will happen right here.

Kakol follows Shani. Why do you wish to go to Surya Loka when you wish to punish Sanghya? Shani shares that he knows Sanghya’s mentality well. She herself will come to Surya Loka. This time there will be no mercy, no sin, no punya, no mother, no son or anything else. It will just be Karamfaldata Shani and the culprit.

Devraj asks Sanghya where she is going all by herself. She hesitantly tries to talk to him but he threatens to take revenge for what she did to him in the past. She apologizes to him. I lost my mind. With Bhadra on my side, I became arrogant. Devraj says I agree. I will forgive you but Shani will never forgive you. He will kill you the way he killed Bhadra! He killed Bhadra with Bhadrantak. She denies. He asks her how is she so sure. She gives him a dagger and makes him hold the other end. Then she keeps her hand over his and makes him look at their shadows. With her pulling the dagger towards her, he understands what had really happened. Sanghya says Shani dint kill Bhadra. Bhadra has killed herself but everyone present there feels that Shani did his dharma by killing Bhadra. Devraj insists that everyone should know about it then. He has become great in everyone’s eyes by killing Bhadra. Sanghya does not mind it. We can easily trap Karamfaldata this way. Everyone including Chhaya feels the same way. A mother parting with her kid is the biggest pain for any kid. Shani cannot live without his mother. Now I know what I have to do. Devraj smirks.

Everyone gathers in Chhaya’s room. Surya Dev addresses everyone. I want to make 2 announcements. One, Yam and Yami have done brilliantly till now. It is time that Yam, Yami and Shani should go to get training from Guru Brihaspati. Chhaya tells Yami not to worry. You wont even realise it while you are getting trained. Yam and Yami nod. Surya Dev points out that with the Halahal disappearing from the world, Swarna Yuga is about to begin. Devraj gives credit to Karamfaldata Shani for that. Shani says wont you say anything for Bhadra. It could become possible only after what she did. Surya Dev tells Shani this celebration was kept in his respect only. Shani again gives credit to Bhadra. Devraj calls it strange. You killed Bhadra yet you call it a sacrifice! Shani points out that she was misguided. She heard herself being addressed as Anishta, Halahali from her own father but she still couldn’t understand words like jealousy. Only such a pious soul can make such sacrifices. A trap was laid for her and she fell in it. She was misled.

Sanghya remarks that Shani couldn’t kill her till date even after being capable of it but today she will kill him using his weakness against him.

Precap: Shani says I dint end Bhadrakaal for my advantage. I gave Bhadra her Karamfal. Sanghya asks him what he gives to those who are ready to accept their sins. Shani firmly tells her she wont get any forgiveness. You will only get your Karamfal now – death!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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