Shani 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chhaya holds Shani responsible for Bhadra’s death!

Shani 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| When one keeps bad intentions towards someone then that person also has to go through similar consequences. Shani teaches that those who keep bad thoughts towards someone also have to bear such similar results. ||

Epi begins with Bhadra telling Shani to kill her. Shani calls it impossible. Tell me some other way if possible. I cannot kill you. She repeats at him to do his duty by killing her. Protect mother; the world and yourself. You are Karamfaldata and it is your duty to kill me! Shani decides to control Halahal. She knows he can protect her this way but he wont be able to save himself then. I wont let it happen. There is only one way to stop this destruction from happening – my end! She holds Bhadrantak from the other end. Shani tries telling her against it but she again repeats that this

is the only way left. She gets emotional thinking of their past moments together. I am lucky to be born as your sister. Whenever anyone will give an example of brother in the world, you will always be remembered. Remember this always Bhai. Only Sanghya is responsible for my condition. She must get her Karamfal. Pardon me Bhai. She pulls Bhadrantak towards herself. Shani and Chhaya shout in shock.

Bhadra falls in Shani’s arms. Shani looks at her stunned. He pulls Bhadrantak out. Chhaya passes out. Yam and Yami hold her. Shani speaks to Bhadra. I am proud of the fact that you killed yourself to protect mother, the world from destruction. I am proud of you. We will meet again at some point of time. He holds one of her bangles sadly.

Dev Vishwakarma tells Yam and Yami that Chhaya needs rest. Let’s take her home.

Shani watches Bhadra’s soul leave her. I wont let this great deed, this sacrifice go in vain. You will surely get your Karamfal! Sanghya is watching them from far and looks tensed. Mahadev appears there. Everyone except Shani greet him. Mahadev remarks that Karamfaldata did his duty. Entire world is safe now. Everyone cheers for Shani. Mahadev disappears. Shani cries. The person who sacrificed her life to save the world is the one who really deserves this praise. It isn’t me but Bhadra. Devi Bhadra ki Jai!

Sanghya is sure Shani will kill her now. There is only one way to save myself from him now. I will accept my crime before him before he comes looking for me.

Shani is walking in the corridor absentmindedly. Surya Dev walks up to him. You were right. Time only will answer all my questions. I have found my answers. I know how painful all this will be for you yet you did your duty. You protected the world. I have come to respect you more now. Shani replies that the way he lost his sister today, he too has lost his daughter today! You don’t praise one kid after losing another. If you have any sympathy, tears left in your body then pour it out today. Your daughter died today! He walks away upset.

Chhaya is still unconscious. Shani is sitting beside her. He thinks of the promise he had made to her and rests his head in her feet. I couldn’t fulfil the promise I gave to you. Please forgive me. I tried yet I couldn’t protect Bhadra! Say something please. Curse me. Your silence is killing me. All Gods are praising me for killing Bhadra. They are actually celebrating it. It is only the two of us who have been affected by Bhadra’s death. I am proud of her. She sacrificed her life so the world could be saved. She did it for you, me and Mahadev. She killed herself with Bhadrantak! Please say something. Your silence is heartbreaking. Please wake up. Devraj comes to meet Surya Dev. Shani hears his voice and gets up.

Devraj tells Surya Dev he should have been happy right now. Bhadra was nothing more than a problem for all of us. Her end has restored peace and happiness in the world. Surya Dev agrees. Maybe you are forgetting that she was also an Ansh of this Surya. Devraj says I understand your pain but it is my duty to get you out of this guilt and pain as Devraj. It is your duty to spread light in the world thereby killing darkness. I feel like we must celebrate this occasion. Surya Dev points out that Chhaya is a mother. She can never celebrate her daughter’s death. Devraj says maybe she will be happy seeing everyone happy. Surya Dev seconds him.

Shani asks Surya Dev where he is headed to. Surya Dev refuses to take his permission to meet his own wife. Shani points out that it is a mother’s son who is questioning him right now. Just tell me if you are going to mourn a mother’s loss or want to celebrate someone’s death. Devraj praises him for saving the world. You really are Karamfaldata. Shani nods. I wish I could say something similar for you. I wish you were a little sympathetic so he wouldn’t speak of celebration before a brother who just lost his sister. Surya Dev tells him it is enough. Get out of our way. Shani asks him if he wants to go and invite the mother who just lost her daughter. How can she be happy knowing this?

Chhaya wakes screaming Bhadra’s name. Shani rushes to her side. She goes quiet seeing him and recalls how Bhadra died. He offers her water but she refuses to take anything from her daughter’s murderer. Shani drops the glass in shock. Chhaya asks him how he dare come before her. Just leave from here! You promised to protect my daughter but you only killed my daughter. He tries to explain but she insists that it was he who killed Bhadra. You dint live up to your word! Amazing Karamfaldata, you have done great justice with your mother. It cannot be my son who cannot live up to his own word. The one who kills his own sister thinking her to be his enemy, cannot be my son! Shani asks her if she really thinks he is Bhadra’s murderer. She says I saw it with my own eyes. I don’t need a proof. I always had faith in you. I always believed that come what may you will never kill Bhadra but you broke my faith and hope!

Precap: Sanghya says Shani cannot live without his mother. Now I know what I have to do. Devraj smirks. Mahadev says if we don’t find a solution to this problem soon then Karamfaldata will die!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    I cannot bear the death of Devi Bhadra… I can understand from the position of Shani dev… but why Mata Chaaya is mistaking him… His only hope is his Mata… And now, he has been seized from that love and affection… I understand how much he had to bear to be Karmphal Daata… And till now many people are talking rubbish about him…

    They say he is cruel… But he isn’t… His unbiasedness makes others feel that he is cruel…

    And, it had been stated that this will be the last chapter of Shani dev’s childhood… Gonna miss you Kartikey…

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