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Shani 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sometimes you have to bend down before the culprit even when you are not wrong.

Sanghya says I can punish you for coming here without permission if I want to but I am the mother of would be Karamfaldata. I am telling you nicely to return. Chhaya reasons a mother can go to any lengths for her kids. You never thought of Shani as your son while I never differentiated between Yam and Shani. Yam is still a son to me. I also want to be a part of the yagya which is going to be organized, only if you allow. Sanghya taunts her for asking for her place even now. Be present tomorrow. You will realise where we both stand. She leaves. Chhaya smiles.

Next morning, sun rises in the sky. Yam and everyone is seated for the yagya. Sanghya is happy thinking her son will become Karamfaldata soon. Shani and his mother

will be out of my life once and for all once the yagya happens successfully.

Shani tells his mother not to go. You are not even invited. She reasons that Yam is also her son. I don’t need invitation for that. He fears her being insulted by Devi Sanghya. She knows he is concerned for her. I don’t mind being insulted as I respect Mahadev. Shani adds that he too respects Mahadev but she holds a much higher place in his heart than Mahadev. I wont be able to see you getting insulted by Devi Sanghya. Chhaya reminds him that she is Sanghya’s shadow. I have to be present if she is there. Shani stands in her way. She tells him to move aside. He says I am not coming in your path but I will walk with you. I wont cast my Drishti on anyone at any cost. She tells him not to take any decision too soon. You have time till evening. I have full faith that what’s right will happen. He hugs her. She smiles thinking he will realise his duty when he will see her being insulted.

Sanghya asks Surya Dev if they can start the yagya. He nods.

Narayan says Surya Dev’s concern is justified. You will have to give Sanghya her wish if the yagya completes. It will create imbalance in the world. You have always done justice for the betterment of the world. Mahadev reasons that justice is done on the basis of karmas. Sanghya is doing it all for her son Yam. If her yagya is complete then she has a right to ask what she wants. I will be bound to bless her with it then. Narayan asks for a way out. Mahadev says it can only happen if Shani comes back on the right path soon or Yam will become Karamfaldata as per Sanghya’s wish.

Purohit asks them to give the first Aahuti. Chhaya requests Devi Sanghya to stop. She seeks Surya Dev’s permission to give Aahuti as well. Surya Dev nods. Sanghya reminds her that a shadow has no right to demand or request. I have only allowed you to be present here and not give Aahuti. Shani points out that no one asked for her permission anyways. They all look at him as he enters. Shani adds that the permission was asked from Surya Dev. Sanghya is about to retort but Shani holds out his hand so as to stop her. He turns to Surya Dev. My mother is Yam and Yami’s mother as well. A mother has a right to give Aahuti in the yagya which is happening for her kids. Sanghya warns Shani not to even think of it. My Chhaya cannot be my kids’ mother. Surya Dev seconds Shani. Chhaya might not have given birth to Yam but she did raise him up. She has a right to give Aahuti as a mother. Sanghya gives in. She can give an Aahuti in the yagya but Shani has no right for it. You have broken all your ties with him already. Shani says I have no such inkling. Remember that you need good deeds to please Mahadev. Sanghya tells him to give such lectures as much as he wants to but after today evening, Yam will get that position. Chhaya will have to do all that I will ask her to. Chhaya happily agrees. Sanghya vows to turn Chhaya’s smile into pain before sunset. Chhaya thinks I know Sanghya will cross all her limits today. I am still happy as Shani is present here.

Both Sanghya and Chhaya sit down for the puja.

Brahma Dev asks Mahadev who will get justice out of both the mothers. Mahadev replies that the one who does her karma will a pure heart will succeed.

Sanghya pushes Chhaya’s hand thereby making the Aahuti fall in her feet. It was supposed to be offered to Mahadev! She blames Chhaya for not letting the yagya happen. Shani says she is Mahadev’s devotee. She cannot insult him in anyway. Sanghya tells him to be quiet. You were raised like an orphan. You don’t know any rules of puja or yagya. Chhaya feels bad but apologizes to Sanghya. This is wrong. I am ready for punishment. Shani tells his mother not to apologize to Sanghya. Chhaya reasons that she needs to do penitence for her mistake. There was an obstacle in the yagya because of me. I should be punished. Sanghya tells Chhaya to clean her feet with her hands as punishment. Everyone’s eyes widen in shock. Shani requests her mother not to do it but Chhaya accepts the condition. I made a mistake. I have to make it right. Surya Dev tells Sanghya it isn’t needed. This isn’t right. Sanghya says I am doing it for the yagya only. I can take my words back if Chhaya will say so. Chhaya looks at Shani. I will have to accept this so as to make Shani realise his duty once again. She agrees to do it.

Chhaya washes Sanghya’s feet. Come back on the path of duty Shani. Understand how you are encouraging the evil by not doing your duty as Karamfaldata. Sanghya tells Chhaya to hurry up. I don’t have entire day for you. We have to do the yagya also! Surya Dev feels bad seeing Chhaya wiping Sanghya’s feet clean. Chhaya turns to keep the pot aside when Sanghya tells her to stop. Everything related to yagya is pious including this water. We must not waste it. It will be an insult to the yagya. Chhaya asks her what is needed to be done. Sanghya next tells Chhaya to drink the same water. Everyone is taken aback by Sanghya’s demand. Shani shouts at Sanghya to stop.

Precap: Shani syas you got many chances to change your path. You dint learn anything though. Now I will have to bring you on the right path. He gets angry which creates disturbance / havoc in the world. Tridev get concerned for everyone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    I saw in a promo
    Tomorrow, Shani dev casts vakra-drishti on Devi Sangya…
    I am eagerly waiting to watch it…..

    1. Nandhini

      I too saw the promo but i think he wont cast his vakra drishti instead he wil vent his anger alone which affects on the universe…

      1. Kamalanayani

        No Nandhini akka
        not the precap… But the promo of this week…
        See this link to confirm… From 0:16 see for Shani serial…

  2. That’s great


    That’s great ☺plz. Kamalanayani give the link if u get. Plz.

  4. Good to hear that ?. Shani must cast his vakra dhrishti on sanghya. She deserves that. Welcome back KARMAFAL DAATA SHANI ? ? ?

  5. Fine this is serial let it be for a moment, hum sab log yeh bhool jate hai ki yeh ek kalpanik katha hai but think jo India k bahar yeh shows dekte hai jinhe Veda aur puran ko koi gyan nahi kya woh hamare woh yeh nahi sochenge ki devi saranyu sach mai buri hai maine ek aur serial mai dekha jaha woh devi indrayani ko ek vamp k roop mai dikate hai matlab in dono deviyo ko jaha itna mahatva hai vedas purans and aaj ki life mai b wahi yeh kalpanik serials wale unhe itna gira hua dika rahe hai devi sandya jo ki hamare mood ko theek karne ki shakti deti hai devi paulmi jo ki hame hamare krod aur irsha ko niyantran karna sikati hai unke bare mai aisa dikana yeh kadachit theek nahi kal koi aur show ayega (mai aisa kabi na chahu) usmai hamari devi mata Kali ko b negative role mai dika sakte hai

    Agar hum aaj utkar unhe yeh karne se nahi rokenge toh hamare vedo ko nasth hone mai samaye nahi lagega
    Yeh ek entertainment based hai ok let it be but ek devi jo jeevan ka poshan karne mai saat deti hai jo clouds ki devi hai jisse varaha uttpan hoti hai unhe itna gira hua dikana

    Hum sab log sandyavandan karte hai hame acha feel hota hai
    But mere pados mai rehene wale bacche neh pooch liya woh toh bahut buri hai usse mat pujo
    Now tell me frnds kya nayi generation galat cheez nahi seekh rahi

    Oh krishna! Sabi producer aur writer’s ko sadbudhi dena

    1. Kamalanayani

      We missed a point, Where is Devi Indrani (Sachi Devi)….
      They never showed her at all….

      1. Yes they never show the reality?

      2. Kamalanayani

        Please don’t say like that Sandya….
        And I am really feeling bad that children are feeling bad about Devi Sangya…
        I hope it will be changed after Shani dev casts vakra-drishti & takes her to good path…

      3. Hope so!

    2. Nandhini

      Sandhya i am too very angry and disappointed with the bad portrayal of devi sanghya…
      Hii chaaya! Its ok no need to apologize for a small thing…and you are so right about the entertainment industry…

      1. Yaa I am just worried about the kids who watch these shows and these things affecting very badly on them oh krishna I am so sad?

  6. It’s varsha not varaha

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