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Epi begins with Shani saying that this book holds the secret as to why Surya Dev is losing his powers.

Devi Sanghya tells Surya Dev she needs to talk to him about something important. He says the same to her. The only way to get out of this problem is by going to Rishi’s Ashram to rectify our mistake. We should do it before it is too late.

Dev Vishwakarma looks on as Shani opens the book. Why do you seem tensed? He reads the page and is shocked. Shani confirms that it has happened. It means that Surya Dev’s weakness is his own!

Surya Dev insists that they cannot renounce their kids. Sanghya says they were born in Mrityu Loka. It is the ritual there that the kids are left in Ashram. Their upbringing will be done there as per the rules. We dint make any mistake. I am telling you again

and again not to think of it so much. Rishi Dev has also promised us of the same. They both recall the promise that they took from Maharishi. Surya Dev hopes no one, most of all Shani finds out about it ever.

Shani decides to go himself and uncover the secret.

Shani comes to Mrityu Loka. He notices two kids taking a log. Shani wonders why they have an emblem of horse. He remembers Maharishi’s curse and all that happened thereafter. So this was what Surya Dev and Devi Sanghya were hiding. These kids! The kids begin to run when Shani requests them to stop. I am not your enemy. I wont harm you. They stop in their tracks.

Hanuman steals the books from the tables while teaching their disciples. They complain to Matang Rishi. Matang Rishi gets angry realising Hanuman is behind it.

Hanuman tries reading the books himself. I cannot understand what they read out of it and how. Devraj asks him what is bothering him. He thinks he came on the right time. It wont take too much time to convince Hanuman to study from Surya Dev. Hanuman gets up to go. Devraj asks him why he is leaving. Hanuman clearly tells him he doesn’t like the taste of Vajra. Matang Rishi joins them and complains about Hanuman to Devraj. He is becoming too naughty. He stole the books from Guru’s. Devraj speaks in Hanuman’s favours. He took them to understand what’s written in them. I was only explaining to him that knowledge cannot be gained without Guru’s. He was only coming to return them. Hanuman quietly returns the books to Matang Rishi. Matang Rishi leaves. Hanuman again turns to leave when Devraj tells him he needs a Guru. He will teach you well so no one can cheat you again like Shani did. This catches Hanuman’s attention. What are you hinting at? Devraj replies that he was almost near his victory. You were only a step away but then Shani diverted your mind. He made you lose. He might not be stronger like you but he is really knowledgeable. Hanuman accepts it. Shani dint use power but his mind to stop me. He would have certainly failed if he had used his strength. Devraj suggests him to defeat Shani in his own game. You will become more knowledgeable than Shani by studying from Surya Dev. He is the best Guru for you. Hanuman asks him if Surya Dev will teach him. Devraj affirms. Are you ready? Hanuman agrees. We will have to seek mother’s permission. Devraj assures him that’s already done. He thinks Shani should get ready to lose now.

Devraj brings Hanuman to Surya Loka. This will be your home till you complete your studies.

Shani tells the twins not to be scared. Don’t be afraid of me. I have just come to talk to you. Share your introduction. One of them share that they are Ashwani Kumars. Father will punish us if he sees you here. Shani is taken aback. Your father is in this Ashram? They nod. This is his Ashram only. Shani tells them they have been lied to. Do you know who your father is? Same Devrishi appears there. I am their father! He scolds the twins. I will talk to you both later. Move aside. Shani stops them again. Decide where you should go only after knowing the truth. Devrishi reiterates firmly that he only is their father. They will only listen to what I will say! Shani replies that the one who forces his kids cannot be a father. A father sets them free. Devraj tells him to be in his limits. Shani warns him to come on the right path. Give these kids their real identity or I will have to use my powers to force you to oblige. Devrishi stays put. You are uninvited here. You should leave! Shani reasons that people invite Shani in the middle by their karmas and lies. We both know who these kids are and where their real place is. It is my duty to bring everyone on the place they deserve to be.

Devraj tries convincing Surya Dev to accept Hanuman as his disciple. Hanuman fiddles with the things. Devraj says I told you he is really curious about things and wants to explore everything. Surya Dev and his family observe Hanuman as he roams in every corner of the room. He ends up sitting in Surya Dev’s chair which upsets everyone. Devraj covers up saying that Hanuman is very calm. Hanuman drops things at that very moment itself. Devraj says it is new place. This is what happens in the beginning. Trust me. you would love to be his Guru. He has Mahadev’s blessings. He will surely end up as someone really knowledgeable. World will always remember you if you will play a big role in it too. Hanuman gets tempted seeing laddoos. Chhaya offers them to Hanuman who gobbles up everything. Devraj adds that you can clearly see the hunger of knowledge in him (hinting at Hanuman’s hunger 😛 ). Surya Dev points out that he is hungry not for knowledge but food. He tells Hanuman to leave. You are way too much naughty and undisciplined. First you tried to cast an eclipse on me and now you are creating havoc in my Loka. There is no place for you here. You may leave!

Maharishi advises Shani to leave. The path chosen by me is right. Shani angrily tells him to stop. This is your last chance. accept truth or you will have to bear punishment and my Vakra Drishti.

Precap: Surya Dev tells Hanuman he cannot teach him as he is unwell. Hanuman offers to bring solution for his problem. Shani advises Hanuman to get Ashwani Kumars out of their Ashram. This is the only way to heal Surya Dev. Hanuman reaches Ashram.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Episode Synopsis
    Episode – 181
    06:30 AM – 07:00 AM, 18 Jul Set Alert
    Shani discovers the reason behind Surya’s loss of energy. He goes to the ashram where Surya and Sanghya’s kids are being raised by a rishi.
    Episode – 182
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 18 Jul Set Alert
    Surya refuses to teach Hanuman, citing the latter’s ill health. Hanuman says that he will find a cure for his bad health as he wants to be mentored by Surya.
    Episode – 183
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 19 Jul Set Alert
    Hanuman reaches the rishi’s ashram and asks him to let go of the kids. When the rishi refuses, Hanuman gets angry and lifts the entire ashram, taking it to Surya Lok.
    Episode – 184
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 20 Jul Set Alert
    After Surya is cured, Hanuman again asks him if he can be his student. Surya again refuses to be his teacher, which disheartens Hanuman.
    Episode – 185
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 21 Jul Set Alert
    In the durbar of Surya, Hanuman requests Surya to teach him while walking. Surya again refuses and on being asked the reason by Shani, he reveals the truth.
    Episode – 186
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 24 Jul Set Alert
    There is no synopsis available for this episode.

    1. Thank you for synopsis.

  2. Pooja di I want to ask you where is shani seekhs which showed at starting?

  3. Surya have 13 childrens
    Surya’s childrens sugriva and karan he gave them as boon to their mothers.

    Surya and sandya’s childrens:
    Ashwin kumars
    Vaivasvata Manu

    Surya and chaaya’s childrens:
    Shani dev
    Savarni Manu

    Suvarchala also known as wife of Hanuman
    To give all the knowledge
    Surya gave him asth sidhi knowledge but unable to give him nau nidhi as he is Brahmacharya
    So Surya asked him to marry his daughter suvarchala who is tapasvini and always on tapasya
    She also has bright rays(tej) like Surya.
    After marriage Hanuman gain the remaining knowledge
    And suvarchala return for her tapasya.

    If anyone knows more about it pls comment.

    1. If you know about three marriages of Lord hanumaan ji then please tell me.

      1. Sorry I don’t about the other wives of Hanuman.but I know about his sons.

        And surya’s other wives of Sangya and prabha and rajni.

    2. Sir please tell about Surya dev ‘s other wives named ragyi and prabha.

    3. OK sir thank you for reply.

      1. Dont call me sir,call me sis?

    4. OK sis sorry I didn’t know.

      1. Its ok☺

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