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Shani 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shukrcharya compliments Rahu. I am really happy with you. You got Shani on our side finally. Now that the war has begun, we will support him. We will distribute Gods’ resources after winning over them. Shani says even you are no different than Gods. Shukracharya looks at him in surprise. Shani says even you think alike. You too are selfish like Indra. You also proved it today. Shukracharya says it isn’t so. I was always on your side. Shani says it isn’t help when you try to side with someone for selfish reasons. It is called selfishness. I came to thank you but now I will punish you. Shukracharya tries to say something but shani doesn’t let him. You found your selfish motive in helping me. Now I want to punish you. Rahu seconds Shani. Shukracharya is also an opportunist like Indra. He offered me

half Indra Loka if you win over it. But I am not a God or Asura. I will never cheat my friend. Shani asks him why he came here then. I don’t react but it doesn’t mean I don’t know what games you are playing. If it happens next time then I will express my anger not with words but weapon. He tells Shukracharya to be ready for his punishment. I will come to Pataal once I win over Dev Loka. Rahu smirks.

It is morning. Gods gear up for the war. Indra Dev thinks to stand behind so he does not have to bear any attack in case situation gets out of hand. Surya Dev looks around. Lot many crows appear therehis Shani steps forward afterwards holding his weapon in his hands. Earth shakes as he hits it on the ground. Surya Dev says it is so sad. A father has to face his own son to answer his challenge. A father always keeps his eyes on his sons thinking when he will take his first step. This time I am taking a step forward to stop my son. Shani says you are right. But the father who banished and cursed his son the day he took birth should expect to meet his son here only. Surya Dev accepts the mistakes he has made in past. I regret it and I am ready to repent for them. Drop your weapons son. Come home. Shani says some mistakes are not to be forgiven. No new beginning can happen since my mother died. For years she tried to make you like me but you only cursed me in return. I accept your proposition but can it bring my mother back? No, it cannot! It is too late to repent. There will be war now and every God will be punished for his misdeeds! Rahu comes there dragging Yam in chains. Surya Dev is shocked to see Yam thus. What are you doing Shani? You know Yam is your brother. Shani says it is so easy to tell someone to think. Did you think what I went through after my mother left me? No, you dint as nothing changed for you. Your kids and wife are still with you. My world was snatched from me. Gods dint live peacefully even then. I left Dev Loka. Who came after me to snatch the peace of Kaak Loka? Were you not at peace to snatch my mother that you killed Kakol’s Maiyya too? Gods only focus on their own selfish motives. I will finish them today. Surya Dev gives him last warning. Free Yam or the consequences will be dangerous. I understand your pain as a father but I have some duties as Devraj. Shani tells him to do his duties. I will fulfill my motives. Surya Dev says I regret that I couldn’t break your stubborn attitude. As a father, I wont attack first. You go ahead. Rahu leans closer to Shani’s ears. See how easily a father became Devraj once again. He stopped being a father. He is a God after all. Shani gives last warning to Surya Dev. Give Indra Loka to me and surrender to me. Surya Dev says as Devraj Indra Loka is my right. You will have to fight with me for it. Shani replies that he cannot do anything in that case.

Surya Dev and Shani get ready for their fight. Shani fails Surya Dev’s attack leaving Surya Dev shocked. Dev Vishwakarma and Devi Sanghya also come there. Sanghya thinks I have had enough of Shani till date but not anymore. He will die today! She gets her weapon which has the strength of her tapasya. I will give it to Surya Dev. She tries pulling it out of earth but it does not come out. She notices Chhaya holding it back. She left yet she is creating a hindrance in my path! Indra Dev fights with Rahu. He challenges Rahu to fight him. You will understand the power of Gods. Ii am Indra. You wont utter another word ever now! Indra makes him drop his weapon. Rahu manages to overpower him.

Shani tells Surya Dev only two of them are left now. Will you accept defeat easily or you still want to fight? Surya Dev says I came to explain to you but you dint leave any other option for me. They get into a fight. Surya Dev falls on the ground. Shani is about to hit him but stops. He recalls his mother talking nicely to him about his father all along. Surya Dev notices him lost in thoughts. He hits him hard on the chest. Shani falls on the ground but gets up. Surya Dev tells him he wont stop himself today. You will be punished for crossing your limit. I will see if you can bear my heat today or not. Shani accepts the challenge. Surya Dev produces heat because of which bright light emanates from him. Everyone closes their eyes. Shani lifts his weapon and aims it at Surya Dev’s ball of fire. Everyone looks on intrigd as it manages to kind of hold Surya Dev’s heat. Surya Dev looks pained. Sanghya is concerned. She looks at Shani puzzled / upset.

Precap: Shani removes Surya Dev’s crown. Sanghya throws things angrily. Dev vishwakarma tells Sanghya this isn’t just her pain anymore. This problem is of everyone now. Only Mahadev can settle this matter now!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. To be loyal, today’s episode is not so intresting in my view. I’m so boring of Shani’s kathorta. Bt in today’s episode Chhaya was mentioned.
    In Next week Preview.. Mahadev has told that thereis only one solution of Shani’s Dand.
    It gave us hope that She (Chhaya) will return to stop Shani.
    Plz Bring Back Clhhaya 🙂

  2. What an episode…..kartikey(shani) you nailed it….will Mahadev fight with shani to stop him or chaya will be back……lets see ..hope for the best…?

    1. I’m agree with you. Kartikeya is so talented Kid as well as Praneet aka Kakol too.
      From yesterday’s episode there is hope to me that Chhaya wilk be back and this time Tridev will create her. In my thought /View There are 3 ways to stop Shani’s wroath:
      1. Mahadev/Tridev has to Fight with him.
      2. Chhaya has to come back.
      3. Mahadev has to give him guidance as his Guru.
      and we r hoping Chhaya to back. Right?????

  3. To be fair to shani I will say…that he really was pushed to his limits….no one liked him except his mother n tridev from the beginning….N then his mother was gone, then his mother like figure, kakol’s mom, was murdered, n then when he become ruthless maintainer of justice, now everyone wants him to b back to how he was…what the hell!! For once understand his pain n loneliness…N look beyond ur selfish motives ??

  4. Sandya should be punished. Why isnt she?

    1. Yes, she deserves punishment. When Chhaya could love Yam-Yami as her own children then why Sangya can’t. Shani needs only mother’s love and care. Chhaaya hadn’t any intention to snatch Sangya’s position. But Sangya always blame her and Shani. Because she is insecure. I think Surya Dev also missing Chhaya in compare of Sangya. May be Chhaya will Back.
      (I’ve searched in Google about Surya, there is statue of Surya with his wives Sangya and Chhaaya. You can also search.)
      And in serial I want Mahadev/Surya/Shani to punish Sangya and Indra dev for their deeds. As well Shani to punish Rahu when he know his real intention.
      Sangya and Indra should be punish ASAP.

  5. Vajra-SG29

    i think Shani still +ive mood. jab Shani ne suryadev par prahaar nahi kiya tab mujhe aisa laga …..

    waiting for next week episodes…..

    1. Yup, Shani is in his Bairagi rup.. where Rahu is hypnotising him. Did you notice how he hypnotise Indra Yesterday. When Rahu told Indra to drop his weapon he easily dropped.
      As he is Shani Dev I think his mind is controlled by Rahu bt his Heart and Chetana is controlled only by himself. And Chhaya is supporting in her lupt stage too..
      Yaah I’m also waiting for Monday.

  6. Nandhini

    Thank you for the update pooja? i missed the episode…i agree with sonu’s words…indra dev and asuras used shani dev(as he is the karamfaldaata) for their own selfish motives so they deserve punishment.

  7. chhaya should come , mahadev should show him preverse karamfal daata and now, mahadev will tell rahu to tell shani

  8. if chhaya came , it will be a happy scene or serial


    oh noooo…..
    horriblenew promo….
    shani ka vadh hone wala hai mahadev ke haathon se…. ???

  10. Pls send the link for this promo…..IT MEANS CHAYA WILL NOT BACK ..? IT IS CONFIRMED.?…?…….Very sad news….?…

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