Shani 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Halahal gets out of control!

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|| Neem is bitter by nature but it always benefits people. Similarly, truth is also bitter but it never means any harm to anyone. Shani teaches that truth is certainly bitter but accepting it brings in good results. ||

Bhadra says you (Sanghya) separated me from my Bhai and mother. Now I will snatch your life! Sanghya runs to save herself with Bhadra chasing her relentlessly. Shani also reaches in jungle. Bhadra’s attacks cause fire in the jungle. Shani hopes she does not do anything wrong. It is bad to kill anyone. Keep calm.

Chhaya shouts for Bhadra. Sanghya decides to save herself with Chhaya’s help. She goes to her. Chhaya asks Sanghya about Bhadra. Where is she? What have you done to her? Sanghya tells her her end is near. She notices Bhadra coming towards them and uses her powers

to create a black fog around them. When it clears, Sanghya goes missing. Chhaya is relieved to see her daughter. Keep your anger in check. Your mother is here now. Everything will be fine. Bhadra mistakes her to be Sanghya. You cannot fool me for too long. Chhaya tries to explain but in vain. Bhadra creates a ball of Halahal. Shani shouts at her to stop and begins running in their direction. Chhaya too keeps telling Bhadra to stop but Bhadra refuses to be misguided anymore. You will surely die now! Yami also tells Bhadra to stop. Shani shouts at Bhadra to stop. That isn’t Sanghya but our mother. Bhadra finally hears him but it is too late. One of the energy ball hits Chhaya who falls down. Bhadra and Shani look at her in shock.

Yami leaves to bring Dev Vishwakarma.

Mahadev remarks that now begins the last chapter of Bhadra’s life. She was born from Halahal and this Halahal only will write her last chapter. He holds his throat tightly.

Bhadra kneels down closer to her mother. Chhaya assures her she is fine. Stop crying. Bhadra apologizes to her. I thought you were that Sanghya and I got angry. It’s entirely my fault. I am surely Anishta (inauspicious). I attacked my own mother. Chhaya denies. You are not at fault. You were misguided. Bhadra calls it an unpardonable crime. Chhaya tells her she has forgiven her. She calls Bhadra closer but Bhadra stands up and retreats in her steps. I got so much love and care yet I attacked you with Halahal! Shani tells her to stop blaming herself. All is well that ends well.

Yami and Dev Vishwakarma come there. He uses his powers on Chhaya in an attempt to cure her. Bhadra shakes her head in shock / guilt. Shani tells her she was not at fault here. Surya Dev asks him who is to be blamed then. He gets concerned for Chhaya. What have you done Bhadra! You pushed your own mother towards death. You attacked her with Halahal! Shani advises Bhadra not to harm herself. It isn’t yours but Sanghya’s fault. Yami too blames Bhadra. I stopped mother from coming here to meet you but she dint pay heed to my words. Everyone called you Halahali and Anishta till date but I never believed them. It has been proved today. You are indeed Halahali!

Shani tries to explain to Bhadra. Please listen to me before you take any wrong step. Chhaya too asks her to stop. Indra Dev insists it is time to finish Bhadra! Bhadra nods at Shani. He is right. Pick up Bhadrantak and kill me! I deserve it. Bhadra is caught up in a ball of Halahal all around her. Shani refuses to use Bhadrantak on her as she is not a culprit here. She tells him to stop it. It is my fault only. There wont be a bigger sin than this in the world. I hurt my mother with my Halahal! Chhaya tells Shani to go. Protect / control Bhadra. Don’t worry about me. Shani tries telling Bhadra to stop. Devraj again tells him to finish Bhadra before Halahal reaches its peak. Surya Dev too tells him the same. Shani notices the change in the weather with Bhadra’s rising anger. She once again calls herself inauspicious (Anishta)! Shani fails in entering inside the bubble of Halahal. Bhadra calls herself opposite to mother earth. The bubble breaks thereby sending strong waves of Halahal to everyone. The trees catch fire.

Mahadev is also turning angry with every passing second. On the other hand, Bhadra is making another bubble. Shani decides to stop Bhadra before the world gets destroyed. He uses his powers to break her bubble but fails. He remembers Mahadev’s words. If one Halahal closes one door then the second Halahal helps in opening another door. He invokes Bhadrantak. Chhaya looks on in shock as he tries stopping Bhadra. Surya Dev and Devraj shout after Shani to kill Bhadra while Chhaya keeps telling him against it. Bring Bhadra to me. Hope you remember your promise. Shani replies that he remembers it well. I assure you I will bring Bhadra safely to you. He is having a hard time warding off Bhadra’s Halahal and manages to finally enter inside the circle with Bhadrantak’s help.

Shani repeats his promise before Bhadra. I will get you out of this storm for the promise that I have made to mother; for the love and for the respect of the love between a brother and sister if nothing else. Stop now or this Halahal will take over you completely. It isn’t right. Bhadra is on fire. I deserve this death Bhai. Shani keeps assuring Bhadra love can even convert Halahal to nectar. It is really powerful. You must stop this destruction. Look around you. This shield of Halahal is not just finishing you but everyone around you! She looks around and is shocked. Her Halahal even begins to affect the others present around them. Shani shouts at Bhadra. Don’t let this Halahal overpower you! Bhadra shares that she isn’t capable of controlling this Halahal. Only you can stop it. Shani asks her how he can do so. I will do every possible thing to stop it. She asks him to finish her.

Precap: Shani decides to control Halahal. She knows he can protect her this way but he wont be able to save himself. I wont let it happen. She gets hold of Bhadrantak and kills herself. Shani and Chhaya shout in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    I just don’t understand the story of Mata Bhadra… What is actually going on ???

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