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Shani 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narad Muni asks Shani to explain his words or he will be banished on earth for forever. Shani looks at the chains in his hands. Smoke appears from them. Chains begin to pull Shani towards the energy. Shani recalls Mahadev’s words about outcomes that will be the result of their karma. Are you ready for it? He answers that neither Dev nor Asuras are completely good or entirely bad. If this was so then Tridev would have ended one of them already. It would have been either Dev or Asuras today but we can see that both Dev and Asuras are very much in existence. Dev-Asura war was to balance the power. If one of them has entire power then they are bound to get out of control. Humans shouldn’t have the qualities of only one of them. I believe earth should be devoid of Dev and Asura. Life on earth should be like

journey to Kailash. One has to choose the right path forsaking the bad qualities. Humans should choose who they want to become like. Their karma’s will be responsible for the outcome. Qualities and emotions are necessary to be complete. I think Gods and Asuras should have a joint control on humans. Dev Vishwakarma asks Narad Muni to give his point of view. Narad Muni calls Shani’s logic the best shocking Devi Sanghya, Yam and Indra Dev. Gods speak against Shani’s opinion. Narad muni tells them to calm down. Indra Dev says this isn’t time for peace but for war! If the right of ruling over earth can be gained by killing Asuras then we will do it. Other Gods support him. Shukracharya too gets ready for battle. Narad Muni requests Mahadev to help him.

Mahadev intervenes in the fight that was about to begin between Dev and Asuras. He angrily tells everyone to stop. Everyone greets Mahadev with folded hands. I had warned you that this should be done peacefully which is why this Sabha was organized but Dev and Asuras have made this place a warzone. Now I will take the final decision. There should not be any word against it. Shukracharya apologizes to him which Mahadev rejects. I am disappointed with you. He reprimands Indra Dev and Shukracharya to be in their limits. Surya Dev reasons that they all tried their best. Mahadev tells him to be quiet. You only said that humans should have qualities of Gods. This is your quality? You stood against your own guests. There was only one who stood to his ground – Shani! I second Shani. He is freed from the chains. Chhaya is happy. Mahadev adds that humans will not be under anyone’s control. Every human being will decide the course of his life. He will be successful or perish depending on his karma’s. He will become an example for Dev and Asuras in future by the same. Narad Muni likes his idea. Who will create humans – Dev or Asuras? Before INdra Dev can say anything, Shani asks Mahadev to create humans as he is not at all related to either Dev or Asuras. Mahadev smiles. You are right. I only will have to end this chapter. I only will have to start another chapter. Tridev will create humans and earth at this very moment. He closes his eyes. Everyone folds their hands. Shukracharya requests Mahadev to allow him to witness the moment. Narad Muni, Indra Dev also wish for the same. Mahadev says devotion is the second word for faith. It isn’t requesting but faith and trust.

Mahadev takes everyone present in the Sabha to the galaxy. Tridev explain to them about the creation of Tridev. Mahadev plays damru. Lord Vishnu plays conch. Energies form under Lord Vishnu’s feet. Everyone looks on in surprise as mother earth is created. Mahadev tells Brahma Dev it is time to create human life on earth. Lord Vishnu asks Mahadev to help them. Mahadev smiles. He focuses his trident towards Brahma Dev’s head. Life takes birth on earth. A male and female are created – Manu and Satrupa. They will give a new look to life. Their kid will be called human being who will have the qualities of both Gods and Asuras. Manu and Satrupa wake up and look around in surprise. They hold hands. Mahadev says like Shani said, they will choose their paths by their karmas. Lord Vishnu adds that they will bring them back to the right path whenever they will lose their path. Mahadev says it is for Dev and Asuras to observe the path of life and how it is accomplished; what is the right way to do it. Mahadev tells everyone that the meaning of Sabha is over. Shani asks Mahadev if there is any way to stop Yam from being banished to earth. Mahadev stays put. Devi Sanghya is sad.

Precap: Yam is being pulled in that energy. Devi Sanghya, Surya Dev and Shani shout Yam. SHani says mother when Devi Sanghya warns him to be quiet. This is happening because of you only! Dev-Asura fight again. Shani lifts Yam in his arms. I am responsible for Yam’s condition.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. RSR

    One of the best mythological show ever!!
    I just love this show. Today’s episode was just phenomenal. Its beautifully done graphics, script and efficient cast assembling leaves it’s great impact certainly. I couldn’t watch this show without an appraising it. Specially, in today’s episode, the scene of creating first human pair was the highlight of the episode for me. It was just amazing. It looked so pure. So heavenly. I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  2. one of the best show ever… Thanks to colors channel

  3. Incredible!!! I just love this serial.coz everybody acted their part very well.

  4. Best show Shani

  5. अजय कुमार

    Costumes ,set,everything mindblowing.

  6. I never knew deep about lord shani n lord vishwakarma — im so glad to know deep details tnx to colors

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