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Shani reasons that friends hinder our decisions. They come as our power but make us weak instead. I don’t need any friend. The kid gets sad seeing Shani leaving. I need though. He thinks of something and begins to chase Shani again. you killed that Asura so easily. What a loud voice! It was amazing. Shani stares at him. The kid falls down scared. Don’t try at me. I am no Asura. Shani walks away. Kid gets up again. You wont get anything by hitting me. I can prove out to be beneficial for you if you will keep me with you. I can fly far away and look down at the jungle. I can alert you if any other Asura comes. He gets busy showcasing but Shani is gone by then.

Indra Dev says my question is who that kid who could attack my Gandharvas was? It can surely not be any ordinary kid. Yam greets

Surya Dev. Your order was followed. I completed the task given by you. Surya Dev blesses him. Yam greets Indra Dev. Indra Dev asks Surya Dev again. Surya Dev says it surely was no ordinary kid. It can only be done by the one who has Surya’s ansh and is strong like a fighter. It was done by a Surya Putra only. He tells Yam he did his work well and blesses him. Yam looks confused. Indra Dev notices it. Did you do this? Yam goes quiet for a minute but then says father said it so it’s true. Indra Dev smiles. Gods too make mistakes at times. I should have understood it can either be Surya Dev or his son who could do this in Surya Loka. Your son will become eminent for sure Surya Dev. Surya Dev looks at Chhaya pointedly. Indra Dev observes it too. He excuses himself.

Yam can see the exchange between his parents too.

Chhaya follows Surya Dev. He dint do it intentionally. Those Gandharvas! He stops her. She says he is our! Surya Dev gives last warning to Chhaya. Keep your son in control or I will let loose my anger. Indra Dev questioned me today. If his existence comes out in open today then there will be a question on me. Hide him well. She asks him till when can the fragrance of flower be hidden. Truth and power comes out one day or other. When his existence cannot be hidden in your Loka then how and where do I hide him? Till when? He tells her to do it for forever. you have to think of it. No one should know about this. Either you take this responsibility or I will feel happy to end his story altogether! She looks at him in shock. Yam hears them. who were they talking about? What are my parents hiding from me? I must find out. Where is he in Surya Loka?

Shani is walking alone. He senses someone’s presence and guesses the kid hasn’t left still. The kid smiles. I had to talk to you about something important. I think we should become friends. Shani asks him why he thinks so. Kid thinks of an answer. It is because we are similar. Shani asks him about it. Kid replies that we both are guys who live in jungle. You walk and I got to walk for good health. Shani shakes his head hearing his answers. Kid adds that they both are alone. This is the biggest similarity. Shani stops in his tracks angrily. Kid retreats seeing him turn. Shani says I am not alone. I have mother. Kid nods. Everyone has one but I see you alone in day. Shani replies that his mother is always with him. Kid looks around. Where is she right now? Shani shows him the stone. Kid is confused. Mother in a stone? She is very beautiful. He (Kakol) greets the stone. Shani walks away once again. Kakol wonders what happened now. Who calls stone his mother? He walks away without hearing anything. I don’t understand what kind of a person he is!

Yam walks in the corridor thinking of his parents’ conversation. What are my parents hiding from me? I must find out. Indra Dev too has heard it too. They are indeed hiding something but they are forgetting that no one can escape from Indra’s eyes. He gets an eye magically. I should get every news of Surya Loka. He leaves it in Surya Loka.

Guru Shukracharya is waiting for that Asura to return. It is time for lunch but Dambnaad is still not back. He gives the same guy (in the butterfly avatar) a task.

The guy in butterfly avatar reaches where Dambnaad had blasted. Who could it be? Indra couldn’t defeat him and neither could Surya Dev. Who killed Dambnaad then?

Shani sits holding the stone. He feels movement again. You came again? Kakol says I dint leave. I had to tell you something else too. He sits next to Shani. I am thankful to you for saving my life. Shani accepts his thanks. You can leave now. Kakol says you saved my life and did a big favour on me. Shani says you have already paid for it by lifting me on your back. Kakol thinks and says one has to pay back for favours entire life. I will have to do it too. Think about my words. We can help each other always. You can protect me while I will be your carriage (vahan). Shani asks him what he means. Kakol explains that every powerful person has a carriage to go from one place to another. Shani denies. I don’t need any carriage to go anywhere in this jungle. Kakol gets sad. Even God needs one. Mahadev has Nandi, Narayan has Garud. Shani interrupts him. I am no God. Kakol says you are a God for me. He kneels down before Shani. You are a God for me. One who can save your life is God. One who gives you strength is God. My body is big but my existence will become big too by becoming your carriage. Please accept me. Shani says it is selfishness to use someone for your own good. Kakol says you have powers inside you. Use it to help those are stuck in some problem, like you helped me. I am not asking for any fees. I am only asking for togetherness. He fumbles in his words. Shani keeps his hand on his shoulder. No one can refuse to take support from the one who wishes to help people. I accept you as my carriage. Kakol is touched. I cannot understand if you are saying truth or mocking me. Shani says I know there is only one way to get rid of you – to accept you. Kakol is thrilled. I am your carriage now! I will take you to places now. I am Shani’s vahan now!

Guru Shukracharya looks at the ruins too. He touches one part of Dambnaad and hears his plea. I can hear you. You died but your energies dint. They will tell me how this happened. He closes his eyes and gets to see everything clearly (including Shani). Who are you? Are you the same power which is created by Mahadev?

Precap: Guru Shukracharya asks for the kid. Yam and Yamni are looking for her mother. Chhaya reaches her home in jungle. It seemed like some problem came in jungle. Shani shares that there is an Asura in jungle. Yam and Yamni see their mother talking to someone in jungle. Shani ventures out in jungle to find out who is there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow..Superb Episode…Today I watched it.. Seriously, Kalkol is very funny…Today also same precap..Waiting for tmrw’s episode eagerly…

    Pooja Di, Thanks for your super fast update…??

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Prakriti! Sure we can become friends!? What class you are studying cutie??

      1. Ishanvi

        Thats so sweet of you..I study in seventh standard

      2. Nandhini

        Ohh 7th!? ok my young buddy!?? and ur real name is Ishanvi!? This name is too cute!?

    2. Pooja

      More than welcome Prakriti 🙂


    Average episode…
    thoda boring laga… ??
    sach mein dhammasur mar gaya….❗❓


      but, too interesting precap….
      waiting for tomorrow episode…

      TfFWU Pooja..

      1. Pooja

        you’re welcome Santhosh 🙂

    2. Nandhini

      Yeah episode was little boring to me as well because i couldnt understand some dialogues as i am a tamilian…
      Great thanks to pooja,, after reading the full update here i get to know the actual conversations between the characters!?? waiting for tomorrow’s episode..

      1. Pooja

        Anytime Nandhini 🙂

  3. Finally shani dev accepted kakol as his vaahan shani’s smile was nice when kakol was convincing him 2 accept him as friend indradev is slow he just send his eyes 2 suryalok 2 know wat is the sceret they r hiding from all & wow this Shukracharya was faster than indradev he see shani very clearly Eagerly WAITING 2 SEE SHANI DEV TAKING HIS NEW WEAPON MADE BY SANDHYA’S FATHER

    1. Vanshika

      Yes Indra dev is very slow……

    2. Nandhini

      The reason is indra dev cant send any other gandharvas to surya lok’s forest to find out dat extraordinary boy (shani dev) after the tree cutting incident..and he cant go himself directly to that forest without informing surya dev and getting his permission as they both are devtas and friends…but shukrachaarya is already surya dev’s enemy so he can easily intrude into surya lok without surya dev’s he was quick and indradev is slow…

  4. Vanshika

    Nice episode n thrilling Precap….

  5. Vanshika

    Hey pooja dii u r same pooja di who gave updates for ashoka samrat..? Glad to see ur updates that’s y I wonder how it was too nyc ??

    1. Nandhini

      Hii vanshika! You are a regular commentator in Siya ke Ram page right?? I am also SKR page’s regular visitor but i commented only once or twice…and i also commented in the last episode written update.?

      1. Vanshika

        Yeah Nandini di! I’m same Vanshika! Wow ? very happy to c ur comment.. Friends?

      2. Nandhini

        Ofcourse friends vanshu!?? i am very glad to see you in dis page again??
        I know how much you love mythological serials and how you felt so upset after siya ke ram ended…even i was in depression after SKR ended…but now no worries we have Shani!?? vanshu invite ur friends too in this page dear.??

    2. Pooja

      😀 Hey Vanshika yes I am the same Pooja 🙂 So happy to see you here. How are you doing? And thanks a ton! 🙂

      1. Vanshika

        Wow that’s gr8 di happy to see u ?? yup I’m nice n gt more m nyc a after this update

  6. I m eagerly waiting for tmw episode.. Today episode was very nice.. Conversation bw the shani & kakol very touching..

  7. Nandhini

    Today’s episode is the showing of lord shani dev and the kakol together forever as kakol as lord shani dev’s vaahan.
    Guru shukrachaarya is also a planet and he is considered as the sign of good luck isnt it?? Please clear my doubt…he is the guru of asuras but also a sign of good luck and prosperity right??

  8. Nice episode.. Nice serial too❤

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