Shani 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani and Dhamini get married

Shani 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| there is no bigger happiness than sacrifice. ||

Devguru asks Shani to start the first phera. Shani is wise enough. I would want him to explain the significance of each phera himself.

Narayan says we knew this wedding would be like no other. No one knew that Shani will head towards his doom with every phera that he will take.

Shani says my thoughts are different here too. Every phera comes with a promise. I don’t promise anyone anything just like that. I have a different outlook towards wedding too. Wedding is a duty, a medium of respect for me. I only believe in two things. One, I will always follow the path of my karma whatever may be the consequences. Two, I will always respect Dhamini as it is the base of our relation. First phera would be of dharma. She smiles as they take

the first phera. Second phera would be for goal, purpose of life (artha). Third phera will signify kama. Fourth one will be for moksha. We will do everything together. This is what I believe to be wedding. Dhamini says I always thought that wedding is completed by 7 pheras. It signifies unison of 7 births. We only completed 4 pheras. What about the remaining 3 pheras? He says there is no point thinking about the births that are to come. 4 pheras are enough to complete a wedding. She is impressed by the way he spoke of the pheras. I am really lucky to be married to you. Devi Chhaya says I hope this pious Agni of wedding will finish all the problems that will come in your way in future. Shani gets thinking.

Mangal says you completed the 4 pheras of wedding but no blessing or boon can save you from my wrath now!

Devguru blesses the couple.

Mangal sits down and looks at the burnt logs. It is time to take revenge of my every insult.

Shani and Dhamini seek blessings of Surya Dev, Devi Chhaya and Chitrarath. Dhamini wipes her happy tears. Shani shakes his head at her.

Mangal remarks that after this wedding, the Mangal Dosha on Dhamini will start affecting you Shani.

A big blast happens in Agni kunda. Everyone starts running helter-skelter as the venue catches fire. Shani douses it using his powers. He tells Dhamini not to worry. Everything is fine. She nods. Devi Chhaya says it is time for Vidaai.

Devi Chhaya and Yami walk on either sides of Dhamini.

Mangal welcomes Shani in the journey of Mangal Dosha. This was just a small fire. You still have to face the wrath of Agni Dev!

Kakol asks Shani if this was a bad omen.S hani says even if it was, I wont let any harm come on Dhamini till I am alive.

Brahma Dev says the wedding just completed and we can already see the effect of Mangal Dosha. We must help Shani. Mahadev denies. This is no ordinary couple. There is a motive behind Shani facing this pain. We must not intervene.

Dhamini cries seeing her father. She takes a step towards him but stops as memories of her mother play in her mind. Devi Chhaya goes to her. A daughter meets her mother before her Vidaai. I will do the duties from both sides today. I am both your mother and your MIL. Dhamini hugs her happily. They walk up to Chitrarath next. He apologizes to Dhamini but she tells him against it. She hugs him and cries. I will always be indebted to you for this life. My wedding is the result of your dream only. A tear escapes Devi Chhaya’s eyes. He takes her to Shani and keeps her hand in Shani’s. Shani and Dhamini walk holding hands.

Mahadev says problems will surface in Surya Loka the moment Dhamini will enter there. Narayan remarks that now it will be up to Chhaya-putra Shani as to how he will face these problems.

Devi Chhaya asks Dhamini to hit the kalash and do grah-pravesh. Dhamini hits the kalash lightly and steps foot in Surya Loka. It turns dark all around. All the diyas blow off on their own shocking everyone especially Dhamini. Devraj smirks. Even the diya in aarti thaal blows out. Surya Dev experiences pain and holds his neck. He screams in pain. Devi Chhaya and Yami rush to his side. Devraj stops Yam. Devi Chhaya says DIL is the emblem of Lakshmi. She brings light and prosperity in the house whereas such an ominous thing happened here the moment Dhamini stepped her foot inside Surya Loka. What is it Mahadev? Shani notices the smile on Devraj’s face. He uses his powers to light Surya Loka, diyas yet again. Surya Dev seems to relax too. Devraj is not happy seeing this change.

Dhamini cries looking at her feet. Shani asks Dhamini to complete the ritual but she refuses. I cannot do it. The effect of the DIL’s steps will naturally be on everyone. This is so ominous. Devi Chhaya says it isn’t like that. This is your illusion. Dhamini stays put. Why is there fear in your eyes when it was just an illusion? This is no coincidence that this happened in Surya Loka when I did grah-pravesh. The same question is in your mind too. What will happen in future when Surya Loka went in darkness I moment I stepped foot in Surya Loka? Shani seconds her. If you will blame yourself for whatever happened then I wont stop you. It is your karma. I would like to remind you one thing though. Eclipse was cast on a father when his son was born. As he grew, his enemies increased. It is no one else but me. Am I inauspicious for you? She looks at him in surprise.

Precap: Dhamini curses Shani that the person he will look directly at will be destroyed! This is the curse of your wife! Entire world will have to bear the consequence of this curse. Why did he get this curse though?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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