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Shani says I wont let any mother’s sacrifice go in vain. Every mother will get her justice and the culprit will be punished. Indra Dev gets tensed. Rahu mentally congratulates Gods. Your end has begun. Shani walks up to Indra Dev. You are responsible for this destruction, right? Indra Dev tells him to stop. This is an illusion. I am innocent. It was Yam’s plan to attack you all. He wanted to seek revenge for what you did to his mother. Shani says you instigated him; helped him. Indra Dev denies. I can rpove it. Shani reminds him this isn’t Surya Sabha. We only take decisions here. There are no discussions. I have stopped giving a chance to come back to the right path. I attacked Devi Sanghya and you made use of that opportunity. Now you will be hurt in a way which the world has never seen before.

Indra Dev tells him to stop. He starts running and telling Shani not to come near him. Stay away. Shani takes a leap and hits Indra Dev on his chest. Indra Dev flies in air. He ends up falling right in Surya Dev’s Sabha. Everyone is surprised.

Surya Dev smiles seeing him. You were banished from here. Seems like history has repeated itself. You have been hurt again? Everyone laughs. Surya Dev asks him why he does things like that that he gets attacked instead. Indra Dev vows to get Shani punished. Surya Dev asks him who did this to him. Indra Dev takes Shani’s name. I went to him requesting him to come back. Surya Dev calls it weird. You were calling Shani back to the Loka which isn’t yours anymore. Indra Dev says maybe it was my mistake. He has gone out of control. He has become Vairagi and angry. It is Yam’s turn to bear the brunt of Shani’s anger this time. He is standing before Shani, waiting for his end. Don’t know what Shani will do to him. Surya Dev is shocked.

Shani tells Yam he came here and acted to make him apologize. This wasn’t your motive though. You cheated me. You only deserve punishment. Yam says I would still say what you did was punishment. You deserve whatever you got in return. Will you kill me now? Shani smiles. I could have but I cannot as my mother raised you as her own son. I will surely punish you for your karma’s though. Yam asks him who he is to punish him. I am going to be Dharmaraj. He tries attacking Shani but SHani ducks. He lifts Yam in his arms and throws him on the ground. Who said Dharmaraj wont be punished for his misdeeds? Rahu tells Shani to kill Yam. He too is a God after all. Kakol looks on in surprise.

Surya Dev is sure SHani cannot harm Yam ever. Indra Dev says you are right but he isn’t Chhaya-putra Shani anymore. He is Rahu’s friend Shani. Rahu uses people for his good. He makes them lose track of what’s right and wrong. He makes you angry. It is possible that you might lose your son as Shani is under Rahu’s influence.

Shani raises his fist but stops. Yam cannot be killed. Rahu says your mother raised him. Does it mean a God wont be punished for his misdeeds? Shani says he will surely be punished. He gathers his energies and ties Yam in a fire cage. Kakol’s eyes widen in shock. Shani says Yam will stay in Kaak Loka as our captive now. He has snatched Kakol’s Maiyya. Now Yam will not be able to meet his mother ever!

Kakol asks Shani if he dint sleep. Even I cannot. Shani says I can understand your pain. Kakol denies. Even you cannot understand my pain. First I lost my mother and couldn’t do anything. Now I am slowly losing the one I trust most – you! Shani is confused. what do you want to say? Kakol says you are losing your conscience. It isn’t right to hold Yam captive. I know you want to take revenge but this isn’t the right path. Shani, who brings everyone on the path, is on the wrong path himself this time. Shani says Yam got what he deserves. Kakol says you have trusted the wrong person. You are doing it under the influence of. Rahu asks him who he is talking about. Shani is free to take his decisions. No one can affect Shani’s conscience. You couldn’t understand Shani even after spending so much time with him. Shani’s justice is perfect. Shani tells Kakol he knows what he is doing and what is right. Kakol nods. He thinks Shani isn’t listening to anyone. I will have to do something.

Devi Sanghya hasn’t seen Yam since evening. She goes to his room but only finds pillows covered under the blanket. He must be with his father. I will scold him as he dint even come for food. She turns and finds Kakol there. How dare you come here? I am sure you came to beg for Shani. Why don’t you leave us alone? Kakol says I dint come here for Shani mother. She says I am not your mother. Kakol apologizes. You are Yam’s mother though. I came here for his safety. This time Shani’s safety lies in Yam’s safety. He tells her everything. Devi Sanghya says SHani wont let me live peacefully ever. Kakol says he isn’t at fault. She does not believe him but Kakol insists it is the situations which left Shani alone; and separated him from his mother. Rahu is at fault. He is bad influence. Do something or he will make Shani do worse!

Rahu fills Shani’s ears against Gods. They will attack the moment they find out about Yam. We should be ready for counter attack friend. Shani says let them come. I don’t care about their attack. Rahu says your words mean that you don’t worry but your face says something else. Focus your conscience on your motive friend. Shani gets emotional as he thinks of his mother again. He recalls Devi Sanghya telling him his mother is dead. You don’t need to stay here anymore. Shani gets determined again. I have no motive after my mother left. Rahu says everyone has one. Your mother’s sacrifice will go waste if you have none. It means she will neither get justice nor will her culprits be ever punished. Shani says my mother’s culprits will surely be punished. I will punish every single person because of whom my mother was in pain. Rahu asks him who they are. Shani blames Gods. I will punish everyone depending on their karma’s. Rahu smirks.

Precap: Rahu gives Shani’s message to Gods. Leave your Loka’s or you all will meet the same fate like Yam. Surya Dev says if Shani wants war then he will get one. Go and tell him!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Awesome episode…. Now what will Sangya do to save her son Yam from Shani’s captive???? Will she create Chhaya once again? I want to know eagerly bt have to wait….
    One request is that Plz Bring Back Chhaya and make sthir Shani ASAP. After then he will be cursed again by his wife 🙁 :/

  2. Pls bring chaya back……? pls

  3. Nandhini

    What will be Rahu’s advantage if he tries to create rift between the devas??? Wealth,, Throne,, some thing else?? What is his benefit??
    Santhosh in serial its going like dirty politics between devas and asuras…but you suggested right- Indra dev as Asur Raj and Shukracharya as Dev’s guru will be perfect roles for them!?? As Shukra the planet also brings good things,, good fortune and good luck…


      kyoun ki SAMUDRAMANTHAN ke baad jo bhi asur ke saath galath hua husi ka badla le raha hai RAHHU….

      feeling very bad……???because, TRIDEV still silence …
      yyyyyyyyyyy…… “!!??
      kya kaliyug ka police ki tarah sab kuch barbaad hone ke baadh mein ayenge TRIDEV….⁉..

  4. Vajra-SG29

    devasur yuddh shuru honeka chance jyaada lag raha hai…..i think shukra support shani….

  5. I think there is only one option to calm down Shani Dev if his mother Chaaya will come back. Sandhya will have no other option later on & create Chaaya once again for the sake of her son’s life. Later on, they both will live together. I think so… Let’s see whats next…

    1. I agree with you.. I hope it would happen and they bring CHHAAYA

  6. Vajra-SG29

    good news forShani bakthon ke liye…
    we are in top 2 in colors TRP…

    Shakti 2.8
    Shani 2.6(last week 2.4)
    Udaan 2.5
    Sasural Simar Ka 2.2
    Swabhimaan 2.1
    Kasam 1.8
    Devanshi 1.4
    Dil Se Dil Tak 1.3
    Thapki Pyaar Ki 1.1 …

  7. Waiting eagerly for nxt episode…thank u for sharing the news ?…..

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