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|| Your identity is from your karmas. If they are maligned then you will be in pain and if they are good then you will be happy. Shani teaches that karmas can never be hidden. They come to fore one day for sure. ||

Hanuman looks at the sky and sees clouded images of Ram and Sita. He automatically folds his hands in gratitude. Maruti’s mother calls out to Maruti and he gets distracted. She asks him to come. Food is ready. Hanuman tells Shani he surely did something special but the rules are rules. I will allow you to go but it might be possible that I might attack you in our next meeting. Kakol dances with joy. Shani defeated Hanuman. Hanuman takes a step forward worrying Kakol. Did he have a change of heart? Hanuman tells him that he never breaks his promise. I was near the tree so I will not hurt

you ever. He leaves from there followed by his friends. Kakol teases them. Shani says I told you you invite trouble wherever you go. Let’s go. A lot is needed to be done.

Devraj is irked. Shani ruins my planning at the last moment. Rahu says I know it since long already. You too should understand it. None of our plans worked. Devraj boasts that he can find a way where there is actually none. It is time to include someone else in our plan as well. It is only Devi Sanghya who can help us at this moment. Rahu smirks.

Devi Sanghya brings medicine for Surya Dev.f ather has advised you to drink it before lunch. Surya Dev remembers telling his wife not to tell anyone what happened. Sanghya tells him to stop thinking about it. He justifies that it is his Karamfal which wont leave him. She calls it his duty. It will be fine with time. He denies. Karamfal is bigger than time. No one knows what my outcome my karmas will bring!

Kakol is surprised that Shani brought him to Dev Vishwakarma’s palace. Why did we come here? Shani says I believe Surya Dev’s condition is because of his karmas in Mrityu Loka. Karams never leave us. You should return to Surya Loka and I will return to Surya Loka with my answers only. Kakol agrees.

Sanghya decides to do something before Shani notices the guilt in Surya Dev’s eyes. He might blame me yet again! Devraj joins her. I am sure this anger is related to Shani! Till now, we tried so many times to kill Shani but failed miserably. Why don’t we use our minds and powers not to destroy him but to bring forth a power which is much better than him and will stand against him? She tells him to keep talking. He shares that right now it is only Hanuman who can face Shani. Sanghya asks him if it is the same monkey who wanted to swallow Surya Dev. Drop it. He says she might be just a monkey for you but think about it. He tried swallowing Surya Dev when he had no powers. What can he do now when he has so many boons from all the Gods? We will make him greater than Shani if we train him well. We wont destroy Shani but will malign his name. His fame lies in his name, his thinking. His power will go away if that is affected. Devi Sanghya likes the plan and appreciates him on the same. He says we only have to keep Hanuman away from Shani and Surya Loka. She says if you have to make Hanuman greater than Shani then you must bring him here. It will be easier to make him Shani’s enemy if he will stay here; and if we fill his mind against Shani.

Shani says I warned Surya Dev but he dint pay heed. Something is surely there which he is hiding from me. I must find out about it. I need your help. What are the symptoms that can be seen in Gods when they lose their energies? Dev Vishwakarma replies that he himself is searching for that answer. It might take some time. I cannot tell is in detail. I have to show you something.

Devraj notices Hanuman eating from far. He either eats or creates a ruckus. I am waiting to find out when and how I should misuse your power. I hope I somehow succeed in taking you to Surya Loka but how?

Hanuman compliments his mother on the food. She points out that there are many important things than food in this world. He asks her if she is joking. What else can be more important? She shares that all kids his age go to study and learn at Matang Rishi’s ashram but he may not accept you as you have been a nuisance. Hanuman reasons that there might be a bigger door waiting for him. Devraj gets his answer. Surya Loka’s door is open for you. Hanuman runs off to play with his friends. Mata Anjana seems worried. Which Guru can teach such a naughty kid? Devraj tells her he has the answer. I apologise for coming up uninvited. I just came to check on Hanuman. I feel less guilty seeing him healthy. I got to know your problem. I thought to help you. She refuses to talk to him on any matter as he had hurt her son previously. He requests her to allow him to speak his heart once. She agrees as he is their guest after all. Devraj says Hanuman is really smart. We need an equally bright Guru like Surya Dev to train / teach / guide him. If you will allow then I will personally request him. Mata Anjana finds this thought impossible but he reasons that Hanuman was blessed by Mahadev himself. I am sure Surya Dev wont say no as he is also Mahadev’s devotee. She says I will be indebted to you if that happens. He assures her that it will indeed happen. The thought makes Mata Anjana happy. My son will be guided by Surya Dev himself?

Devraj tells Sanghya that Surya Dev will be Hanuman’s Guru. She asks him if he has lost his head. Surya Dev will teach a kid? I told you to bring him here but this wasn’t what I suggested. He says it will be good for us only. He will be under our observation. You will be able to easily fill his mind against Shani. Hanuman will be able to kill Shani using the knowledge gained by Surya Dev himself. Let me know when I can talk to Surya Dev about it. She nods. I will speak to him.

Dev Vishwakarma says I am looking for the answer to your question since the day eclipse was cast on Surya Dev but I am not successful till now. Shani asks him what is inside that room. They go inside. Shani finds the room filled with books. Dev Vishwakarma points out that the answers to those questions are hidden in one of these books here. You can see they are too many which is why it is taking time. Answer is right here but I am unable to find it! Shani offers to check. Maybe I will succeed.

Shani uses his Drishti to find the book that holds the answer to all his questions. He takes it out and walks back towards the table. This book holds the secret as to why Surya Dev is losing his powers.

Precap: Shani succeeds in finding answers about Surya Dev. Shani asks someone to stop. This was what Surya Dev and Devi Sanghya were hiding. Devraj tells Surya Dev that he will be proud to accept Hanuman as his disciple.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. i think sangya and surya dev gave birth to ashwini kumaras(twins) in the stables when they were horses. This twin new offsprings might be what they are hiding. Only the twins can use their healing abilities to heal surya dev…

    1. Not only ashwini kumars but revanta also born at that time he also god of healing.

      In early morning if we do meditation or Surya namaskar we get blessings of ashvini kumars and revanta of good health.

    2. Kamalanayani

      I also think the same..

  2. Shani Sri Lankan Fan Club

    Oh Devi Sangaya has not learned a lesson yet.
    If Hanuman joins with them Hanuman will also become evil.
    May Shani Dev take Hanuman to right parth and distroy his arrogance.
    Jay Shani Dev ….!!!



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