Shani 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ravan loses out to Dhamini

Shani 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Shani teaches that one should not lose their patience in the times of trouble. Those who accept truth with all their heart do not fall in any trouble. ||

Epi begins with Shani saying I will take all the planets to Lanka with me. You are the first planet which I will take to Lanka!

Ravan tells Dhamini not to waste his youth on Shani. It is better to dedicate it to me instead. She tells him to be quiet. Enough! I am telling you again. Don’t malign the satitva of a married woman so much that you will regret it later. You will have to surely pay for it. Shani will never forgive you. Ravan points out that she lost the last chance to give in. I have other ways to make you agree too. He turns to Rahu. Now he will control your mind. Let’s see what is more powerful – Rahu’s maya or your

love for your husband! Dhamini looks at Rahu.

Yam asks Shani how dare he even think of taking father to Lanka. Shani says I know my karma. I am not thinking but telling. I will surely take him with me. Yam tells him he will have to fight with him first. Surya Dev stops him. I do not need anyone’s help. He walks up to Shani. As a father and as a DIL, I have no problem to surrender but I am a king before any relation. When a king is forced to surrender to a cruel man then it sets bad example for future. Every oppressor will follow the same path in future then which is why I refuse to go to Lanka with you! Shani accepts his decision. I will be compelled to fight with you then. Surya Dev accepts his challenge.

Rahu casts his spell on Dhamini. She is in my control now. Ravan asks him how he should agree. Rahu tells him that what is present before the eyes does not need proof. He asks Dhamini to feed alcohol to Ravan. Fulfil his wish. He produces a jug and glass magically. Dhamini takes them from Rahu and follows his instructions. Say that you dedicate yourself to Ravan and give him his heir.

Shani and Surya Dev are ready for the fight. Shani gets distracted. He tells Dhamini to have faith on herself and trust him.

Dhamini begins to repeat Rahu’s words. Ravan thinks his revenge will be complete today. Shani must be busy fighting but I will get Dhamini.

Rahu coaxes Dhamini to say it. Dhamini remembers Shani’s words. She says it cannot be Ravan at all! It is only Shani! He is my everything. He is my husband. Ravan looks angrily at Rahu. Dhamini mentally thanks Shani for saving her satitva yet again.

Mahadev says Shani once again proved how sharp he is. He knew that Ravan will try to get Dhamini under his control but this couple is an example for the entire world. They stay apart yet they always support each other. In future, this relation will be known for faith, truth and togetherness. Narayan remarks that it seems another history is going to repeat itself today. Surya Dev and Shani are standing against each other yet again.

Shani gives Surya Dev one last chance to change his mind. I will surely take you to Lanka with me. It all depends on under what circumstances you will go. Surya Dev points out that he isn’t as strong today as he was once. Shani says years ago it was about my mother’s dignity and today it is about my wife’s dignity. I have full faith that I only will win. Surya Dev attacks him. Shani ducks so as to save himself.

Chhaya is in a fix. Who should I support – my husband or my son? Don’t know what Ravan has gotten me into!

Ravan is holding Rahu by his neck. You can control anyone then how could you not tackle Dhamini? Rahu tells him he could affect Dhamini before the wedding. Dhamini says you were capable because Shani and I were not married back then. I am his wife today. I am his half part. You both cannot gauge the power of a pious woman. Her satitva is capable of facing any problem that will come her way. Shani is not just my pride but my strength. I am sure he will defeat you one day. You both will get your karamfal then. Ravan advises him to give up this thought asap. Shani must die! You will also surrender soon when you will see Shani in pain with your own eyes. He turns to Rahu. Return to your place. Your destiny is to be locked in my cage! He takes Rahu with him.

Shani and Surya Dev continue to fight. Shani tells Surya Dev not to force him. Please surrender. Surya Dev says I might not like the way you do your karma but I am your father after all. They resume fighting. Shani is having an upper hand. He says Om Brahmaye Namah and catches hold of Surya Dev. Surya Dev tells him he isn’t doing it right. You will have to face the consequences. Shani does not mind facing the consequences. I will surely face what will come my way.

Surya Dev’s family is shocked to see Surya Dev all tied up. It turns dark. Ravan recalls Shani’s timeline and warning. Surya Dev points out that one day is gone. You defeated me but how will you gain control over the remaining planets? Shani says I have advised them to surrender already. All the planet rulers read Shani’s message. Shani adds that he fulfils his every problem, whoever is the recipient. He creates a shield / bubble around Surya Dev and walks away.

Shani is standing by the window when Devi Chhaya joins him. He apologizes to her for disappointing her yet again by fighting with Surya Dev. She tells him she dint come to discuss that. You do not have to apologize to me for that. He asks her the reason for coming here. She pats his cheek lovingly. You have fought your every battle alone, be it with whosoever. Now you wont fight alone anymore. Someone may or may not understand the reason behind your actions but I am with you. Shani tells his mother he is feeling strange today. I feel as if something is about to go wrong. It seems as if some old memory is trying to come alive again and again.

Screen shifts to Hanuman.

Precap: Hanuman hits Shani using his mace. Shani’s dear friend has returned in the form of his biggest enemy. What will be the consequence?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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