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Chhaya opens door and finds her slippers there. She notices Shani smiling at her. Shani asks her mother to wear them. I have to go to Nana Shri’s place with you. I have to ask him why your wound isn’t healing. Chhaya says I will go alone. There is nothing to worry. He is my father. shani says I am your son. I will be relieved / happiest to know my mother is safe. I know my mother would always like to see me happy. She nods but is very much tensed as they walk together. Shani suddenly stops in his tracks seeing Yam. Yam says you must be enjoying here more. You can come and go anywhere as you please. Chhaya takes his name pointedly. Yam says some people are like that. They have neither work nor responsibility. They enjoy giving suggestions when not asked; supporting wrong doers; disobeying elders

but I do my duty diligently. Shani says you waste time in useless talks. Say it directly. Chhaya reminds him that Yam is elder to him. Behave nicely with elders. Shani agrees. You get to give love to youngers to gain respect and not taunts. Yam says there is nothing that I would want from you. If there is something of that sort then I would refuse to take it. Chhaya tells them both to stop. Tell me what the matter is. Yam says I came to tell you that father has called for you.
Shani replies that he is off to Nana Shri’s place right now with mother. I will come once I am back. Yam taunts him. Should I tell him Shani Dev that you are busy today or have you got used to disobeying him? Shani says it is about getting mother well. My priority is that mother stays fit. Yam isn’t interested in knowing his priority. I gave father’s message to you. He dint call you for some chit-chat. Indra Dev is here. Shani is surprised. Why did he come here? Yam replies that he is Devraj, and not Vanvasi. He does not need anyone’s permission to go anywhere. Chhaya suggests Shani to go. We will go to father’s place after some time. It isn’t right to make Devraj wait. Shani holds her hand. It isn’t also right to postpone important matters as the results are always wrong. Right thing is that you should get treatment. You should go meet Nana Shri. I will meet Surya Dev. Chhaya agrees and leaves. Shani thinks I made Indra Dev take off his crown yesterday and apologise to mother. Why did he return so soon and what’s going on in his mind?

Surya Dev saysi don’t understand if I should welcome your throw you out! I warned you beforehand itself to be honest with me but you have maligned all Gods by your act! Indra Dev says I dint intend to hurt you. Surya Dev says you still did. What’s your motive behind your new proposal now? Indra Dev replies that he was the one who was humiliated yesterday. My crown was removed, not yours! I had to come because of Guru Brihaspati’s order. Where is Shani? Yam and Shani enter just then. They greet both Dev’s. Indra Dev keeps looking pointedly at Shani. He is again taken aback because of Shani constantly staring at him. He looks away. Surya Dev tells Shani that Devraj has brought a proposal for him. Indra Dev shares that Shani proved his merit in Devsabha yesterday. You are indeed talented. Devguru has sent a proposal for you. This is your chance to represent your father. Do you accept the proposal, Surya Putra? Shani says I cannot commit without knowing the proposal. Tell me clearly. Indra Dev nods. Every God has a responsibility. Devguru wants to give responsibilities to the sons of Gods, based upon their merit / capabilities. He wants to give someone a position of Dharamraj (God of justice) after testing him well. He wants you to be a part of that competition too. It is a great chance for you too. It will be a respectful matter for Surya Dev too. Maybe your son only will bring everyone on the right path in future. SHani says question here is, if you have come on the right path or not. Indra Dev’s smile disappears. If I am following Guru’s order, then I have come with the right mindset and I am on the right path. Shani asks his second question. Why do you think I am capable of participating in this competition? As per Dharma, it should be Yam should participate in this as he is elder than me. He should get this chance. Am I not right?

Chhaya shows her hand to Dev Vishwakarma. Is there a way to cure this? He denies. this wont heal. She asks him if his medicine isn’t that powerful. He replies that they are powerful but there is no motive left in your life. You are Sandhya’s shadow. I told you, your wound will aggravate as per the progress made by Sandhya in her tapasya. You will eventually disappear. She asks him if he has no solution to this. He says you were the solution to Sandhya’s problem. There was only one motive of your life. You will have to go once that is accomplished. This is what is destined to happen. She sits down in shock. He says time is near. Sandhya’s tapasya is about to complete.

Shani asks Indra Dev again. what did Devguru see in me? Indra Dev smiles. What happened yesterday has proved everything. He thinks of how Shani made him take off his crown yesterday. He turns to Shani. The one who can make Devraj realise his mistakes and apologize, deserves to become Dharmaraj. Yam says forgive me but one deed cannot qualify someone as better than others. It is biasness. I am elder son of Surya Dev. I too would have done justice if I had received a chance. I request you to allow me to go in this competition. Please allow me. I will prove myself if you will allow me to go in this competition. I will prove it that I am better than anyone else to be Dharmaraj. Surya Dev says this topic ends here. Tell Devguru my son Yam will represent me in this competition. Indra Dev gets thinking. Yam created a problem for me. What should I do? Indra Dev says wont it be discrimination if we don’t send Shani in competition. He should participate after his act yesterday. Devguru wishes the same. Surya Dev says when Shani said no and Yam has said yes then what the need to argue is. Indra Dev turns to Shani. You always made your mother proud. You proved it yesterday as to what extent you can go to for the same. Wont you want to make your father proud too? Surya Dev will be called the father of great Dharmaraj if you take part in the competition. Isn’t this your chance to prove yourself to your father only? Is it only your duty to make your mother proud? Can you not stay away from your home for only 6 months time?

Chhaya asks Dev Vishwakarma how much time she has. Dev Vishwakarma tells her that she only has 30 days. Chhaya gets teary eyed.

Indra Dev repeats to Shani that he will have to be away from Surya Loka only for 6 months.

Precap: Mahadev says it is time when Shani will have to go away from his mother. Shani says mother will be surely treated. Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani that his mother’s treatment can happen in Surya LOka only. Shani remarks that Surya Dev will have to give half of his power. Surya Dev refuses.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. nice episode this indradev is too smart he manipulated shani by taking his mom name he will go 2 any extend 2 fulfil his insult afterall his ego is hurt ab kya hoga?


    waiting for today and tomorrow 1 hour episode…..

  3. Vanshika

    One hour mega episode!!! On Friday… I’m waiting eagerly, r u?? Thanks alot pooja di this update helped me so much.. Love u dii
    Episode is nice.. Indra dev will go to any extent now to take revenge.. I wish he would’ve learnt something…

    1. Pooja

      Anytime sweetie 🙂

  4. tomorrow 1 hour episode great

  5. Pooja

    hey guys…sorry in advance. the update will be there at 11.

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