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Kakol shouts Shani’s name. Right then, Shani advises Hanuman to stop. Devraj and Rahu watch them from far. Hanuman and Shani stare at each other. Devraj remarks that the game will be fun now. Kakol requests Shani to save him. Shani tells Hanuman to let Kakol go. Hanuman says I was letting him go since long ago but he dint want to leave. Shani tells him to let Kakol go. Don’t force me to I just spared Kakol but I dint free him. Let’s see what you will do to save your friend. There is only one good thing about you. There is Karamfal in your name hinting at fruit. Why shouldn’t I taste this fruit today? Shani makes a swift action and steps behind him when he tries touching out to him. Be careful. Not every fruit is sweet. Hanuman says I am a monkey. I try all kinds of fruits. I eat the sweet ones

and crush the not so useful ones. Shani asks him if he really wants to fight. Hanuman nods. It should be unbiased though. This place is familiar to me. If we fight here then you might later say that I took advantage. I give you a chance to decide the time and place for our fight. Are you scared you wont be able to cheat? Shani accepts the challenge. Kakol advises him against it. Hanuman is really strong. I have experienced it twice already. Drop it. Shani assures him not to worry. Kakol nods. Don’t include me in the fight though. Shani explains the rule of the game. We will stand 4 steps away from one another. That tree will also be 4 steps away from you. You will ask me a question. If my answer is right then you will withdraw a step towards that tree. If my answer is wrong then you will take a step forward towards me. This way, if you cover our distance then you can attack me or otherwise you will never hurt Kakol. Do you agree? Hanuman nods. It is strange but fun. I will see till when you will escape me.

Kakol wonders what will happen now. On the other hand, Rahu is sure Hanuman will outsmart Hanuman whereas Devraj is sure it is Shani’s plan to get Hanuman on his side.

Shani asks Hanuman if he is ready for his first question. Hanuman asks for some time and picks up a few pebbles. My first question is – how many pebbles am I holding in my hand?

Rahu says nothing will happen if Hanuman will ask such simple questions.

Hanuman asks Shani what happened. you only said I can ask anything. Shani nods. My answer is – I don’t know. Hanuman and his friends smile. Hanuman relates that he has 3 pebbles. You couldn’t answer my first question which means I will take a step forward towards you. He does so. Now only 3 questions are left. Are you ready for my next question? Shani nods. Hanuman thinks for a moment and then asks his second question. How many similar set of clothes I have (similar to the one he is wearing right now)? His friends applaud him. Shani shakes his head. I don’t know. Kakol tells him to try some random number atleast. You might get the right answer. Shani denies. I only speak what I know. I don’t have a right to say it if I don’t know the answer. Hanuman gives the right answer – 5. Shani tells him to ask the next question. Hanuman takes another step towards him.

Rahu asks Devraj if this is a dream. Devraj says this is better even if it is a dream. I cannot believe Shani is failing for the first time.

Hanuman asks a simple question next. What did my mother feed me in the morning? Kakol points out that Shani cannot answer personal questions. Hanuman replies that that is Shani’s problem. He made the rules. I can ask anything. Shani seconds him. Hanuman asks him if he doesn’t know this answer also. Shani agrees. Take another step further. Devraj laughs. Hanuman steps further. I am feeling really bad. It would have been better if you had agreed for a fight. You could have attacked that way. Now you will have to bear my attacks instead. Shani says the logic behind the game is that no one hurts anyone. Hanuman calls it impossible. Shani says you are still a step away. Who knows what will happen next?

Rahu mumbles to Devraj that the game isn’t as easy as it looks.

Shani coaxes Hanuman to ask his last question. Hanuman’s friends give suggestions but Hanuman asks on his own. Who is my best friend? Kakol is about to warn him but shani tells him to be quiet. I know the answer. You have no good or true friend. Hanuman denies. Keshnath is my best friend. It is time that I take the fourth step. Devraj says I was waiting for this moment only. I cannot believe that Shani lost so easily!

Shani asks Hanuman if he is sure his answer isn’t right. Hanuman stops his foot mid air and gets thinking. Shani adds that you called Keshnath your best friend. Our closest friend knows everything about us and encourages us to walk on the right path. Does anyone standing here have those qualities? Hanuman takes his foot down. Hanuman’s friends tell hanuman Shani is misguiding him. Shani says we both kept the rules. Think once again before calling my answer wrong. Hanuman steps back which brings a smile on Shani’s face. He asks the next question – which time of day is my favourite. Shani answers that his favourite time is when he does not understand how and when that time has passed. Hanuman takes another step behind shocking Devraj and Rahu. Shani adds that it is when he sits in meditation. It is the time when your thoughts went in search of someone and you don’t get to know what’s happening with you. Hanuman reaches close to the tree. Shani says your favourite time is when there are no thoughts in your mind. There is only immense pleasure and satisfaction that you experience at that moment.

Devraj notices that Hanuman is only one step away from the tree. Shani made him lose in just a question. How is that possible?

Hanuman asks Shani when he will find the one whom his heart is searching; who has answers to all my questions. Shani replies that even he doesn’t know that. I only know that you will meet him for sure. He wont answer your any of your question whenever he will meet you as no question will be left in your heart anymore then.

Hanuman looks at the sky and sees clouded images of Ram and Sita. He folds his hands in gratitude.

Precap: Devraj says we will train Hanuman our way and destroy Shani’s name instead. Devi Sanghya advises him to bring Hanuman to Surya Loka if he wants to achieve what he has in mind.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Can anyone tell me please the song of maahabali Baahubali pavan putra bajrangbali where it could be how to download i like this song so much please could tou tell me anyone
    Please reply

  2. Shani Sri Lankan Fan Club

    Hanuman is too much.
    He even burned our country with his tail.
    Shani dev teach a good lesson for his karmas.

    1. Hey please you don’t tell hanumaan ji that how to use his brain. First thing Lanka was burnt by hanumaan ji because of mata parvati’s shrap. Second thing is lankapati ravan deeds wrong so that he received dand. And I advised you to please read about our mythological stories correctly then you know who was ravan. I didn’t say that ravan was intelligent but I say that he deeds wrong thing. And last thing your king was the gatekeeper of vaikunth dhaam where Lord Vishnu live.

      1. Sorry I didn’t say that ravan was not intelligent.

      2. It’s a bitter mistake that I have done.

  3. Yes @Shani Sri Lankan Fan Club. Hanuman need to learn how to use is brain… Lol

  4. Sorry for spelling mistakes?

  5. Hanuman did nothing wrong

    That’s was for ur king raavan although he was nc man but did a wrong thing

  6. I have heard about yudh between shani dev & hanuman

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