Shani 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Narayan stops Mahadev from killing Ravan

Shani 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Arrogance restricts our ability to see what is right or wrong. Shani teaches that one should always respect women. The one who do not do so, deserve to be punished. ||

Ravan says now Dhamini only will become the mother of my son and give me my heir. Forget about Shani, no one in the world will be able to stop me from doing so! Right then, Mahadev shouts at Ravan to be careful. Ravan looks at Mahadev in shock. Mahadev is pointing his trident at him.

Devraj says the one who does justice for everyone is the reason of everyone’s pain. Hope Dhamini will not have to pay the price of his karmas with her life this time. Devi Chhaya addresses him pointedly. It would be better if you will focus on your karma before lecturing others about their karmas and karamfal. I very well know about your contribution

is in my son’s plight. Before cursing Shani’s Drishti, keep a tab on your Drishti. Hope Shani wont punish you for your karmas with his cursed Drishti. Rest assured. Like always, my son Shani is capable of facing this problem too. If there is someone who will have to bear the karamfal afterwards, it is you! It turns dark suddenly. Everyone looks around puzzled. Devi Chhaya asks Surya Dev about the storm. Surya Dev relates that this is Mahadev’s raudra avatar. Seems like his anger is at its peak!

Ravan tells Mahadev he cannot finish him. I have Brahma Dev’s boon. One drop of the nectar inside me is enough to bring me back to life from death. Mahadev tells him he has always respected Brahma Dev but Ravan has crossed his limits today. You insulted the one who is like my DIL. It is an unpardonable crime. You will have to bear your karamfal now!

Narayan requests Mahadev to stop. Mahadev looks at the positions of planets and calms down. Narayan tells him to think of Jaya and Vijaya before doing anything. Mahadev withdraws his trident. Shani asks Narayan what he means. Who are Jaya and Vijaya? Narayan says it is time to know what is the reason behind Ravan’s nature and why. It isn’t the right time to finish him. There was a time when Jaya and Vijaya were Vaikuntha’s gatekeepers. One day Sanad brothers came to meet me but Jaya and Vijaya dint let them in. Sanad brothers thought it to be their insult and cursed Jaya and Vijaya that they would have to give up their divinity. They suggested a solution when they found out the reason behind their behaviour. Either Jaya and Vijaya will have to take 7 births as my devotees because after which they will be able to return to Vaikuntha or they will have to take 3 births as my enemy and will be killed by me. They were my dear devotees and could not bear to be away from me for so long. They ended up choosing to be my enemies instead. First birth was in the form of Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha. Second avatar was taken in the form of Ravan and Kumbhakaran. Their last birth will be in the form of Shishupala and Dantvakra. They will be able to return to Vaikuntha afterwards. This is why Mahadev should not kill them. Ravan will be killed by my Treta yuga’s avatar at the right time.

Ravan laughs and turns to Shani. I wont mind punishing Dhamini if you try to act smart with me. Accept your defeat. Shani accepts it readily which leaves Ravan surprised. Shani agrees to hold Nav-graha his captive and bring them to Lanka. Dhamini advises Shani never to sway from his path of karma. Don’t make me your weakness. Shani replies that he has no other option. She tries to make him understand but he does not mind agreeing to Ravan’s condition to free his wife. I will follow my karma. He tells Ravan he is ready to fulfil his every wish. End this chapter now. Ravan is happy that fate will be in his favour now. What do you have to say about this Narayan? Give some lecture. Narayan replies that he has come to warn him instead. Your end is near now. Narayan and Mahadev disappear.

Ravan laughs. Who will kill the one who has Nav-graha’s on his side? He asks Shani to leave. Shani explains that he will surely bring them here but he must not even think of hurting Dhamini. Ravan says I cannot even think of it as I will get my son from him. I will have to protect her more than my life. You only have 2 days time. You have to bring all the 9 planets before me in this time. Forget about your wife if you try to act smart with me! Shani tells Dhamini he will be back soon. If you feel like giving up anytime then close your eyes and think of me. I might not be near you but I wont let anything happen to you. Ravan asks him why he is giving false hopes to Dhamini. Shani tells him he never gives false hopes or false promises to anyone. You would find out about it soon. He leaves.

Devi Chhaya is in temple. Mahadev, you understand a mother’s pain well. Finally, after all the pain, something was going to go right in Shani’s life but he is back in trouble. I thought a new chapter of his life will begin with Dhamini after his marriage but it isn’t happening that way. I do not understand what Ravan will get by hurting Shani. Yami comes there and tells her that Shani is back from Lanka. Devi Chhaya thanks Mahadev for bringing Shani back safely.

Ravan looks at the kundli. All the planets will soon sit in the 12th house and will make my son unconquerable in the entire world! Devraj tells Ravan no one has been benefited till date after upsetting Mahadev. What did you do? Ravan says Mahadev and Narayan came to Lanka but they left when they realised they cannot harm me because of Brahma Dev’s boon. Devraj is sure there must be a reason behind Shani’s silence on the matter. Ravan says I dint leave him with any option. I will make his every weakness my strength. Devraj suggests another plan to defeat Shani for once and for all. I would like to strike a deal in return. You must bless me with the boon that you will never kill me! I will help you completely in making Shani your servant. No one knows Shani better than me!

Ravan invites Dhamini to come close. She steps back instead. He tells her not to be afraid. I wont hurt you. I will give you all that you deserve. Life is too small and you get youth once only. Why are you wasting it like this? I wont like to see you like this which is why I have made a special room for you. Apsaras will look after you there and even Indra Dev will come to pay his respects twice a day. Just become my wife. You will be called the strongest woman in the world. That detached Shani is anyways wasting your youth. I will always keep you happy if you will marry me!

Shani tells everyone what Ravan is planning. He thinks of Ravan’s wish and condition. Surya Dev is angry to know that Ravan is challenging nav-graha’s after abducting his DIL. We will attack on Lanka right away! Shani stops him. It is a question of my wife’s dignity and life so I will do what Ravan wants. I will bring all the planets to Lanka with me. You are the first planet which I will take to Lanka!

Precap: Ravan tells Dhamini not to waste his youth on Shani. Dhamini accepts Ravan as her everything. Shani also hears it (telepathy).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I think damini is going to curse ravan that a women will be reason for his death.

    1. hi Avon. I heard that the lady who cursed ravana was the apsara rambha not dhamini devi. I think so.

      1. Well kartik apsara ramba is nowhere seen in this show till now and someone have got to curse ravan

      2. Guys…. It was Mata Vedavati…
        But as avon said, ravan got cursed… That is the point

  2. Hi kamalnayani di. You said that matasya avatar is not connected with Shankhachur but in this wiki page they wrote that Shankhachur is killed by matasya avatar of Vishnu. It’s wrote in ‘in the Hinduism’ section of this wiki page. The link is here:
    Please tell me di.

  3. Now i think the ramayana adhyay has started

  4. Great episode
    Waiting for today’s episode

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