Shani 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani and Bhadra engage in a fight!

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|| When one thinks ill of someone or does bad karmas to harm him, he is actually inviting problems upon himself. Shani teaches that one gets Karamfal depending on their karmas in this birth only. ||

Epi begins with Sanghya seeking promise from Shani. Promise me you wont use Bhadrantak on Bhadra! Shani replies that now there will be no mother or promise. It will only be karma now! The weather changes. Shani rushes out of the cave. Chhaya shouts after him but in vain.

Surya Dev is having difficulty stopping Bhadra. She uses her powers on him. He shouts in pain. She says I am Shani’s sister which is why I cannot kill you. You are my father but it is also unacceptable to me when someone tries to come between me and my aim.

All Gods seek refuge from Mahadev. The world is heading closer

to destruction. Indra Dev says it is time for you to play an important role. We have lost faith in Shani. You handed him that weapon with a trust but it was insulted instead. Now you must use Bhadrantak yourself to finish Bhadra! It is time to clear away the darkness that has spread in the world. Mahadev says if my Raudra Avatar is born then the darkness will surely finish but then the first one to die wont be Bhadra. Indra Dev goes quiet.

Shani looks at the dark skies. He hears Bhadra shouting Mahadev’s name.

Bhadra says you (Mahadev) will have to pay for the injustice you have done to her; you will have to pay back for the pain that you have given to my brother. Narayan says it is enough now. She needs to be stopped.

Mahadev breaks some hairs off his head and throws it on the ground. It catches fire immediately and Veerbhadra is born. He greets Mahadev. Bhadra and Veerbhadra come face to face.

Shani and Kakol are also on their way to kailash. He hopes Bhadra stays patient. Don’t do anything which will make things difficult even for Karamfaldata.

Bhadra and Veerbhadra get into a fight. Tridev look on. Narayan appears behind Veerbhadra who greets him. Narayan says Mahadev is my Aradhya too. If anyone tries to fight with him then he must fight with me too. Mahadev says it is enough.

Shani warns Bhadra to stop. Any step that you will take further in the direction towards Mahadev will only separate you from your brother. She says I don’t want to part with you which is why I am here. Tell me honestly. Did Mahadev not create Bhadrantak to end me? He nods. She does not let him explain any further. Did he not order you to kill me? Did he not force a brother to kill his own sister? Shani nods but is again stopped from speaking further. She says everyone should get their karamfal. Now Mahadev will have to bear his punishment for forcing a brother to kill his own sister! She tries attacking Mahadev but Shani stands in her way. I wont let you do it. Stop! She says the brother who guided me till here is stopping me now. Shani says this path was shown to her by maya and not him. If needed be, this brother will break this illusion of yours even if that means I have to use my powers! He attacks her thereby throwing her off guard.

Sanghya reaches there just then and acts to be concerned for Bhadra. Are you fine? Bhadra nods. What happened to Bhai? He is standing against me and is protecting Mahadev instead? Sanghya says he is a hypocrite. I sense something wrong behind his intention. Better kill him if he comes in front of you next time! Bhadra is shocked. It is impossible! Sanghya says Shani is not your brother anymore. Everyone is right. Shani cannot belong to anyone. He is a cheater and our culprit. He must be punished for the same. Shani fought with you. Mahadev has also given Bhadrantak to him only. When he can attack you then he can also kill you using that weapon. It would be best to kill Shani next time whenever you come face to face with him. Bhadra looks determined. They hear the sound of footsteps. It is Shani.

Shani advises Bhadra to go back. I wont let you hurt Mahadev. Sanghya says you were the one who instigated Bhadra to fight with Mahadev and now are warning her yourself! Shani tells her to stop this sham. She thinks of you to be her mother but aren’t you ashamed to use her to your advantage? Bhadra is under Sanghya’s influence and speaks against Shani only. You were against Mahadev a while ago and are now protecting him only? You are blaming your own sister! I know it’s all because of Mahadev. He is playing with your conscience. I wont forgive him now! Shani tells her to think calmly for a moment but she stays put. The time to speak or listen is over now. We will speak only after I finish the root cause of my problem – Mahadev! Shani looks at her in shock. She begins to go again but Shani blocks her way. I wont let you go near Mahadev! Bhadra says I will see who will stop me from killing Mahadev! Even you wont be able to stop me today!

Surya Dev tells Chhaya of how destructive Bhadra has become. I am sure Shani and Bhadra would have been fighting with each other by now. You and Shani always protected her and encouraged her misdeeds. See what she has done now. No one can stop her now, neither you nor your son Shani. Her Halahal is on its extreme. It will destroy the world. Chhaya is sure Bhadra has lost her path. We can bring her on the right path if we try harder. Yam shares that Bhadra and Shani are engaged in a fight. Chhaya wants to stop them. Surya Dev advises her to understand and advise Shani to use Bhadrantak to kill Bhadra. He will only listen to you. Only you can stop the destruction from happening. She replies that a mother’s love is really strong. Bhadra will surely listen to me if I speak to her with love. I am sure of this. She leaves.

Indra Dev is happy to see Shani and Bhadra fighting with each other. Whoever loses, I will surely win. Bhadra tells her brother to let her go. He refuses. Sanghya speaks against Shani before Bhadra. He seems to have changed. He brought you here but he changed sides. Don’t trust him. Shani tells Bhadra to think herself who she should trust. She isn’t our mother. Trust me. I can make you meet our mother. You will understand everything then. Sanghya reminds Bhadra how she had told her that everyone might say she (Sanghya) isn’t her real mother. Shani is such a hypocrite! Attack him and kill him along with Mahadev! Finish him today!

Shani tries to stop Bhadra with all his might. He reminds Bhadra how a mother is always an emblem of love. She never wants her kids to fight. A mother will never instigate a daughter to kill her own brother. Remember what we spoke of? When mother does not teach you love and pity then it isn’t mother! Bhadra gets thinking while Sanghya looks impatiently at them.

Precap: Chhaya asks Shani if everything is fine. Where is Bhadra? You couldn’t protect him right? Did you? Shani says I only did my duty as Karamfaldata!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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