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Shani calls out to Hanuman. Hanuman recalls Shani calling out to him and then him getting attacked by Vajra. I cannot forget that I got attacked by Indra Dev only after you called my name. Shani says this is our first meeting but I believe you have taken birth to complete a very important task. Hanuman tells him he doesn’t have time to discuss with him that too on the topic of karma.

Kakol tells Shani why he dint react when Hanuman spoke so badly to him. Hanuman disrespected you. Shani smiles. He dint disrespect me. Kakol insists upon telling Hanuman Shani’s real identity. Shani denies. You cannot explain by words when people are in some other illusion. Let the right time come. Hanuman will understand everything on his own.

Devraj greets Hanuman and kneels down before him. I hope you

have forgiven me but I was bound by my duty. I had to protect Surya Dev which is why I attacked you. If you are still upset with me then I am ready for my punishment. You can take revenge. You can even use your mace for the first time on me if you wish. Hanuman shakes his head. you were doing your duty. I forgive you as you dint cheat me (looking and pointing at Shani). Devraj smiles realising it. Hanuman heads back to Shani. I never forget those who cheat. Don’t come in my path again or I wont spare you next time. Kakol is about to retort when Hanuman and Shani stare at him. Shani tells him his faith is not in words but karmas. Hanuman agrees to make him realise his faith with his karmas next time. Hanuman flies away.

Kakol asks Shani why he kept quiet. You are Karamfaldata. No one can behave this way with you. I wont sit quietly if Hanuman or anyone behaves like this with you next time. What are you thinking? Shani shares that he is thinking about Surya Dev’s condition. I must know where Surya Dev and Devi Sanghya were when they had turned into horses.

Surya Dev tries using his powers but gets hurt instead. Shani rushes to his side. Shani shouts for Kakol. Bring Nana Shree. Dev Vishwakarma checks Surya Dev. Shani tells him that Hanuman couldn’t do what he wanted to which means that the eclipse was incomplete. Why is Surya Dev unable to control his heat and light in control then? Dev Vishwakarma says this is puzzling me too. This has never happened before. I cannot understand anything. Shani realises something. I can think as to why this is happening. He stares at Devi Sanghya pointedly who gets tensed. This happened with mother when Devi Sanghya came out of her tapasya. I too felt similar way when Neelima was coming near me. Devi Sanghya is the opposite energy of mother and Neelima is mine but what is making Surya Dev weak? Durya Dev says I have to first find out as to why this happened in the first place. Shani tells him about Maruti. Surya Dev says it means he is a very powerful kid and he will try it again. Shani assures him Mahadev has fixed everything. He is naughty but he has a pure heart. If you ever get a chance to meet him then you will realise he is the most pious soul in the world.

Maruti is surprised seeing so many food options before him. Are they all for me? Mata Anjana nods. Just don’t think of eating Surya Dev again now. Hanuman shares his doubts on Shani with his mother. Mata Anjana points out that he got these many powers because of Shani only. Hanuman nods. he dint seem like someone who cheats but still. She advises him to focus on food. Hanuman relates what he had told Shani. Our next meeting wont be easy for him. Mata Anjana says I am seeing you talking for the first time even when so much food is kept before you. She notices him lost again. He says I remember his stare again and again. It wasn’t scary but there was something else.

Chhaya asks Shani about the kid who acted foolish by attempting to eat Surya Dev. Shani smiles. Entire world will know him. I feel he and I share something deep. I don’t think a much innocent and pure soul exists anywhere in the world. Kakol gets upset and tells them how much Hanuman had troubled him and Shani. Shani tells him to trust him. Your mindset towards Hanuman will also change one day. Kakol decides to keep an eye on Hanuman. He got so many powers. He will create a mess for sure.

Rahu is scared to meet Hanuman. Devraj insists it is important so Hanuman kills Shani. They must fight and be brought on one path. We will have to go to Hanuman so they fight!

Hanuman meets his friends. Devraj looks at him from far. Praising someone only fuels his arrogance. We have to do the same with Hanuman. He stops noticing Kakol there. What is he doing here? Hanuman and his friends play with hanuman’s tails. Kakol laughs seeing them play. Hanuman questions him as to why he is here. You are Shani’s friend? Kakol decides to befriend him so he can keep an eye on him. He lies to Hanuman. I too don’t have positive feelings towards you but I couldn’t resist seeing you guys play. Can I join you guys? Hanuman allows him. Devraj thinks to use Kakol to get his way. He greets Hanuman. Kakol is puzzled to see him there. Devraj says I came to check on Hanuman. Hanuman tells him he is fine. Devraj nods. I can see you got a new friend. You are so powerful and have such a big heart. Shani cheated you yet you are allowing his friend to play with you. Kakol calls it a lie. Shani tried saving Hanuman. Hanuman declines. Devraj is right. Shani misguided me by calling out to me or I would have escaped Devraj’s attack. Kakol warns him not to utter another word against Shani. Hanuman asks him if he will attack him then. Kakol says I will do whatever but I wont hear another word against Shani. Hanuman challenges him for a fight.

Kakol tries attacking him but Hanuman easily overpowers him. Kakol attacks him using a big stone but Hanuman hits it using his mace. You are not my enemy which is why I don’t want to harm you. It will be better if you leave. Kakol refuses to leave till he withdraws his ill words spoken earlier against Shani. Hanuman tells him he lost his only chance. he ties Kakol in his tail. Kakol shouts Shani.

Shani tells Hanuman to stop. Devraj and Rahu watch it from far. Hanuman and Shani stare at each other.

Precap: Shani tells Hanuman to let Kakol go. Don’t force me to attack. Hanuman points out that he just spared Kakol. I dint allow him to leave. Shani asks him if he is hinting at a fight.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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