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Epi begins with Vykatagandh saying you wont be able to save yourelf today. You will have to pay for my broken wing with your life! He attacks Shani. Multiple butterflies surround Shani who kills a lot many of them in no time. Vykatagandh is shocked to see the butterflies falling down lifelessly. It is enough! Remember your Mahadev for the last time. Butterflies attack Devi Sanghya who shouts Shani’s name repeatedly for help. Vykatagandh enjoys attacking Shani. Shani says open eyes misguide us Kakol while closed eyes guide us. Shani closes his eyes. Vykatagandh crosses past him many times. Shani assesses his movements and attacks Vykatagandh next time when he tries attacking Shani. He is badly hurt. Shani and Kakol head towards Vykatagandh. Shani finally hits him and reaches Devi Sanghya. He is shocked

to see her wounds.

Chhaya thinks Sabha must have started. Hey Mahadev, keep both Surya Dev and my son safe. Surya Dev is looking for Shani. Chhaya hears footsteps. It might be Devi Sanghya. I should hide. She hears Surya Dev calling out for Shani and stops. Surya Dev asks for Shani. Chhaya is taken aback. Shani is your son. Do something so he isn’t banished. Surya Dev replies that nothing wont be in my hands if he wont reach in time. I wont be able to save him. She worries. Shani cannot do this. He cannot break his promise. He invites her to the Sabha. Don’t say then that Surya dint give a valuable chance to Shani. She declines. He points out that Shani is responsible for this situation. You are the reason for his misconduct. Come and see where it will take him. Come with me. He holds her hand and takes her with him. She prays for her son’s well-being.

Devi Sanghya asks SHani why he dint go in Sabha. He replies that no Sabha is greater than his mother’s safety. He looks at Vykatagandh. I had warned you to come on the right path. I had warned you that Shani neither forgets nor forgives the second time. He picks up a stone angrily. Devi Sanghya thinks to stop him so no one finds out about her plan. She asks him to stop. The matter in Sabha is urgent. If you kill him here now then everything will change. Another Dev-Asur Sabha might happen then. It will anger Mahadev. Shani doesn’t mind Mahadev’s anger. He attacked you. He must die. She refuses. You are headed for a good motive. Don’t let your hands get dirty by his blood. Wont you hear your mother? She cries. Shani throws the stone away and goes to her. He wipes her tears. I have already told you I cannot see your tears. She is touched. Shani adds that he will listen to her. I wont kill Vykatagandh. Vykatagandh manages to get up with difficulty and limps away. Devi Sanghya is a little relieved. Shani notices the wounds on nher hands. Are you in pain? She denies. Kakol tells Shani there is still time. Don’t waste it. Try to reach on time. You will surely be banished otherwise. Devi Sanghya thinks to stop Shani from going in Sabha. Shani looks at Devi Sanghya.

Door opens. Indra Dev turns fearing it is Shani but it turns out to be Chhaya. He is puzzled to see Devi Sanghya here now. Vykatagandh should have kidnapped her by now. Asuras cannot do anything right. But Shani still dint come with Surya Dev. It is in my favour. He asks Devrishi Narad how much more they will have to wait. Surya Dev went to bring Shani and not Devi Sanghya. Narad Muni finds his words logical. Shani was given a chance to be here but he dint come. As per rules, his banishment is certain! Chhaya asks him to wait before announcing any decision. Give my son some time. There must be surely something which was more important than his coming here. That might have stopped him from coming here. Have some patience please.

Shani, Kakol and Devi Sanghya return to palace.

Narad Muni tells Surya Dev he understands his feelings but as per rules both representatives had to be here on time. Chhaya goes to Surya Dev. I have followed my every duty towards you diligently. Do you want a mother to see her son getting banished before her eyes? Is this your dharma? This is being heartless. Pardon me but I wont be able to do it. She leaves from there.

Devi Sanghya acts to have pain in her leg. Shani rushes to her. You don’t look well. I will have to take you to Nana Shri. She agrees. Dev Vishwakarma says if a son is ready to leave anything for his mother then a father is also ready for everything. He advises Shani to head to the Sabha. I will take care of Sanghya. There isn’t much time. Please go. Shani nods and goes with Kakol.

Dev Vishwakarma looks pointedly at Devi Sanghya.

Narad Muni says I asked for Shani many times but he still dint come here. He turns his back to the door. I announce that Shani will be banished..! Right then, Shani steps in saying he is here. Everyone is surprised to see him there. Indra Dev is very much shocked and unhappy. Shani apologizes to everyone present in the Sabha for coming late. Everyone had to wait because of me. narad Muni expresses his happiness to see him in Sabha in time.

Precap: Indra Dev and Asuras fight again. Yam wants to get Gods justice. Shani reasons that there wont be any rights on earth but justice. Yam and Shani engage in a fight.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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