Shani 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani stops Chhaya from destroying Bhadrantak!

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|| Shani warns everyone before giving them their Karamfal. If they still don’t come on the right path then Shani turns Dandnayak and punishes the culprit thereby setting an example for everyone. ||

Shani feels something wrong is about to happen. Don’t know what Sanghya will make Bhadra do now.

Bhadra gets ready to punish Mahadev for hurting her brother. I will finish you without anyone’s help. She is in a bubble and headed to Kailash. Shani notices her and shouts after her to stop but in vain. Sanghya says go after your death and accept it. I will meet father and get hold of Bhadrantak.

Sanghya comes to Dev Vishwakarma’s lab. He isn’t there. She thinks to find Bhadrantak in his absence. Dev Vishwakarma comes just then. She acts to be Chhaya before him. I am really

concerned for Bhadra. I was thinking to keep that weapon with me. That ways I will be assured that it is out of everyone’s reach. He tells her not to worry. It is safe from everyone. No one can reach it including you Sanghya. Are you wondering how I recognized you? If you were Chhaya then you wouldn’t have doubted your father ever. If you try to attack me then I will be forced to invoke Shani’s presence here. I will tell him you entered here with a wrong intention and without permission. I will get you punished. She tells him to go ahead and try. It will be of no use though. Very soon, Bhadra and Mahadev will attack each other. Shani, who has gone there to protect his sister, will die! Karamfaldata wont live and I wont get my Karamfal. Just make preps to do the last rites of your granddaughter.

Shani tells Kakol to hurry up. We must stop Bhadra before anything goes wrong.

Chhaya is praying to Mahadev. Please protect my daughter from Sanghya. Guide my son Shani. Save them from Sanghya. Sanghya comes there. What’s the point of praying to the one who is about to die! Chhaya asks her how she dare come here. You took my daughter on the wrong path. I wont let you leave. She shouts for Surya Dev. Sanghya laughs. Chhaya asks her if she isn’t afraid of Surya Dev. Sanghya says I do feel scared but if I leave then it will be your loss only. Your daughter is in no one’s hands now. She has left to attack Mahadev. This is the path I pushed her on. If she attacks Mahadev then the entire world will become her enemy. Shani’s name will also be in that list. I can guide you to save your daughter though. Destroy Bhadrantak. No one will be able to harm Bhadra then. You don’t have much time. Sanghya leaves. Chhaya decides to protect her daughter.

Shani shouts after Bhadra to stop and listen to him once. I am Mahadev’s ansh. He is like my father and you are my sister. Don’t put me in such a situation. Please stop. Get out of this bubble. Bhadra is unable to hear anything. Shani composes himself. He invokes his weapon. Forgive me Bhadra but I don’t have any other option left now. I have to fight with you to stop you!

Dev Vishwakarma looks at Bhadrantak. This is an indication of destruction. Bhadra is attacking Mahadev. Should I give Bhadrantak to Shani? He holds the weapon in his hands. Bhadra must die so the world is safe. Chhaya requests him not to do so. Please give Bhadrantak to me. He says you and Sanghya are so different. I never saw the love that is in your eyes in Sanghya’s eyes. The situation is adverse. I cannot give you this weapon for that purpose though. She is sure Shani will be able to stop Bhadra somehow. Entire world thinks of Bhadra to be their enemy. Anyone can finish her with this weapon. Please give this weapon to me. I will destroy it completely. Please accept it for my sake. He tells her against it but she snatches it out of his hands. She casts a shield between them. Please forgive me. Once Sanghya stole something from you for her own selfish reasons and today I am stealing something for my daughter. Pardon me but I will destroy it. She runs from there with the weapon. Dev Vishwakarma frees himself. You (Chhaya) don’t know what you have called upon yourself!

Surya Dev asks Dev Vishwakarma how he could let Chhaya take that weapon. How can you risk her life like that? Dev Vishwakarma says just think that a father lost to his daughter. The situation is very critical though. It isn’t easy to destroy Bhadrantak. It has Halahal. Till the time it kills someone, you cannot destroy it. Chhaya will realise it soon. She might sacrifice her own life for her daughter’s sake. Surya Dev says we must find her asap then. Where is she? Dev Vishwakarma is clueless. Surya Dev knows only Shani can find her. Dev Vishwakarma shares that Shani has gone to Kailash to stop Bhadra. She wants to attack Mahadev. Surya Dev is shocked. What is she going to do!

Surya Dev appears before Shani and tells Shani to leave. Chhaya is in trouble. She has taken Bhadrantak with her to destroy it. We all know her. She can even sacrifice her own life for everyone’s sake. I can understand your dilemma. Go and try to save your mother while I will try to stop Bhadra!

Bhadra reaches Kailash followed by Surya Dev. She cannot hear any of the warnings given by Surya Dev because of the bubble she is caught in. He stops her using his powers. She glares at him as she turns. How dare you attack me? Surya Dev tells her he wont let her attack Mahadev. She points out that he cannot stop her. The bubble bursts. Surya Dev explains he doesn’t wish to fight with her. You have a part of me. I invoke it and request you not to become the reason of the world’s destruction. She asks him how he is accepting it today that she is his Ansh. You always insulted me earlier and even called me Anishta, Halahali! I was hated for my appearance. You are my father. When you called me Anishta then how can the world ignore it? It is too late now. I wont stop now! Mahadev will have to give an answer to the pain he has given to my brother! He forced me brother to kill me. Now I will torture everyone. She turns to go but Surya Dev warns her to stop. I will kill you if you take another step further. She tells him it will be good for him not to mess with her. Atleast then the world wont say that you lost to your own daughter.

Shani knows where his mother will go with Bhadrantak. Talatal!

Chhaya dumps the weapon in the same well from where Bhadra got Halahal. A blast happens. Chhaya turns to go but notices Bhadrantak coming right out of the well safely. She understands that it wont be satiated until someone dies. If this is required for my daughter’s life then I am ready to sacrifice my life. Mahadev has created this weapon but there is a greater power than this weapon. A mother’s love is more pious and stronger than any weapon. I am ready to die to destroy this weapon and to protect my daughter. Shani reaches the cave just then. He runs inside to stop his mother from killing herself. Stop mother! Chhaya tells him not to stop her today. Let me sacrifice my life for my daughter. He tells her against it. Please give it to me. She refuses to part with it. It will end my daughter’s life. He reasons that karmas determine everything. It isn’t appropriate to destroy this weapon. Bhadra will get her due on the basis of her Karmas. Please give it to me. She stays put. He ties her magically and gets the weapon. Feelings are nothing before my karmas / duty mother. She seeks promise from him not to harm Bhadra. He replies that now there will be no mother or promise. It will only be karma now!

Precap: Shani warns Bhadra. I wont let you go near Mahadev! Bhadra says I will see who will stop me from killing Mahadev! Mahadev! Mahadev tells Shani to let her come. Her end has brought her here. Veerbhadra appears there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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