Shani 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

It is normal for anyone to be scared of the one doing justice. Shani teaches us that the one on the right path is not afraid of anyone or anything. The one following the wrong path always lives in fear.

Shani announces that he will cast his Vakra Drishti on her (Sanghya) first thing tomorrow morning! You will get the punishment you deserve! For doing my karma, I need neither a position in the Devsabha nor is it mandatory for me to stay in Dev Loka. He walks out from there. Surya Dev looks upset whereas Devi Sanghya is tensed.

At night, Sanghya is disturbed as Shani’s words haunt her. I cannot let this happen. I cannot bow down before Shani. I cannot let him cast his Drishti on me! What’s the solution of this problem named Shani? What help can I seek from Surya Dev? She suddenly stops pacing

noticing her shadow on the floor. A smile appears on her face. Chhaya is the solution! The solution which I couldn’t find in Surya’s light, I found it in Sanghya’s Chhaya.

Shani and Kakol are in jungle. Kakol asks him why he stopped suddenly. Shani says I don’t know. I suddenly felt it became all dark around me and I fail to see anything. Kakol jokes if he will see Surya Dev’s light in dark. Come to Kaak Loka with me. It isn’t so bad. Shani smiles. I have to stay amidst guilty to do my duty. I don’t need to stay in either Dev Loka or Kaak Loka for the same. It is time to give Devi Sanghya the results of her karma. Kakol advises him to be careful. I feel scared of her. She is much more cunning than Devraj Indra. She would surely find a way out of her problem tomorrow. Shani says I know she would think to do so for sure but she wont be able to escape my Vakra Drishti tomorrow.

Dev Vishwakarma is surprised to see Sanghya and Yam at his house at night. Sanghya says can a daughter not come to her home for no reason. I felt like spending some time with you. Yam busies his Nana ji with some broken weapon of his. Sanghya very smartly excuses herself to fix dinner.

Next morning, Shani comes to Surya Loka with Kakol. Surya Dev stops him from entering. You forgot you are banished! You cannot enter here. If you ignore my warning then you will have to face my wrath! It would be good if you leave.

Devi Sanghya runs inside the laboratory. She has come to steal the same potion with which she had created Chhaya. Dev Vishwakarma pities her. She warns him not to stop her or he might get hurt. You know it very well. He nods. I know it very well. I am that unfateful father whose daughter does not even think before hurting her own father! I know you haven’t come here for Yam’s sake but for your own selfish reasons. The one you think to be your shield if simple water. You can test it if you want. I wont stop you. She drops the liquid on the floor but nothing happens. She demands for that potion but he tells her it is out of her reach. I knew you will misuse it yet again which is why I have hidden it. You will have to bear Shani’s Drishti. No one can stop you from facing the outcomes of your deeds!

Shani enters inside not paying heed to any of Surya Dev’s warnings. Surya Dev calls him discourteous. You dared to enter inside even when I warned you against it! Shani clearly tells him he hasn’t come here for any personal motive. I have come here to do justice as Karamfaldata. You spread your light equally to the world. It is possible you might have some animosity with someone but you wont stop your light from spreading in that direction as that is your duty! I too am bound by duty. If you still feel you need to stop me then please go ahead. Surya Dev raises his weapon but stops it mid air right near Shani’s throat. Shani heads inside.

Sanghya continues looking for that potion. Her father tells her to try as much as she wants. Only I and Tridev know where I have kept it. Devraj adds his name to the list. Dev Vishwakarma is shocked to see what’s in his hands.

Shani and Kakol come to Devi Sanghya’s room but she isn’t there. Kakol points out that they checked everywhere. She isn’t here. Shani wonders where she will be. Yami walks in. I know where mother is.

Devraj says a father can hide everything from his daughter but a Dev is not allowed to hide anything from Devraj! He shows the bottle. This is both the cause and solution of Devi’s problem. Dev Vishwakarma tells him to return it to him but in vain. Devraj tells him to be in his limits. No one can tell Devraj what’s to be done. He turns to Devi Sanghya. I am ready to give this potion to you but will you promise to give me whatever I will ask for. She promises him. The magical potion disappears. Sanghya attacks her father who falls down. Devraj tells her to relax. I know his limits. That potion is still very much around.

Shani leaves for Dev Vishwakarma’s palace with Kakol.

Sanghya tells Devraj to hurry up. I cannot find that potion anywhere! Shani can come anytime. Devraj is irked as he too fails in finding it. On the other hand, Shani reaches his Nana Shree’s house. He is shocked to see him unconscious. He calls out to Devi Sanghya and notices her hiding there. She has her eyes fixated on the floor. You can come away from Surya Loka and the world but you cannot escape your Karamfal. You committed another sin to escape your Karamfal. You hurt Dev Vishwakarma! It is no use now to look down. You have to bear your Karamfal. Look at me and be ready to bear my Drishti. Look at me Devi Sanghya. She looks up. Shani is stunned to realise it is his mother Chhaya instead. She walks up to him overwhelmed with emotions. Right then, they hear Devi Sanghya laughing. She too steps forward. What happened Karamfaldata? You were lecturing me so much. Why did you stop now? Cast your Drishti on me now! Epi ends on split screen of Sanghya, Shani and Chhaya.

Precap: Sanghya tells Shani to remember his mother is her Chhaya first. She will go through the same amount of pain that I will. She is your mother! Cast your Vakra Drishti on your mother Karamfaldata Shani if you dare to!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    How did Devi Sangya find the potion ???
    And what Mata Chaaya really is the solution which Devi Sangya did not find in Surya dev’s light???
    Samaj nahin aa rahi hain….

    1. It’s a basic understanding, not some metaphor for anything real. It means she’s using her shadow to PROTECT her because she’s blackmailing Shani. Surya couldn’t ‘save’ her from shani’s vakra drishti so she is using Chaya to make shani back out. get it?


    Sandhya ki plan poora nahi hoga…???

    Jab Chhaya kush thi tab Sandhya kush nahi thi….?
    Jab Sandhya teek thi tab Chhaya bhimar thi……?
    serial shuru se hi inn dono ke beech opposite hi chala hai. lekin, ab kya hoga….!?❗❓????

  3. mujhe to kuch pata nahi..Iam waiting such situation…vaise., jab chaya ke karm thik hai tab shani kyo drishi dalenge apni mata par…?vakra dristi to sangya par he padna chaye na,?!

    1. Kamalanayani

      I expected that such a question may come….
      Actually Mata Chaaya is the shadow of Devi Sangya, so have you noticed that your shadow does the same as you do….
      Example – Devi Sangya made Dev Vishwakarma fall unconscious, but the same positions atleast might have been done by Mata Chaaya but may be without her concern…. But anyway the shadow also did it.
      We might have not felt it as our shadow is not separate from us. But Mata Chaaya is shown having a separate body…
      So I guess this might be the reason why Mata Chaaya has to be affected also….

      1. Nandhini

        I too asked the same thing few days before..if shani’s vakra drishti casted on devi sangya then it may affect devi chaaya too…then the topic of karamfal being gifted, shared or tranferred arose??

  4. This is truth n if one feels that they have escaped shani dev…that means that they are still in wrong path…..

    Shani Dev is not against truth but against people who choose wrong path…

    If devi sandhya has recreated chayya that means she is unsecured and aware that she can’t escape from shani….

    This is how people act when they try to hide from their own wrong deeds and put the blame on others…..

    We need to learn from the episodes that shani dev is our atma AND we can’t hide from our own atma….

    Om sham shaneshwaraya namaha!!!!

    1. Nandhini

      Yea correct…

    2. It’s good to respect demi-gods but you are wrong, Shani Ji is NOT our ‘atma’. Your atma is YOU and the only one in it is GOD. Shani is a demi-god, ruler of Saturn, responsible for giving rewards or punishments for good or bad deeds. To randomly say shani is your ‘atma’ is false and makes no sense. lol.

      1. Kamalanayani

        I agree…
        Instead of calling him as your aatma… You can call him as the guide/teacher for your aatma’s travel…. It might be nice…

  5. Nandhini

    Fabulous episode..waiting for tomorrow’s episode??

    1. Kamalanayani

      me too….

  6. iss sanghya ke chakar mein to mere ghar mein mahabharat shuru ho gaya hai mere aur mummy ke beech mein ki shani sanghya ko kaise punish karenge………. we too have chhattis ka aankda like shani and surya dev

    1. Kamalanayani

      mat lab…

  7. Kamalanayani

    Our Chaaya is missing for more than 4-5 days….
    We are missing you in our discussions….

  8. Its going to be interesting again

  9. Kamalanayani

    Guys, I am getting unwanted PM from a registered member of tellyupdates called Jayani and asking about my personal info… I just wanted to inform you guys also to be careful with that user…

    1. Nandhini

      Ohh thanks for the alert…

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