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Pavan Dev demands for an answer. Who hurt my son? Shani steps forward ready to give him an answer. He relates everything to him. Pavan Dev says even Narayan and Mahadev forget the mistake made by kids and Maharishi’s whereas Maruti was attacked with Vajra! You (Devraj) dint do the right thing! You will be punished for it now. Shani points out that Devraj made a mistake but he also will make a mistake by attacking him now. It will only aggravate the situation. Devraj seconds him. I wouldn’t have hurt Maruti if I had known Maruti was your son. He apologies to Mata Anjani also but she refuses to forgive him. I only want my son. She tells Pavan Dev to fulfil his vow if he really thinks of Maruti as his own. Pavan Dev expands his size and withdraws all the air from the world. Devraj tells him he cannot do anything

wrong. You are a God with some duties. Pavan Dev declines. Right now, I am a father whose son is lying unconscious right before his eyes. I, Pavan Dev, renounce my duties right away because of the injustice done to my son. I stop the flow of air and withdraw all the air from the world.

Surya Dev and his family start having trouble breathing. Chhaya wonders what happened now. Dev Vishwakarma is sure something went wrong. It is certainly related to Pavan Dev as only he can have such power.

Kakol holds his neck and almost passes out in Shani’s arms because of lack of air. Shani requests Pavan Dev to calm down. World will be destroyed without you. You cannot punish all the innocent people / lives because of one mistake made by Indra Dev. Pavan Dev asks him why he dint stop Indra Dev than. My son is also innocent. If he isn’t returned his life then the world will indeed be destroyed. Agni Dev and another Dev appear there. Devraj requests them to explain to Pavan Dev. Everyone tries to make Pavan Dev understand but invain. Shani reminds him that it is the duty of Tridev only to destroy. Don’t do something which can turn out really dangerous. Pavan Dev speaks of his promise to Mata Anjana. Shani thinks of Tridev. If I, Chhaya Putra Shani, did my duty diligently then please help me in this situation. Tridev appear there. Shani addresses the problem to them. I am sure Maruti dint do anything in such young age because of which his life should be snatched away. I request you to return him his life. Devraj calls it unjust with the laws of nature. Shani retorts that the world is in danger because of him. Mahadev seconds him. Mata Anjana requests Mahadev to make her son alive then. Mahadev nods. Shani is doing his duty as Karamfaldata. You (Pavan Dev) too must resume your duty once again. Please return air to the world. Pavan Dev happily does so. Everyone smiles in relief as the world returns to normalcy once again.

Tridev bless Maruti with life. Mata Anjana hugs her son as he wakes up. She thanks Tridev. Pavan Dev adds that he just dint return Maruti’s life but has also returned a mother’s trust and a father’s life also. Mahadev renames Maruti Hanuman as it was like his second birth today.

Rahu whispers in Devraj’s ears. Do something. If this monkey speaks up then our doors to Dev Loka will be closed for forever. Devraj apologizes to Mahadev. I will bless Hanuman with a boon (as compensation). Hanuman’s body will become strong like a Vajra right away. My Vajra wont hurt him at all. Agni Dev too blesses Hanuman. Agni will never hurt him. Varun Dev blesses him that he will remain safe from water always. Varun Dev blesses him with speed. Brahma Dev points out that he will be able to go to whichever place he would like to go to. No one can stop you. My Brahma-astra too wont do anything. Mahadev says no one will be able to hurt you. World will always remember you for you will be the best combination of mind and knowledge. You will be able to cross the biggest oceans in no time. Narayan asks Hanuman what he wants from him. Hanuman kneels down before him. Narayan asks him as to why he did so. Hanuman replies that he doesn’t know. He only did what his conscious told me to do. Narayan tells him to get up. I too want to give you a gift. Hanuman stands up and gets a mace from Narayan as gift. It will be your weapon and will also help you.

Rahu tells Devraj his dream of finishing Shani broke once again. Devraj calls him a fool. Shani’s solution is right before us – the all powerful Hanuman! He can finish Shani in a second. I know how to get him on my side. Rahu tells him to be careful. His powers might turn out to be stronger than yours. Devraj decides to play mind games to do something so Pavanputra (Hanuman) creates a hindrance in the path of Suryaputra (Shani)! He cheers for Hanuman and apologizes to Mahadev once again. Narayan tells Hanuman that they will meet real soon. Everyone folds their hands in gratitude before Tridev.

Mata Anjana asks Maruti to come. We have to head home. He reminds her that he got new name now. I have so many powers. I am fine. She says that is something to worry. He assures her he wont misuse them. I have to practise with this mace. She nods and heads home. Shani smiles seeing him thus. Mahadev remarks that finally the moment is here when Shani and Hanuman will come face to face. Shani calls out to Hanuman. Narayan says I too am eager to see what will happen next.

Precap: Hanuman and Shani think about how they feel the other person has some part to play in each other’s life. Devraj decides to put them against one another.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    I felt like I have seen the actress who is playing as Mata Anjani devi in some other serial…

    1. Yeah she was in siya ke ram..where she portrayed the role of kaushalya

  2. Kamalanayani

    Do you guys know that our Kartikey Malviya’s mom name is Neelima…
    Oh.. What a coincidence… Shani dev’s power in his mom’s name itself…

    1. Yeah, I know that. Kartikey puts up superb mythological and emotional acts in IBD 2. He’s the best choice for Shani dev. I don’t want to send Hanuman and Shani dev as enemies.

  3. I have miss so many Series pls I need a complete update from when Shani punished her step mother.

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