Shani 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Indra Dev explains the plan to Vykatagandh.

Chhaya is collecting Bel-patra for puja. She is surprised to see Shani. He says I know you pray to Mahadev daily. I came right before your prayers. There is a purpose. I request you to pray for Surya Dev’s victory in your prayer today. you pray for me but someone has to pray for Surya Dev too. I don’t want anyone to raise a finger on Shani’s mother in future that you dint follow your dharma as a wife while doing your motherly duty. She thinks to leave as Devi Sanghya might be coming anytime now. Shani begins to walk with her. I also want to pray for Surya Dev with you. I will pray that his karma is as good as him. Chhaya agrees and takes him with her.

Devi Sanghya is looking for Chhaya. Where did she go? Why dint Indra Dev reach yet?


Dev and Shukracharya reach Surya Loka with their allies. There is a smile on Indra Dev’s afce. I welcome you Shukracharya. I am announcing the result now itself – you will lose! Shukracharya shouts Indra angrily. Narad Muni steps in between because of which everyone heads back to their original places. Indra Dev greets Narad Muni. Narad Muni says how the Sabha will reach its end when there is so much mess already. Where did you send me Narayan? He asks Shukracharya about Vykatagandh. Where is he today? Shukracharya says I am equally surprised. He should have been here by now.

Devi Sanghya deduces that maybe Indra Dev did his work already. Chhaya is nowhere to be seen. Amazing, Indra Dev! Your speed is as fast as your thought. She smiles and picks up a Bel-patra. Vykatagandh is standing right behind her now. She too senses someone’s presence behind her and turns. Vykatagandh kidnaps Devi Sanghya.

Shani and Chhaya are praying. Shani smiles at his mother confusing her. What are you looking at? He shares that it is time for him to go in Sabha. She is about to bless him but he holds her hand. I wont take your blessing today as I don’t want your wishes to be divided between me and Surya Dev. Pray for his victory today. She is touched by his words. He excuses himself. Chhaya too thinks to hide in the room so her vow remains intact.

Indra Dev cannot stop smiling. We are all here but where are our respective representatives. Surya Dev says Surya always comes on time. Surya Dev greets Narad Muni. Narad Muni says I have to start the Sabha as per Mahadev’s order. I have to decide whose logic is right. Both the representatives have to take a vow on Mahadev’s name before starting the Sabha. A kind of havan kund appears. Narad Muni adds that they will have to keep water in their hands and have to take vow to be unbiased while making any decisions. Their hands will be tied to the yantra here. No power can make you free from it. Winner’s hand will come our safely. Whoever loses will get lost into this for forever. He will be banished on earth for forever! I request both representatives to step forward. He asks Shukracharya about Shani. Shukracharya replies that he must be on his way. Wait a little please. Indra Dev thinks Vykatagandh isn’t here which means Shani wont come here at all.

Shani is on his way to the meeting room when Kakol calls out to him. Kakol tells Shani about a weird Asura abducting mother.

Shani mentally apologizes to Shukracharya. No one is more important to me than my mother! No other dharma is bigger than this for me.

Shukracharya wonders if it is indeed the plan of Devta’s. It cannot be! Karamfaldata Shani cannot do this.

Shani flies to Surya Loka’s jungle area with Kakol’s help.

Devi Sanghya tells Vykatagandh he is making a very big mistake. Try opening this bond a little. I will then show you my powers. Vykatagandh replies that he is much more cautious. Indra fooled me that you will support me in this kidnapping. It dint happen though. He pulls her because of which she falls. He says whatever happened is right. Every God deserves this She again says he is making a very big mistake. Don’t forget that I am the wife of Surya Dev. He wont spare you. Vykatagandh laughs at her. no one will come to save you. Shani says this is where you fail!

Indra Dev makes fuss of the fact that a kid is making them all wait. As per rules, if Shani wont come then Surya Dev will be allowed to present his point of view. His decision will be final. The one who cannot come at time doesn’t deserve to either take a decision or give justice. Asuras oppose it. Shukracharya requests Surya Dev to wait a little more for such a big motive. You distribute light in the world equally. Wont you give us an equal chance? Surya Dev accepts his request. Surya Dev promises Narad Muni that he will bring Shani. He will have to come. I will bring him. Indra Dev gets upset to see him leave from there.

Shani says a kid is always ready to protect his mother. Devi Sanghya looks at him. Vykatagandh says even I am ready. Shani wont be able to free you today Devi Sanghya. He turns into his butterfly avatar. You wont be able to save yourelf today. You will have to pay for my broken wing with your life! He attacks Shani.

Precap: Narad Muni says I summoned Shani but he is still not here. Shani kills some butterflies shocking Vykatagandh. Decision is taken against Shani.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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