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Shani 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani advises him to do Sagar Manthan to get Amrit. Are you ready? Rahu wonders what new game Shani is playing. What is this Manthan? He asks for Amrit and not suggestions. Shani tells him it is the only way to gain it. You can choose your path yourself if you don’t trust me. Shukracharya steps forward. I trust Shani but I don’t understand what Manthan is. How did you find out that one can get Amrit that ways only? Shani shares that Tridev showed him this way. Shukracharya asks about Amrit. Shani replies that it is in Narayan’s conscience. My mother had once told me that entire world is Vishnu’s conscience but there is one particular place from where he runs the world. Amrit is right where Chandra Dev was pushed – in Ksheersagar! We will have to do Sagar Manthan to gain Amrit. Rahu tells

him to stop lecturing. I will find Amrit from all depths. Just watch Karamfaldata how Rahu and other Asuras will become immortal. Afterwards, you wont have any control on either our karmas nor on their results. He asks Asuras to come with him. Let’s find Amrit. He jumps in the sea followed by other Asuras. Surya Dev points out to Shani that he dint do right by telling Rahu about Amrit. You ended all the possibilities of saving Gods now. Shani says I used to think it was Rahu only who dint pay heed to anyone in his ego. You are no less than him. Your ego also does not let you hear anyone else. Surya Dev tells him to explain. Rahu shouts victoriously before Shani can say anything in reply.

Rahu says I got Amrit and the power which you Gods will not be able to face ever! He drinks from the kalash but finds it to be only milk. He breaks the kalash angrily. I have been cheated! Now you will have to bear the consequence Shani! Entire world will be in dark now. He pushes Surya Dev towards the edge of the cliff. I have killed Chandra already. You have the last chance now SHani. Tell me where Amrit is or it will be Surya Dev’s turn this time. He is about to hit Surya Dev when Shani says it is a riddle to understand Narayan’s words. You thought you will reach his conscience just like that? To gain Amrit in life you have to do Manthan from where your life begins. Don’t be mad. You wont get Amrit even if you kill all Gods! Sagar Manthan is required to get Amrit. Rahu agrees to do it. Shani says it isn’t something that you alone can do. Not even all Asuras can do it on their own. You would need the help of Gods too. It isn’t an ordinary task. It would involve Tridev also. Everyone’s joint efforts together will help do Sagar Manthan in order to get Amrit. Rahu accepts the challenge. Gods are our servants now. They must help us. He walks up to Surya Dev. Your son saved your life. Surya Dev holds him by neck angrily. Shani advises everyone to calm down. This isn’t the time to fight but be together. Only then can we get Amrit. From now on till the time we get Amrit, we must not fight at all. He addresses Tridev. You are our creator, our destroyer. You guide those who have lost their path. We request you to show us a way.

Tridev appear there. Shani prays on behalf of both Gods and Asuras. Show us the path of Aatma-manthan. Gods and Asuras echo his words. Narayan asks them to tell why they should help them. Surya Dev reasons that Gods need your help. Shukracharya says the same thing. Narayan wants to know the reason. Shani explains that they have learnt the first step of Aatma-manthan. We have no existence without you. Without you, Sagar Manthan isn’t possible. Narayan agrees to help them. What help do you need? Shani asks the first question. With what will we do Sagar Manthan? We need to churn Amrit out of the sea but how? A robust mountain emerges from the sea (Vindhyachal Parvat). You can use it for churning purpose. Shukracharya thanks him. From where will we get the rope to do so? There is no such rope in entire world. Narayan asks Shani to answer. Shani points out that it will be Mahadev’s turn to help them. Mahadev shares that his neckpiece Nagraj Vasuki is capable of expanding in size and is extremely powerful. It will work as a rope. Nagraj Vasuki stretches himself on both the sides of Vindhyachal Parvat. Tridev disappear.

Rahu stares at Shani. Do whatever you have to. Last blow will be mine and so will be Amrit! He tells his Asura friends to join him. It is time to become immortal. Surya Dev tells him to stop. Tridev accepted to help because of our wish. Now we too will help. We will also have a right on the Amrit which will come out of sea. Rahu calls it impossible. We have everything. We are powerful enough. We don’t need weak Gods anymore. He orders his Asuras to defeat the Gods. We will start the process then. Asuras push Gods in a corner and get down to work. Shani looks on.

Precap: Gods join Asuras in Sagar Manthan. Devi Sanghya demands that in exchange of her tapasya she only wants that Shani shouldn’t get even a drop of Amrit!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sunita Talreja

    koi devi Sandhy ko samunder me kuii nahi dalta jab dekho to Shani ke piche pari rehati hai koii shandhy ko marg par kuui nahi laa reha


      Story mein kohi toh Villon chahiye na iss liye…..???… jab tak naye Villon nahi aayega tab tak sandya ki role negative hi hoga….???.
      CVs ki jai ho…????

  2. Kamalanayani

    Devi Sangya ??? When gods became shreeheen, so do Surya dev. Then where did Devi Sangya come from to exchange her tapasya ???
    This serial is getting too much weird stories into it….

    But During Sagar manthan, it was like a clean stream of pure water in Devon ke dev Mahadev. Miss you Mahadev…. 🙁

    1. Kamalanayani

      But why this much evilness for Devi Sangya..
      It would be better if it is reduced at least a bit…
      It is said that Women have soft heart, won’t it apply to Devi Sangya??

      1. No, all walking ‘females’ on the planet do not have a ‘soft heart’, and that is a highly stupid and s*xist thing to say. People’s personalities come from their life experiences, not from categorizing ‘females’ as soft, weak, mild, and all that stupid garbage. Not only are you being s*xist towards ‘females’ with that moronic and archaic sentence, but also towards males, saying that they are basically ‘rough’ and ‘mean’. It’s saying things like ‘women’ are ‘soft’ that makes people think they are weak and not strong, because being ‘soft’ DOES equate to being weak, emotionally and physically, and not being able to do many things.

      2. Kamalanayani

        @ Rahul
        I always want and do expect respect and modesty everywhere as I give respect to others. I did not mean No men have mean and rough heart or All women are soft hearted or women have weak heart. Mind your language and words. This is a public forum and you have no rights to tell these rubbish words about me. You will definitely feel for what you have said about me for sure…

        I was speaking about the gentle nature of women which you can never understand a bit. Keep in mind that you require the soil to be soft to get a good yield of crops. If you try in a rocky mountain you can’t even plant a seed. Softness DOES NOT equate to being weak, emotionally and physically, and not being able to do many things. But it means it has the ability to nurture.

        Good example if Mata Bhumi devi, she is soft in some places and is a rocky mountain is some places and is in the form of ocean in many places. Wherever she is / what part of her thing is, she nurtures life to many organisms. That is soft hearted and gentle natured woman’s identity. I am sure that you can’t even understand a bit.

        You proved that you do not have a heart which is soft and it can’t even understand softness of women as well as you do not deserve to talk a word about me, my nature, my character and your words are SURELY ADAPTIVE for a moronic natured s*xist person.

      3. Nope. I said the THING you said is stupid, not that YOU are stupid. This IS a public forum and you obviously haven’t been to absolutely ANY except for this one. Get out there and find out how the real world responds to each other. If a word like ‘stupid’ is getting to you, you must definitely be from a really small village somewhere remote corner of the world.

      4. K hun you’re not making sense. You’re saying that a ‘woman’s identity’ is her ability to ‘nurture’. So in another words, if a woman is not a ‘wife’ or ‘mother’ yada yada, then she’s not as ‘respectable’ as other ‘women’.

        See, YOU will never understand whatgender equality means because the ‘gender equality’, in whatever minute amount it exists in in archaic India, basically means that ‘women’ are soft and ‘nurturing’ and further reinforces that their ‘role’ should be producing people and sitting in the house slaving after them. Your type of ‘gender respect’ equates to reinforcement of ‘housewives’ and what ‘women should be’.

        The fact that you say women ‘SHOULD’ be something is in itself flawed and s*xist. Freak, *I* am not a ‘s*xist natured person’, YOU are. You can’t throw out lame accusations without any comprehension of what the hell you’re saying.

        I’ve been following your comments on many pages. You and a few other people, most of the people who comment and pollute the comments section under this show. Something’s very backwards, archaic, and weird about all of you. It’s almost as if you live in a dream world and bubble and haven’t seen anything in the world. It’s unreal. Do you even have friends outside your house?

        This isn’t Satyuga. You cannot behave like a simple, goody good, angelic person, especially when you aren’t one. It comes off as stupid, not spiritual. Practice your spirituality independently, but being a ‘sage’ in front of others makes you look like a moron. And btw, you are s*xist, unknowingly but still, you definitely are.

      5. Rahul, forget these people. They are extremely backwards and there’s no explaining to them because there’s no common level of communication. It’s funny they claim to be so ‘respecting of women’, yet if I were to say ‘men are soft’ it would suddenly become an insult. No longer a respectful, glorifying pedestal? bet ‘kamalanyani’ has no response to THAT.

        What these people really mean is ‘women’ are ‘soft and nurturing’, so basically be someone’s daughter, then someone’s wife, always dependent, smear red trash on your head to signify your life is only ‘special’ because you have a ‘male’ in it, and cook. I wonder where the ‘respect’ of ‘women’ will go when they are not busy cleaning a house, cooking, or taking care of children. I wonder, when the ‘nurture’ part that is apparently ‘inherent’ in ‘women’, according to kamalanyani, is no longer present, how much respect’ the woman still deserves.

        These people’s ‘respect’ comes from the idea that ‘women’ are ‘mothers’. If a woman is NOT a mother, these people freak out. That’s why they’re perverts hellbent on getting a ‘woman’ married as soon as possible, as the sole duty of her life. They’re just warped and their abnormal views cannot be changed. Just ignore it. There’s a reason India is still a misogynistic, patriarchal, garbage country, despite having such a beautiful and eternal religion. It is these warped beliefs. Kind of like the muslims and their warped sense of what righteousness is. The same way, these people claim ‘gender equality’ but in retarded ways that are invalid.

        I’ll go around saying ‘men are soft, why isn’t the surya dev’, and suddenly it’ll be hilarious and stupid. Let’s see if kamalanyani comes to the rescue with her so-called ‘gender equality’ at that time.

        This world is trash. Lots of fakes.

  3. Kamalanayani

    I had a question on Maha Vishnu’s Varaha avatar.
    It is said that a demon hid the Earth deep inside the ocean and Lord Varaha saved it.
    Where is the ocean to hide the Earth?? But I found that Earth is Mata Bhumidevi (a form of Mata MahaLakshmi) and she is the consort of Lord Vishnu who is floating in the SheerSagar in Vaikuntha on Nagaraja Adishesha.
    So I concluded that, the ocean in which Earth was hidden is none other than Ksheer sagar, because it is only ocean big enough to have Maha Vishnu and Mata Maha Lakshmi.

    But one weird question is how can an outsider hide you inside your own home even though you know the way out?? Still this question is unanswered…. Can we have a discussion on this?

    1. ChandaMaya

      The ocean is not literally the same ocean. Chaaya mentioned that in a previous discussion.There are something like 14 Lomas in Vedic cosmology. Vishnu resides in the center of the Universe or Multiverse as scientists are referring to it. Vedic science has known this multiverse for eons. This ocean is primeval.

      I agree the character Sandhya is awful. The producers have altered some of the stories to fit their drama, but nevertheless there is still lots to learn and try and not take it too seriously. Consider this a prelude to learning more because the Vedic works are as fast as the universe ItSelf!

      Those who are observing Hanuman Jayanti, I wish you Hanuman’s bkessings with health and long life.

    2. ChandaMaya – Check this Wikipedia site, it will give a peek insight, Kamalanayai. It is the milky ocean, which is different from the seas we have now.

      1. ChandaMaya

        Where are you Chaaya? This is your area of interest. Please add, if you wish.

      2. Kamalanayani

        I have already seen it chanda
        I think you did a typo in my name – Kamalanayani actually

      3. ChandaMaya

        Excuse me for the typo, my dear.

      4. Kamalanayani

        Apology accepted 😉

    3. ChandaMaya

      So starting from the understanding of the Milky Ocean a d what it is and where it is will give us a reference to your question.


    oh god !! i just hate devi sanghya terribily. i don’t understand one thing that why she hates shani dev so much ? what had happened with her is totally her fault not shani dev’s fault. she had never realised her own mistakes and always blamed shani dev without any mistake. she is such a devilish devil more than asuras. oh god !! plz. give her a big punishment like all those who where punished due to their wrong deeds (chandra, surya , indra , rahu…) .she deserves punishment.
    i think somehow shani dev will be also allowed to drink amrit.

    1. ChandaMaya

      The big whammie is coming to her soon. She was the root of all this but she will be banished soon.

      1. Kamalanayani

        kya banished?????????


      jab TRP girega tab Cvs ko akhal saath mein woh log maarg par bhi aayega…. achintha math karo….?…

  5. I like this serial…


    ab poora story CVS ki IMAGINATION hogya hai….
    Shani ko hero banane ki chakkar main yeh Cvs log bhi na LORD VISHNU apni 2ri avatar KOORMAVATAAR ko hi bhool gaya hai….
    actually woh parvat ka naam hai MANDAARA PARVAT. lekin, yaha par “Vindhyachal Parvat” dikhya…..!!?? kya 2no ek hi hai….!!??…


      shiva poorana mein toh samudra manthan ke time par Shani ka naam hi aatha….
      lekin, yeh serial toh lord Shani ka hai na toh teek hai. but, Cvs se itni badi galthi kaise ho saktha hai…❗❓…
      kaha hai Shani vahaan(friend) kakol…!?

      1. Kamalanayani

        काकोल छुट्टी पर है

    2. Kamalanayani

      No Vidhyachal parvat is the original name.

      Mandhar parvat means It was the parvat used during the manthan.

      Mathan + Aadhaar = Mandhaar

      Acc. to the legend of Ramayana,
      After Samudra Mathan is over, the mountain had the capability to resize so, it Vidhyachal got too much head weight and it enlarged too much even to block the way to Surya dev thus keeping southern parts dark. He demanded that Surya dev should either beg him to unblock the way each time he crosses else turn back and return.

      So sage Agasthya, was sent by Tridev to diminish the head weight. The sage asked the mountain that he is really too old and tired, so please leave way for me. Then the mountain resized to a size of a plateau and the sage ordered that it should be in this form of a plateau until he returns back. But he never returned. Vindhyachal parvat is still waiting for Agastya muni to return, thus ultimately unblocking Surya dev’s path and enlighting the world uniformly.

      you can refer 6th or 7th grade school’s geography books. (This story will not be there but confirmation of the identity of the mountain will be there).



    1. Matsya, the fish incarnation, is saving the Vedas.

    2.? Kurma???, the tortoise incarnation, is holding the hill on His back.

    3. Varaha, the boar incarnation, is fighting with the demon Hiranyaksa.

    4. Nrsimhadeva, the lion incarnation, is killing the demon Hiranyakasipu.

    5. Vamanadeva, the dwarf incarnation, is begging some land from King Bali.

    6. Parasurama is killing the demoniac ksatriyas.

    7. Lord Ramacandra is going off into exile with His wife, Sita, and brother, Laksmana.

    8. Krsna is lifting Govardhana Hill, and beside Him is His brother Balarama.

    9. Lord Buddha.

    10. Lord Kalki is riding on His horse, killing all the demons and thus liberating them.”…

    1. Nice.

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