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|| It is wrong to take any decision or solve any problem in anger. Shani teaches that one must remain calm while facing any kind of circumstance. ||

Maruti is flying towards Sun.

Devraj says I cannot tell you how pleased I am to see all of you together. I understand one statement of Devguru today. All is well that ends well. He wonders where Rahu is stuck. He should have done his job by now. What hindrance came in his path? Sanghya notices him in deep thought. Is there any problem? He denies. I was thinking how merciful Mahadev is. There wont be any problem on Surya family anymore. Yam says there is a question for sure. We all have to bear our Karamfal then why is Shani exempted from it. Is it not a crime that he made my mother a horse? He should be punished! Sanghya tells him otherwise. Shani

surely hurts initially but everything turns good with his Karamfal eventually. Yam is puzzled to see the change in his mother’s behaviour. Sanghya asks Shani if she is right. Shani affirms. It is incomplete truth though. I wont much take time to figure out what you are hiding. Surya Dev looks at his hand and suddenly starts having trouble breathing. Chhaya shouts his name in shock. Sanghya also rushes to his side. Surya Dev tells them that someone is trying to swallow him. Devraj smirks. I know who is behind this. Shani begins to go. Yam offers to accompany him. Devraj thinks to stop Shani from going or he will find out about his plan. He tells Shani he saw Rahu heading towards Surya Dev while I was coming here. We must stop him. Rahu enters just then begging for help. Devraj wonders who is gulping Surya Dev then.

Shani asks Rahu who did this to him. Rahu relates that it is a monkey who did this to him. He is attempting to eat Surya Dev. I tried stopping him but he did this to me. Devraj says no one can harm any God till the time I am alive. I will just handle him. He leaves with Rahu. Kakol points out that it seems to be the same monkey – Maruti. Why will he eat Surya Dev though? He is a bit naughty but he means no harm. Shani says if it is so then we must stop Devraj from hurting him. He too leaves with Kakol.

Mata Anjani is shocked to see the flowers of her hut’s door rotten. She becomes worried. Something wrong is about to happen. She prays to Pavan Dev to protect her son from every problem. Strong wind starts blowing. Pavan Dev appears there. Is there a special reason to think of me? She says so many inauspicious incidents are happening one after another. I am worried. I feel we are going to fall in some big trouble. He assures her no harm can fall on her or Maruti till the time he is there. I will stop the flow of air if anyone tries to harm my son Maruti. She smiles in relief but the rotten flowers worry her yet again. I must find Maruti or I wont be at peace till then.

Shani and Kakol are stunned to see Maruti inching closer to sun. Surya Dev screams out in pain. Chhaya cries seeing him thus. Kakol confirms to Shani that it is Maruti only. Shani says I feel something wrong is about to happen. Hurry up.

Maruti increases his size when Devraj warns him to stop. Get away from Surya Dev. Maruti calls it his illusion. This is my fruit. I am hungry. Let me have it. He spots Rahu hiding behind Devraj. So you (Rahu) brought him here calling Rahu his beheaded friend. Rahu tells Indra Dev to attack this kid. He saw me attacking Surya Dev. If that truth comes out then your involvement in this will also come out. Attack him. Devraj invokes his Vajra. Shani again tells Kakol to hurry up. Devraj holds his weapon. He will surely die. This is no monkey but an Asura! Maruti resumes inching closer to the sun. Shani shouts after Devraj. He is just a kid. Don’t do this. Devraj insists upon protecting Surya Dev. I have to save him. I don’t have that much time. He aims his Vajra at Maruti. Shani shouts against it but in vain. Mata Anjani hears his scream too and gets alert. Maruti is hit by Vajra and begins to fall unconscious on earth. Tridev’s and Shani look on in shock.

Mata Anjana’s eyes widen seeing her son unconscious and hurt. Shani, Rahu, Kakol and Devraj also appear there. Mata Anjana tries waking Maruti but in vain. She cries. I wont scold you. I will let you eat all the fruits. Just open your eyes. She shouts out in anguish, pain.

Surya Dev’s turns normal. I am healthy now. Seems like Indra Dev stopped that monkey but what kind of a monkey it is who broke into my heat?

Mata Anjana continues to cry for her son. She walks up to Devraj. It is a King’s duty to do justice. What kind of a justice is this? My son wasn’t a devil or Asura! You attacked a little kid with Vajra. You have attacked a mother’s love. Tell me what his mistake was that he got punished this badly? Answer me! Devraj replies that if he wouldn’t have stopped Maruti then the world would have finished. I tried stopping him and explained to him but he dint pay heed. He was about to swallow Surya Dev so I had to stop him as Devraj. She still calls it injustice as his medium was unjust. Shani seconds her. This is injustice and unjust but! She cuts him mid sentence. Return my son to me if he dint deserve this punishment. Shani lowers his head. Mata Anjana understands he cannot do it. Now I will think of the one who promised to protect my son! She calls out to Pavan Dev who appears in an instant. Shani fears the worst. Mata Anjana reminds Pavan Dev of his promise. See what has happened to my son. Pavan Dev notices the wound mark on Maruti’s chin. This was not an attack to protect yourself nor was it an accident. It was a well thought out attack. Devraj asks Rahu why he dint tell him earlier that this monkey is his kid. Rahu replies that he would have done it if he would have known it. Now I understand where Maruti got his powers from. Pavan Dev gets angry. Who dared to hurt my son? Consequences will be deadly otherwise. Shani steps forward ready to give him an answer.

Precap: See the journey of Maruti turning into Hanuman. Mahadev renames Maruti Hanuman as it was like his second birth today. Hanuman tells Shani he never forgets those who cheat. Don’t come in my path again or I wont spare you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What??? Shani is call a cheat?? I need to see this precap Lol

  2. Shani Sri Lankan Fan Club

    I do not like Hanuman.
    King of Sri Lanka Rawana burned his taill to teach him a lesseon.
    His ego is so much.
    Hope Shani Dev will teach him a good lesson too.

    1. Kamalanayani

      So, You mean Lankapati Ravan is a very nice person,.. Huh???
      I don’t understand why you did not understand that Ravan himself kidnapped Mata Sita and that is why Lord Hanuman had to come to Lankapuri and after that Ravan himself had set fire on Lord Hanuman’s tail…. So acc. to me, blaming an arrow and calling it egoish is adharma… Always look at the root cause of the archer…. not even the bow…

      Acc. to me, Ravan himself the sole reason behind the fall of Lanka at that time…

    2. Yay!man read Ramayana to clear your doubt.

    3. Hanuman ji came in lanka as dooth.
      And so called lankapati insulted him.

    4. first thing you don’t have wright to call hanumaan ji as evil. Secondary thing is Lanka was burnt by hanumaan ji because of mata parvati’s curse. And third thing lankapati ravan deeds wrong so that he received dand. and fourth thing is he(ravan) was none other than Gatekeeper Jay of vaikunth dhaam where Lord Vishnu live. that was a shrap that forces him and his brother Vijay to being enemies of Lord Vishnu so that they get rid of that curse of bhrahmputras.

  3. nor shani dev was wrong neither lord hanuman was wrong later they even became friends too.

  4. Shani dev is not a cheat or something like that. The makers are showing them as enemies but they aren’t in real. Makers pls. don’t show like this. As I said earlier, Hanuman is Upadevada for Shani dev. He’s not his enemy.

    1. Kamalanayani

      Well said…

  5. I think the story of Lord hanumaan’s eating Surya dev, is showing in Shani serial, is wrong means not the story of shani dev and hanumaan ji is wrong but I mean to say the story of eating Surya dev is wrong.

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