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Shani 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya Dev tells Shani he will get the answers to his questions and worries tomorrow in the meeting as he will stand against him tomorrow. It will also be proved to you tomorrow that not just my warmth but logic is also right.

Indra Dev reasons that if Shani wont be present in tomorrow’s Sabha then he will neither stand against Surya Dev nor will you be in any dilemma anymore. Surya Dev will win. The animosity between you all will be finished. Our pride will also stay intact. Chhaya gets thinking. Indra Dev is pleased to think that this way Shani will be banished for forever for not coming to the sabha at the right time. You have a solution to it. Stop him from coming in Sabha. I will handle the rest. She asks him if he is sure Shani will agree to it. Devi Sanghya opens the door a little and eavesdrops

on their convo. Indra Dev says I am sure he will agree. Chhaya says Shani will surely accept it but I don’t! I know that you only want to show Shani down and be blamed. As his mother, I don’t accept your proposal. I wont stop my son especially after knowing that his karma’s (actions) are right. You have heard Shani’s decision. You know my point too. I don’t think you have any other reason to stay back here anymore. Mahadev himself will give me a solution to my problem. He agrees to leave. You are forgetting that no Daitya is standing against Shani this time. It will be Surya Dev this time who is immensely knowledgeable. If Shani fails in giving right answers then you will lose your son for forever. I request you to think once again. Devi Sanghya gets thinking. Chhaya requests Indra Dev to leave. Indra Dev leaves from there feeling disheartened.

Indra Dev thinks neither son falls in his trap nor does his mother. They always send me back empty-handed. Devi Sanghya stops Indra Dev. He says I am sorry for coming here without your permission and disturbing you. She says I apologize as I dint try to understand your point. You are thinking well for Shani. I have decided to support you. Indra Dev and Devi Sanghya smirk. Devi Sanghya thanks God for making her hear their convo at the right time. I will support Indra Dev so Shani is out of my life once and for all. He says I am glad that you understood my point. She acts to be in a fix for her husband and son. Shani is headed towards them only. Devi Sanghya adds that she is the one who will lose eventually even if either of them wins. I want to avoid this situation completely. Shani has promised Shukracharya. He wont stop even if I ask him to. Tell me a plan now so Shani can be kept away from Sabha tomorrow. Tell me a way by which Shani wont be able to reach Sabha at any cost tomorrow. Indra Dev says you only have the solution. Shani might hear you but he wont be able to bear it if his mother gets into any trouble. Devi Sanghya is confused. He explains that if she gets kidnapped right before Sabha and Shani finds out about it, will he go in Sabha or will he go save his mother? Devi Sanghya smiles. Certainly he will come to save me. I have a plan. I pray to Mahadev daily morning. I go in the jungle of Surya Loka to collect the flowers. He nods. I will handle the rest. She says I know it is unfair but a mother can do anything to protect her son. I will be ready.

Shani says I wont happen! They both are shocked to see Shani. Indra Dev asks him why he dint sleep yet. Shani says I came to find out why you are here at this hour. What was he saying to you mother? Indra Dev replies that he came to sympathise with Devi Sanghya. You have put your mother in a fix. He turns to Devi Sanghya. Don’t worry, I understand your concern. I am sure everything will be fine. Mahadev will never trouble his devotee. Shani says question is if you have come with Mahadev’s wish or as per your plan. If it isn’t so then you must return. Everyone must be waiting for you. Please leave. I warn you once again – come back on the right path or I will have to do so! Indra Dev gets upset and leaves. Shani apologizes to his mother. Devi Sanghya asks him if he is sorry for the way he just spoke to Indra Dev. Shani denies. He got what he deserved. I came to apologize as I failed in my attempt. I tried stopping Surya Dev but he is too blind in his position. He cannot see the real motive behind Indra Dev’s plan. He holds her hands. I am sorry if whatever happens tomorrow is a trouble for you. I will accept whatever punishment you will give me. She says your attempt failed but my attempt wont fail. She smiles thinking about how the biggest hurdles of her life (Shani and Chhaya) will be out of her life for forever. I wont go to jungle to collect Bel-patra’s tomorrow. It will be Chhaya instead.

Devi Sanghya calls out to Chhaya. Chhaya does not respond. Devi Sanghya says I know you are hiding here only and are not coming before me as per my order. I am ordering you to come before me. There is an important work for you. Chhaya steps forward. What happened? Devi Sanghya says I came to check if you remember your promise or not. Chhaya nods. I remember it but Shani will never be banished. Devi Sanghya speaks otherwise. I don’t trust you. I don’t want it to happen again. Chhaya asks her what she should do then. Devi Sanghya advises her to repeat her vow tomorrow during puja. Chhaya agrees to do so for her sake. Devi Sanghya tells her to meet in Surya Loka’s jungle with all ingredients needed for puja. I will meet you there. Chhaya nods. Devi Sanghya mentally thanks Chhaya for helping her. You will be kidnapped by Indra Dev tomorrow. You will be out of my way then!

Vykatagandh is disturbed thinking about Shukracharya’s reply earlier in the day. Indra Dev asks him if he will help him or not. Will you keep accepting Shukracharya’s orders your entire life? Will you keep praising a Dev-putra? There is only one obstacle in our problem – Shani! You have to take decision now. Do you want to take your revenge from Shani or not? Vykatagandh recalls the previous time when Shani had hurt him. Vykatagandh agrees to support Indra Dev. Do you have a plan? Indra Dev boasts that he never does anything incomplete. He explains the plan to Vykatagandh.

Precap: Vykatagandh kidnaps Chhaya. Kakol tells Shani about a weird Asura abducting mother. Everyone asks about Shani from Shukracharya. Shani mentally apologizes to Shukracharya. No one is more important to me than my mother!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh lord what will happen now can anyone tell me the next story will he get banished tell who win this …??????

    1. Vajra-SG29

      TOI spoiler…

      Episode – 48
      09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 11 Jan Set Alert
      More show timings
      Shani takes his mother to a place of worship. Later, Shukra wonders where Vyaktagandha is as the latter is missing. Vyaktagandha ends up abducting Sanghya instead of Chhaya.

      Episode – 49
      09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 12 Jan Set Alert
      More show timings
      Vyaktagandha treats Sanghya woefully. Shani comes to Sanghya’s rescue. A fight between Shani and Vyaktagandha commences. Surya informs Chhaya that Shani is missing.

      Episode – 50
      09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 13 Jan Set Alert
      More show timings
      Sanghya asks Shani to leave Vyaktagandha. She is surprised that Shani has no fear of banishment. Later, in the courtroom, Narad is on the verge of announcing Shani’s banishment.

      Episode – 51
      09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 16 Jan Set Alert
      More show timings
      There is no synopsis available for this episode.

  2. I think surydev banished and shanidev will be win..

  3. waiting for next epi..

  4. I love this show always wanted to know more about shani

  5. I always wanted to know about shani since so little is known about him i love this show and the knowledge I’m gaining watching it

  6. ravikumar baghmar

    I think yamraj will get banished
    Because if we read from our purans we yet know that he is living in narak lok….

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