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Shani feels being followed and stops in his tracks. A shadow is seen nearby.

Surya Dev thinks of the differences between Chhaya and Sanghya. Devi Sanghya calls out to him. He opens his eyes and looks upset. She tells him she was looking for him everywhere. You dint say anything to me after that Sabha. I know I hurt you intentionally but what could I do! I did it for you. He calls it a sin instead of a mistake. She says what else I could do. I was helpless. I couldn’t bear your heat and dint want to leave you. I wanted to become your wife in real terms. Is it really a sin? Look at me and tell me. Is it easy for a wife to stay away from her husband; or for a mother to stay away from her kids? I did it to get you. Surya Dev does not look at her. Devi Sanghya is in tears. She turns. I saw my shadow

trying to overtake my identity when I returned. Was it not natural for me to feel angry? Surya Dev notices her crying and calms down. He wipes her tears. What you dint cannot be called just but your motive and tears are real. I will forgive you but remember that Chhaya maybe your shadow but Shani is my son, my blood. You must be nice to him when he returns. She nods. Surya Dev leaves. Chhaya hopes it is good if Shani wont return. I can never become his mother!

Shani sees people gathered in a line. One of the guys drops the gems on the floor and is beaten by the junior guy who was there collecting them for his master (Vikral). Kakol tells Shani about Vikral. Kaak Loka is famous for its rare gems yet the people of this Loka aren’t rich. Vikral snatches their gems from them and then sells them to Gods. He is friends with Gods which is why no one can oppose him. Vikral hits the fallen guy before walking away. Kakol tells Shani not to punish Vikral. Don’t engage with him. Shani replies that he has no such intention or relation with anyone now. A guy picks up a gem. Vikral holds his hand. They belong to me. Leave! The guy says I have seen this gem with many other people too. Vikral says no one else can have it other than me. The guy says he might have stolen it then. Vikral asks him who he is talking about. The guy (Rahu) points behind him. My words will become your thoughts. Vikral looks at Shani and Kakol. Rahu takes Kakol’s name. He has stolen them. Vikral says he only would have done it. He tells his men to bring Kakol. They ask Shani and Kakol which one of them is Kakol. Kakol introduces himself. They pull him with them and throw him on the floor. Vikral walks around him. How dare you steal my gems? He hits Kakol with hunter. Kakol shouts in pain as Vikral repeatedly hurts him. I dint do anything. Vikral asks him how he did it. Kakol calls out to Shani for help. Shani gets angry seeing his friend being beaten this way. He walks away though even when Kakol keeps shouting for help. Vikral tells his men to beat Kakol till the time he accepts his crime. One of the guys begins to hit Kakol.

Rahu continues to follow Shani as he walks around absentmindedly. Shani feels being followed and hides. He catches Rahu by his throat suddenly. Why were you following me? Give me your introduction. I saw you long ago but dint react as you dint do anything wrong. But you got Kakol in such situation. I give a chance to change before giving punishment to someone. Change the situation that you have created. Free my friend or you have problem standing right before your eyes! He lets go of Rahu’s throat. Rahu nods. He summons his powers and blows air. It distracts Vikral and his men.

Shani asks Rahu to give his introduction. Rahu says I am Sahbhanu but my friends call me Rahu too. Lot of anger is hidden inside you. Fire burns heart if it is kept inside. Show it a way to come out in the form of volcano. Shani says it is you who have to come at the right path. The sooner you do that, the better. Rahu smiles. You say you will choose the right path. I say, the path you choose will be the right one! You can call me Rahu. I can feel that we are going to become friends soon. Shani says I don’t need friends. They don’t interest me. Rahu says I have interest in you. You are the only one who can bring Gods on the right path. Don’t sit calmly. Destroy the bad deeds of Gods with your anger. Shani looks at him. I have no interest in teaching lesson to anyone. They will get the result of their karma’s. Rahu says when that is going to happen then how does it matter what path we take. Whatever I like, I find it to be true. Shani tells him he is lost / disillusioned then. What you do for your heart is done for yourself. That what is true is done for the world. If you cannot see the difference between right and wrong then you are no different than gods. Shani says I know you are different from Gods. This is why I want to be friends with you. This can help you in getting your powers. Shani looks at his hand but walks away disinterested. Rahu says till when you will go away Shani. Rahu is after you. The person, who Rahu chooses to follow, cannot escape Rahu in any way!

Yam tells Indra Dev it is weird. We fail in finding any information about Shani. I will send the best spies from Surya Loka. Indra Dev tells him to stop. You need to learn a lot. It isn’t important to go after the enemy to catch him. Smartness lies in creating such situations that he will come before you yourself. Make an announcement – whoever will give information about Shani will get all luxuries for entire lifetime. I will make sure of it.

Kakol’s mother nurses his wounds. Kakol shouts in pain. Shani smiles seeing their bond. He becomes sad as the past memories of him and his mother together flash before him. Kakol asks him why he dint help him. Shani says you only told me not to mess with those people. Kakol is about to say something but his mother stops him. She asks Shani if he is hurt. Shani denies. I don’t feel pain anymore. Kakol’s father asks Kakol if he is hut. Kakol shakes his head. His father looks at Shani. Is this what friends are for? They keep quiet when you are beaten up? It is a relief though that your friend is coward. No trouble will arise because of him though. Shani begins to walk away from them. Kakol says Shani isn’t coward. His mother also says the same about Shani. He just does not display his power. Kakol’s father says time will tell if he is coward or brave.

Rahu says only some time is left to bring out the hidden devil inside this Surya-putra Shani. That devil will kill Gods. Epi ends on the split screen of Shani and Rahu.

Precap: Karamfaldata will now take the path of Vairaga!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Hi friends,
    Hw ru all?
    I am commenting for the first time here…
    This is a superb show nd the actors are equally talented delivering their best performances.. Cant take my eyes off karthik- lil shani.. He is yoo gud…
    But what i feel is the story is more nased on imaginations than reality.. I felt the basic story line has many resemblence to the show ” chakravarthin ashok samrat” .
    Does anyone have the same opinion?
    Like sibling rivalry, step mother being partil to kids, fathers anguish yowards son, son losing mother nd lose control over his mind in agony eberything we witnesses earlier in ashoka..
    Is the writer of both shows same person?
    My only request is to please dont ruin the show as you ruined ashoka…
    Please maintain tje show in gud spirits nd dont opt for dragging yo add up to the number of episodes
    Everyshow starts with a big bang and eventually fall back to the same path of poor storyline nd dragging misery…

    1. yes you are right

  3. was waiting for this update since long , thanks a lot for this update .

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