Shani 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahu makes a fist and attacks Shani.

Narayan announces that Asuras won. Mahadev points out that they will realise the extent of Rahu’s powers now. You realise the true idea of someone when one is given extreme power. We have to see what side of Rahu we will get to see!

All Gods stand chained in Indra Loka. Shani looks up only to find Shukracharya seated at Indrasan. Rahu says we won Shukracharya. All Gods are our captive now. Why don’t we do which will make tired Asuras happy? Why don’t we inflict pain on these Gods? Shukracharya tells him against it. We will instead kill them. Rahu is taken aback. How will it benefit us? Shani understands Rahu has some other plan as he doesn’t want to kill Gods. I must find out. He supports Shukracharya in his decision whereas Rahu negates

it. I dint catch Gods to kill them. Shukracharya asks about the motive. You only suggested defeating Gods so Asuras can become powerful. This is what you wanted, right? Shani adds that no one knows what Rahu wants. You have been cheated by giving this temptation. Rahu wanted something else. Why are you quiet Rahu? Tell truth to Shukracharya! Tell him why you have held Gods captive? Rahu ends up telling that he wanted to become Gods. It wasn’t possible till Gods were there. Shani points out that it was his plan. I accept it but I still feel this is just the beginning. Your motive is much deeper than that.

Rahu appreciates Shani for knowing him well. There is indeed something special about you which other Gods lack. It is just you who could understand me. Shukracharya demands to know what’s happening. Will you just keep talking in riddles? Rahu says I will tell now that you are asking. Yes, I wanted to become a God but I later realised it wont also do any good. One curse and you will lose everything. Then I realised I wanted to become God to be powerful so I am not scared of anyone anymore. My fear is death. I will have to become immortal to be free of my fear. Shukracharya points out that keeping Gods alive for that wont help. Rahu asks for Amrit in return of keeping Gods alive. I want to become immortal! Shukracharya calls him mad. You have lost it. No one can become immortal. Rahu gives example of Tridev. They are powerful because of that reason only. I also want to become an immortal like them. He turns to Shani. If you want your life to be spared then you will have to do something for me. You don’t fear death. I will amend my words. If you don’t want me to kill all Gods including your father, then go to Tridev. Bring Amrit for me. Remember that you don’t have much time. You must be back by sunset. He frees Shani from his chains. Shani refuses to go. You don’t deserve Amrit. Shukracharya counters him. Rahu deserves Amrit and so do all other Asuras. Shani stays put. Rahu tells him to come to reality. You aren’t Karamfaldata anymore but a servant. It is the duty of a servant to follow the orders of his master. Hurry up. Time is passing. Go to Tridev. I will take Gods to that cliff from where anyone who jumps falls directly in the sea. If you don’t return in time then they will be thrown in the sea one by one. Why do you want to see the water turning red? Go Shani. Shani is a shocked to realise the meaning of his words.

Narayan says it will give birth to instability. If they find out then it will be a problem. They will misuse it. Shani suggests him fighting with Asuras. You kept them alive to maintain balance in the world. Now their existence has become a problem for everyone. No one will be at peace if they get hold of Amrit. We must stop them. Narayan says it wont be easy to get Amrit. Are you ready for whatever problems will come in the way? Shani agrees. Narayan guides him as to where he will find Amrit.

As promised, Rahu is the cliff. Chandra Dev calls him mad. You trusted Shani and have caught your own friend! Remember that you will never be able to become a God as a devil lies in your heart only. If by cheating us, you think you have become a God then it is your biggest mistake! You are still neither a complete Dev nor a complete Asura. You were, are and will always be incomplete. Free me or be ready for the consequences. Rahu agrees to free him. He holds his neck and drags him towards the cliff. Sun is about to set. It is time to end the game. I am your friend. I cannot see you living a life devoid of powers. I will free you from such a miserable life. He lets go of Chandra Dev who holds his hand fearing the animals in the sea. Gods tell Rahu against it but in vain. Rahu pushes Chandra Dev in the waters. Indra Dev looks shocked. Rahu tells them not to tell Shani that he broke the rule. It was Chandra’s fault. He could have lived if he had been quiet. Shani calls out his name just then. Rahu asks for Amrit. Why dint you bring it? Shani shares that Amrit is here only. It is very near you. Rahu warns him not to play any games. You know what I can do? Shani nods. I know what extent you can go to but you don’t know Amrit is right where you threw Chandra Dev!

Rahu asks Shani again and inflicts pain on Indra Dev this time. Shani says I don’t lie. You know it well. Amrit Kalash is in the bottom of the sea. Rahu decides to dry the sea and get Amrit. Shani advises him to do Sagar Manthan to get Amrit. Are you ready?

Precap: Rahu finds Amrit and shouts victoriously. I got Amrit and the power which you Gods will not be able to face ever! He drinks something from the kalash.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    I don’t understand the precap…

    Rahu drank it himself ? – where is Narayan’s Mohini roop??
    Who gave Amrit kalash to Rahu first? According to the legend, it was in the hands of Danvantri.

    But it was Maharaja Mahabali who did sagar manthan but here Rahu…. weird.
    And shani dev is not doing sagar manthan and is he standing in the seashore …..

    I feel that they are giving too much importance to Rahu in this serial.

    It is really weird of the weirdest twist…. What are they gonna show in this show?

    1. Chaaya

      Hi Kamalanayani, hope you are well. I have a bit occupied and was not b able to participate. Rahu does, in fact, drinks some of the Amrit, this is the reason why Rahu’s influence is still ‘alive’. Rahu does not die, and as you know his head is severed. His head is separated from his torso; his head being Rahu and his torso, representing Ketu. Reason for eclipses. I am assuming the PreCap is only showing a segment which needs to be viewed in its entirety. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

      Rahu’s is part of the cause and effect that influences is the reason for our Mahadev to become Nilakanata, even Vishnu to have his beloved Lakshmi. Is is all the great Leela.

  2. and then Vishnu will come as Mohini and fix everything ? yesssss?

  3. Wtf?? Narayan suggests amrit manthan to gods n asuras…. N he takes the form of a giant tortoise to support the manthan, n there is also the part of hallahal poison which mahadev will drink to save the world!! Where did shani came here?? N also after sagar mathan, narayan takes mohini avatar…N gets the amrit for gods…but mahadev finding it unfair…tells the sanjeevni mantra to shukrachrya…who saves the asuras from being killed by gods….as gods tried to kill all asuras after becoming immortal…also rahu only drinks one drop of amrit but narayan realizing it, cuts off his head with sudarshan chakra…finally rahu in a terrible fix…begs mahadev for mercy…who keeps his body alive too…N it is called ketu…shani hardly has any role here???

    1. Kamalanayani

      I think you comment was a synopsis of episodes of Devon ke dev mahadev serial
      Any way you are right… but this is Shani serial and here Shani dev is the Hero, so we have to accept that he has a role

      1. Chaaya

        I understand but our Shani is intrinsically interconnected with Shiva. Shiva is Shani’s ultimate reason for existence. Ultimately on earth, we too all are starting as the lead in our self centric universe but our story toonis not our own. The Trinity is background for and of all these interconnected characters.

        I think the producers are being careful not to alter the main storyline,but if you think the focus has vereed away, send the Director and producers a note.

        (Shani’s or Saturn will be in retrograde for a few months, so Shani is inactuality the influencor of greater transformation. We are all looking at this as entertainment but Shani is with us, and is very much active.

      2. Chaaya

        I meant my reply to Evian, so excuse me Kamalanayani.


    Episode Synopsis
    Episode – 111
    09:00 AM – 09:30 AM, 11 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    When Rahu and Shani fight, Rahu delivers the final blow, knocking down Shani unconscious. Mahadev says that since the asuras have won, the future will be a true test of Rahu’s character.
    Episode – 112
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 11 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    Rahu comes to know that the amrit is inside the ocean. He jumps off immediately in search of the amrit. Soorya blames Shani for telling Rahu the secret of amrit.
    Episode – 113
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 12 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    Rahu’s manipulative demeanour angers Vishnu. Later, Vishwakarma comes to Shani and tells him that there is a major problem involving Vasuki being poisonous.
    Episode – 114
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 13 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    Mahadev tells Brahma that Shani will get his due in the course of time. During the ‘manthan’, three balls of energy come out of the sea.
    Episode – 115
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 14 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    Shani asks Lakshmi to choose a side. Lakshmi chooses Vishnu. Lakshmi appears besides Trinity where Mahadev says that he is really proud of Shani.
    Episode – 116
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 17 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    There is no synopsis available for this episode.

  5. ChandaMaya

    The acting is superb. I applaud the acting of this cast.

    1. Chaaya

      Hi Chanda. I agree, their acting is superb, casting is very good. The actors and actresses suit their part as well. Suryadev was a former cricket player, Salil Abiola, and he took about 1 year to physically prepare for the part. Very interesting cast. I think the set more than a couple of years to build set; each loka was built separate, so it is an ekeborate built, plus the costumes are specifically and carefully designed. We look at it for just mere enter entertainment but it is a massive tv serial production, really unheard of for tv. Movies are different but tv, is not carried out so extensive. It was worth it.

      1. ChandaMaya

        How do you like the new look? I decided to use a solar eclipse, since it is significant to what is happening in the serial. So excited to see tomorrow’s episode. By the way, thanks for the tidbits of info. on the serial. Rani needs to be gone soon, but he will be circling around headless, and disembodied!

  6. If surya loses his energy n power thn how come rahu says come before sunset?

    1. Chaaya

      I suggest you check out out the meaning of Solar flares and the various aspects of the of our Solar System. Have you ever experienced a solar ecliose? You will this year in August if you have not. The sun’s powerful might is temporarily swallowed up, that is the effect of Rahu and Ketu.

      By the way, the sun will die one day. It’s had a beginning and it too will have an end like us. The earth is 4.5 billion years.

      Aside observation: We humans take the get sun and the air that we breath for granted but future generations in time to come will not have it easy on this earth. The cycles of time are changing.

      1. Kamalanayani

        It can’t be because Surya dev has drunk Amrit and I am sure he is immortal.

        But do you think that there will be another universe with too many galaxies.. because for tridev and adishakti, creating another universe is not a big deal, at all…

    2. Chaaya

      Don’t get too caught up with the dialogue .. . In actuality, the Sun (is an integrated ball of fire gases fused together and emits energy as an entity, untonitsrlf) is not a man, nor is Rahu a human. These are entities that have been personified for our purposes of understanding cosmological forces and other (material) forms of matter.

    3. Kamalanayani

      Good question..

      But the serial it self has an answer. (I have heard DKDM Mahadev’s words that always look into your question and try to relate with what has happened already ie, what you know, because it itself contains what you need to know which is the surely original answer for your question– True words… Miss you and your gyan lessons DKDM Mahadev).

      Shani dev, Shukrarcharya, Vishwakarma and Dev guru Brihaspati created a new sun, out of the Rudraksh when surya dev was having too much anhankar. Anharkar means out of atamaarthmic control and results in loss of powers.

      My theory is if rudraksh sun can take up to lighten the world if surya dev’s powers go down due to ahankar then it must take up again when he loses powers due to a shrap.

      I had a similar question too – in my next comment.

    4. Kamalanayani

      And another one thing,
      In Tamil, there is a proverb that you should not focus on the Nadimoolam and Rishimoolam
      Moolam means origin and Nadi is river and Rishi is sage.

      So it means that for some things in this universe, you should just get the fruit and you will hate the fruit if you see the condition of its root.

      As always it has been proven mathematically. Studying a formula might be a kind of easy task but if you dive in to find out the origin of the formula, you might get dizzy…

  7. Kamalanayani

    I had a similar question on Maha Vishnu’s Varaha avatar.
    It is said that a demon hid the Earth deep inside the ocean and Lord Varaha saved it.
    Where is the ocean to hide the Earth?? But I found that Earth is Mata Bhumidevi and she is the consort of Lord Vishnu who is floating in the SheerSagar in Vaikuntha on Nagaraj Adishesha.
    So the ocean in which Earth was hidden is Sheer sagar.

    But one weird question is how can an outsider hide you inside your own home even though you know the way out?? Still this question is unanswered…. Can we have a discussion on this?

    1. Chaaya

      Just think that from the Infinite, comes the finite, or from the unmanifest comes forth the manifest. Suryadev had a beginning, therefore, like us, and all material manifestations, Suryadev had an end. Suryadev is a star. Stars are suns in planetary systems. Arcade very much centered on our own sun in our galaxy. There are billions of galaxies and there are many suns, and to us, unknown. We are in our Universe. There are parallel universes. Ultimately, afterva time all manifestations will be absorbed back a into the unmanifest, and the story of creation will go on and on. This earth is in constant change, so this earth did not look the same. All manifestations are subject to Maya. The whole creation is enveloped by Maya. Maya is ignorance, which must be shattered to merge with the Unknown who becomes the Known. All manifestations are born from ignorance. Knowledge of the true Self (Atman) is the only real Knowledge. Every level of life is on the path of finding it’s Source, ever expanding.

      Now, I know this is esoteric and somewhat philosophical but according to Vedic truths, there is only One Reality.

  8. Chaaya

    We can delve more into what I wrote above, because your comments are loaded with a lot more we can discuss in more on all your points. The above is general, but the ultimate uncaused reality cannot be easily defined. The Leela of creation and life, and Maya is balanced by mainly Vishnu, but the Vedic Trinity are based on the three aspects of functions within the material world.

  9. Chaaya

    Now, let’s look at the Dasavatara (ten incarnations of Vishnu, whose function is the sustainer of the entire material/manifestations). Vishnu upholds this Universe (multiverse within).

  10. Chaaya

    Kamalanayani, you know a lot, but for the purpose of anyone following our discussion, I will list the 10 i (major) ncarnations of Vishnu:

    Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, and Kalki.

    Each incarnation can be viewed as an evolutionary process. Life first begun in the sea. First incarnation, Matsya, a fish;second, Kurma, which is a tortoise (both sea and land – amphibious); third, Varaha, the giant wild boar (mammal) . . . I will stop here to address what you asked regarding “Lord Varaha bowing deep into the earth through to ocean . . . [to the loka of Vaikunta] to slay a demon who actually hid the earth in the ocean . . .” So the question is, where is the ocean that his the earth?”

    If one examines this very earth, and we are walking on the earth’s crust, if you dig far enough, one finds water, there are deep caverns of water, tributaries, and rivers underneath or feet, still flowing. This is how we get wells and spring waters. It is not too far off from current understandings that the earth can today be submerged under water. This happens also with plate tectonics movements. Coastal floods submerged great, massive cities in the past. The recent known tsunami submerged islands that existed only recently. In the same vein, land can appear and pop up. This happened in our century already. Technology has made land and sea manipulation possible.

    So now let’s envision a giant, massive wild boar. If one has come across a real boar even in today’s times, these creatures can be massive and very strong, extremely intelligent as well. Hard to outsmart them for long.

    I will move on to Varaha, specifically now.

  11. Chaaya

    So let’s talk about the entire Earth, the whole globe being submerged within the plane or loka of Vaikunta.

  12. Chaaya

    There are seven planes, or Lomas above Earth and even planes, or Lomas beneath the fearful in Vedic cosmology. The Universe is One, think of the Universe as a huge oval, sphere-like. This sphere is 3 dimensional, and this sphere, didivided into sections (like cutting an egg into 14 segments from the tip to the bottom) rests on (as if floating) on an ocean, which is the abode of Vishnu.

    Earth occupies the mid point which is situated exactly between the 14 lokas. The loka of Earth is Bhurloka. Therefore, derives the Gayatri Mantra that Vishwamitra realised (story of Vaishishta and Vishwamitra). Above planes, above Bhurloka,cwhere Earth is situated, arecthe seven subtle lokas, where sentient beings reside. The first plane above is where the Raks(h)sas reside, Bhurvaloka – plane of ghosts. Above Bhurvaloka is where Devas or the demigods reside. This loka is called Swargaloka or otherwise known as Indraloka, the area of the heavenly planets. Okay, to repeat, above Earth Bhurloka, is Bhurvaloka and Swargaloka – between Bhurvaloka and Swargaloka both demigods and demons move and mingle at times. So, the space betwix these 2 lokas, Bhurvaloka & Swargaloka, there is interaction. (Above Swargaloka, are the following planes in ascending order: Maha, Jana,Tapo, and Satya lokas. Higher to that is where Lord Bramha resides and sits, known as Jada Jagata. Lord Shiva is outside the Jagata. Vishnu is beside Bramha, and is above, in the form of KṣīrodakaśāyīViṣhṇu or Narayana. ( Keep in mind that Vishnu pervades this Universe. Vishnu resides under the seven lower planes (Vaikunta), under Bhurloka.

  13. Chaaya

    Now the lower planes beneath Bhurloka (descending order): Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rastatala, Patala (which is Pitriloka and hell-like planets). This half is submerged or rather covered by the universal ocean and these planes. This is OCEAN OF THE ONE UNIVERSE, called Garbodaka Ocean, which is where Lord Vishnu also rests on his bed, Nagaraja. This cosmology is detailed in the Srimad-Bhagavatam.

    The Earth had become almost hollow from mining and excavation of gold (these a marks are all over the globe, still today – please check out the deepest hole on earth today that modern scientists cannot explain, but its account is taken in our Vedic stories, which are not mere myths!! The Earth lost its orbit by it’s core substances being drilled, thus the Earth plummeted, and was submerged into the Universal Ocean. Vishnu assumed t he form of Varaha and with his tusks lifted the Earth above.

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